Groovy 1.6.5

Package groovy.model

An MVC model package for working with user interfaces and data structures and arbitrary Java and Groovy objects


Interface Summary
NestedValueModel Represents a nested value model such as a PropertyModel or a ClosureModel
ValueModel Represents a model of a value

Class Summary
ClosureModel Represents a value model using a closure to extract the value from some source model and an optional write closure for updating the value.
DefaultTableColumn Represents a column using a ValueModel to extract the value.
DefaultTableModel A default table model made up of PropertyModels on a Value model.
FormModel Represents a number of field models which can be ValueModel, PropertyModel, TableModel, TreeModel or nested FormModel instances
PropertyModel Represents a property of a value as a model.
ValueHolder A simple ValueModel implementation which is a holder of an object value.

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