Groovy 1.6.5

Package groovy.jmx.builder


Interface Summary
JmxEventEmitterMBean This is the management interface for JmxEventEmitter.

Class Summary
JmxAttributeInfoManager This class is responsible for assembling JMX Attribute Info from the meta map.
JmxBeanExportFactory This factory returns a container node for all other nodes that are used to collect meta data for resources that are exported to the MBeanServer for management.
JmxBeanFactory This factory returns the bean() node.
JmxBeanInfoManager The JmxBeanInfoManager creates fully-described model mbean info object using the underlying meta map.
JmxBuilder This is JmxBuilder's factory builder class.
JmxBuilderModelMBean The JmxBuilderModelMBean is the MBean class that proxies exported POGO/POJO inside the MBeanServer.
JmxBuilderModelMBean.AttributeChangedListener Internal class AttributeChangedListener provides hooks to handle attribute-change events that occurs on registered MBeans.
JmxBuilderTools This is a utility class used as a helper for JmxBuilder.
JmxClientConnectorFactory This is the factory for node JmxBuilder.connectorClient.
JmxEmitterFactory This class is the factory for the emitter node.
JmxEventEmitter The JmxEventEmitter is a JMX Broadcaster class that is used to send generic events on the MBeanServer's event bus.
JmxEventListener The JmxEventListner class is used by the builder to listen to events on the event bus.
JmxListenerFactory This factory class is used to create an listener() node for JmxBuilder.
JmxMetaMapBuilder The JmxMetaMapBuilder class is used to collect meta data passed in JmxBuilder nodes.
JmxOperationInfoManager This class is responsible for assembling JMX Operation Info from the meta map.
JmxServerConnectorFactory This is the server connector factory used for node JmxBuilder.connectorServer().
JmxTimerFactory The JmxTimerFactory class generates a timer() node for JmxBuilder.

Exception Summary
JmxBuilderException Runtime exception used by JmxBuilder.

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