Groovy 1.6.5

Package groovy.servlet

Support for Groovlets which are Servlets written as a simple Groovy script.


Class Summary
AbstractHttpServlet A common ground dealing with the HTTP servlet API wrinkles.
GroovyServlet This servlet will run Groovy scripts as Groovlets.
ServletBinding Servlet-specific binding extension to lazy load the writer or the output stream from the response.
ServletBinding.InvalidOutputStream A OutputStream dummy that will throw a GroovyBugError for any write method call to it.
ServletBinding.ServletOutput A class to manage the response output stream and writer.
ServletCategory Servlet support.
TemplateServlet A generic servlet for serving (mostly HTML) templates.
TemplateServlet.TemplateCacheEntry Simple cache entry that validates against last modified and length attributes of the specified file.

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