Groovy 1.6.5

Package groovy.util

Various Groovy utilities for working with nodes, builders, logging, JUnit test cases, text expressions, Ant tasks or JMX MBeans.


Interface Summary
ObjectGraphBuilder.ChildPropertySetter Strategy for setting a child node on its parent.
ObjectGraphBuilder.ClassNameResolver Strategy for resolving a classname.
ObjectGraphBuilder.IdentifierResolver Strategy for picking the correct synthetic identifier.
ObjectGraphBuilder.NewInstanceResolver Strategy for creating new instances of a class.
ObjectGraphBuilder.ReferenceResolver Strategy for picking the correct synthetic reference identifier.
ObjectGraphBuilder.RelationNameResolver Strategy for resolving a relationship property name.
ResourceConnector Base interface for customizing where resources can be found for the GroovyScriptEngine.

Class Summary
AllTestSuite AllTestSuite can be used in extension of GroovyTestSuite to execute TestCases written in Groovy from inside a Java IDE.
AntBuilder Allows Ant tasks to be used with GroovyMarkup.
AntBuilderLocator Would be nice to retrieve location information (from AST?).
BuilderSupport An abstract base class for creating arbitrary nested trees of objects or events

Utility class to guess the encoding of a given text file.

CliBuilder Supported Option Properties: argName: String longOpt: String args: int optionalArg: boolean required: boolean type: Object valueSeparator: char
ClosureComparator A Comparator which uses a closure to compare 2 values being equal
ConfigBinding Since Groovy Script don't support overriding setProperty, we have to using a trick with the Binding to provide this functionality
ConfigObject A ConfigObject at a simple level is a Map that creates configuration entries (other ConfigObjects) when referencing them.

ConfigSlurper is a utility class for reading configuration files defined in the form of Groovy scripts.

Eval Allow easy integration from Groovy into Java through convenience methods.
Expando Represents a dynamically expandable bean.
FactoryBuilderSupport Mix of BuilderSupport and SwingBuilder's factory support.
FileNameByRegexFinder Find files according to a base directory and an includes and excludes pattern.
FileNameFinder Find files according to a base directory and an includes and excludes pattern.
GroovyCollections A Collections utility class
GroovyLog Represents an arbitrary logging service.
GroovyMBean A GroovyObject facade for an underlying MBean which acts like a normal groovy object but which is actually implemented via an underlying JMX MBean.
GroovyScriptEngine Specific script engine able to reload modified scripts as well as dealing properly with dependent scripts.
GroovyShellTestCase Groovy test case, which recreates internal GroovyShell in each setUp ()
GroovyTestCase A default JUnit TestCase in Groovy.
GroovyTestSuite A TestSuite which will run a Groovy unit test case inside any Java IDE either as a unit test case or as an application.
IndentPrinter A helper class for printing indented text.
MapEntry A Map.Entry implementation.
Node Represents an arbitrary tree node which can be used for structured metadata or any arbitrary XML-like tree.
NodeBuilder A helper class for creating nested trees of Node objects for handling arbitrary data
NodeList A List implementation which is returned by queries on a { which provides some XPath like helper methods for GPath.
NodePrinter A helper class for creating nested trees of data
ObjectGraphBuilder A builder for creating object graphs.
ObjectGraphBuilder.DefaultChildPropertySetter Default impl that calls parent.propertyName = child
If parent.propertyName is a Collection it will try to add child to the collection.
ObjectGraphBuilder.DefaultClassNameResolver Default impl that capitalizes the classname.
ObjectGraphBuilder.DefaultIdentifierResolver Default impl, always returns 'id'
ObjectGraphBuilder.DefaultNewInstanceResolver Default impl that calls Class.newInstance()
ObjectGraphBuilder.DefaultReferenceResolver Default impl, always returns 'refId'
ObjectGraphBuilder.DefaultRelationNameResolver Default impl that returns parentName & childName accordingly.
ObjectGraphBuilder.ReflectionClassNameResolver Build objects using reflection to resolve class names.
ObservableList List decorator that will trigger PropertyChangeEvents when a value changes.
ObservableMap Map decorator that will trigger PropertyChangeEvents when a value changes.
OrderBy A helper class for sorting objects via a closure to return the field or operation on which to sort.
Proxy Dynamic groovy proxy for another object.
ProxyGenerator Classes to generate 'Proxy' objects which implement interfaces, maps of closures and/or extend classes/delegates.
XmlNodePrinter Prints a node with all children in XML format.
XmlParser A helper class for parsing XML into a tree of Node instances for a simple way of processing XML.

Exception Summary

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