Groovy 1.6.5
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aacute - Property in Entity
abs(Number) - Method in NumberMath
absImpl(Number) - Method in BigDecimalMath
absImpl(Number) - Method in BigIntegerMath
absImpl(Number) - Method in FloatingPointMath
absImpl(Number) - Method in IntegerMath
absImpl(Number) - Method in LongMath
absImpl(Number) - Method in NumberMath
ABSTRACT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ABSTRACT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
AbstractButtonProperties - Class in groovy.swing.binding
AbstractButtonProperties() - Constructor in AbstractButtonProperties
AbstractButtonSelectedBinding - Class in groovy.swing.binding
AbstractButtonSelectedBinding(PropertyBinding, TargetBinding) - Constructor in AbstractButtonSelectedBinding
AbstractCallSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
Base class for all call sites
AbstractCallSite(CallSite) - Constructor in AbstractCallSite
AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap.Entry - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap.Segment - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap.Segment(int) - Constructor in AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap.Segment
AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap(Object) - Constructor in AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap
AbstractConcurrentMap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentMap.Entry - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentMap.Segment - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentMap.Segment(int) - Constructor in AbstractConcurrentMap.Segment
AbstractConcurrentMap(Object) - Constructor in AbstractConcurrentMap
AbstractConcurrentMapBase - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentMapBase.Entry - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentMapBase.Segment - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
AbstractConcurrentMapBase.Segment(int) - Constructor in AbstractConcurrentMapBase.Segment
AbstractConcurrentMapBase(Object) - Constructor in AbstractConcurrentMapBase
AbstractFactory - Class in groovy.util
AbstractFactory() - Constructor in AbstractFactory
AbstractFullBinding - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
AbstractFullBinding() - Constructor in AbstractFullBinding
AbstractHttpServlet - Class in groovy.servlet
A common ground dealing with the HTTP servlet API wrinkles.
AbstractHttpServlet() - Constructor in AbstractHttpServlet
Initializes all fields with default values.
AbstractJComponentBinding - Class in groovy.swing.binding
AbstractJComponentBinding(PropertyBinding, TargetBinding, String) - Constructor in AbstractJComponentBinding
AbstractReaderSource - Class in
For ReaderSources that can choose a parent class, a base that provides common functionality.
AbstractReaderSource(CompilerConfiguration) - Constructor in AbstractReaderSource
AbstractStreamingBuilder - Class in groovy.xml.streamingmarkupsupport
AbstractStreamingBuilder() - Constructor in AbstractStreamingBuilder
AbstractSyntheticBinding - Class in groovy.swing.binding
Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
AbstractSyntheticBinding(PropertyBinding, TargetBinding, Class, String) - Constructor in AbstractSyntheticBinding
AbstractSyntheticMetaMethods - Class in groovy.swing.binding
Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
AbstractSyntheticMetaMethods() - Constructor in AbstractSyntheticMetaMethods
aCase() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
aCase() - Method in JavaRecognizer
accept_FirstChild_v_RestOfTheChildren(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_FirstChild_v_RestOfTheChildren_v_LastChild(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_FirstChild_v_RestOfTheChildren_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_FirstChild_v_SecondChild(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_FirstChild_v_SecondChild_v_ThirdChild_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_FirstChild_v_SecondChild_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_FirstChild_v_SecondChildsChildren_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_FirstSecondAndThirdChild_v_v_ForthChild(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept(GroovySourceAST) - Method in FlatNodeListTraversal
accept(GroovySourceAST) - Method in PreOrderTraversal
accept(GroovySourceAST) - Method in SourceCodeTraversal
accept(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_AllChildren_v_Siblings(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_AllChildren_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChild_2ndv_SecondChild_v___LastChild_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChild_SecondChild_v_ThirdChild_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChild_v_RestOfTheChildren(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChild_v_RestOfTheChildren_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChild_v_SecondChild_v___LastChild_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChild_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChildsFirstChild_v_Child2_Child3_v_Child4_v___v_LastChild(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_FirstChildsFirstChild_v_RestOfTheChildren(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accept_v_Siblings_v(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
acceptChildren(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in ClassMetaClassGetPropertySite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoFieldSite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoPropertySite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePojoFieldSite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePojoPropertySite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in PogoGetPropertySite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in PogoMetaClassGetPropertySite
acceptGetProperty(Object) - Method in PojoMetaClassGetPropertySite
acceptGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
acceptGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoFieldSite
acceptGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoPropertySite
acceptGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in PogoGetPropertySite
acceptGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in PogoMetaClassGetPropertySite
acceptSiblings(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
accessibleToConstructor(Class, Constructor) - Method in MetaClassHelper
acirc - Property in Entity
ACTION_ARGS - Property in RichActionWidgetFactory
actionCtor - Property in RichActionWidgetFactory
ActionFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
ActionFactory() - Constructor in ActionFactory
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in AutoIndentAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in ConsoleTextEditor.PrintAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in ConsoleTextEditor.RedoAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in ConsoleTextEditor.UndoAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in ConsoleTextEditor.UpdateCaretListener
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in DefaultAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in FindReplaceUtility.CloseAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in FindReplaceUtility.FindAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAllAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in GroovyFilter.AutoTabAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in LexerFrame
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in SwingTimerFullBinding
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in TextEditor.FindAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in TextEditor.ReplaceAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in TextEditor.ShiftTabAction
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in TextEditor.TabAction
acute - Property in Entity
adaptee - Field in ProxyMetaClass
AdaptingMetaClass - Interface in groovy.lang
An interface for MetaClass instances that "adapt" other MetaClass instances such as a proxy or delegating MetaClass.
add(CSTNode) - Method in CSTNode
Adds an element to the node.
add(Map) - Method in DataSet
add(Object) - Method in EmptyRange
Always throws UnsupportedOperationException for an empty range.
add(Object) - Method in FastArray
add(CategoryMethod) - Method in GroovyCategorySupport.CategoryMethodList
add(List) - Method in GroovyDocTool
add(Map) - Method in GroovyResultSet
Adds a new row to this result set
add(Map) - Method in GroovyResultSetExtension
Adds a new row to the result set
add(T) - Method in ManagedLinkedList
adds a value to the list
add(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
add(Object) - Method in ObservableList
add(Object) - Method in ObservableList.ObservableListIterator
add(Closure) - Method in OrderBy
add(CSTNode) - Method in Reduction
Adds an element to the node.
add(Object) - Method in Sequence
add(String) - Method in SimpleCompletor
add(GroovyMethodDoc) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
add(GroovyParameter) - Method in SimpleGroovyExecutableMemberDoc
addAll(Collection) - Method in EmptyRange
Always throws UnsupportedOperationException for an empty range.
addAll(List) - Method in FastArray
addAll(int, Collection) - Method in ObservableList
addAll(int, Collection) - Method in Sequence
addAllListeners(PropertyChangeListener, Object, Set) - Method in BindPath
Adds all the listeners to the objects in the bind path.
addAnnotation(AnnotationNode) - Method in AnnotatedNode
addAnnotationRef(GroovyAnnotationRef) - Method in SimpleGroovyParameter
addAnnotationRef(GroovyAnnotationRef) - Method in SimpleGroovyProgramElementDoc
addAnnotations(List) - Method in AnnotatedNode
addArgumentExpression(AST, List) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
addAttributeDelegate(Closure) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Add an attribute delegate so it can intercept attributes being set.
addBinding(BindingUpdatable) - Method in AggregateBinding
addCase(CaseStatement) - Method in SwitchStatement
addCatch(CatchStatement) - Method in TryCatchStatement
addCell(TableLayoutCell) - Method in TableLayout
Adds a new cell to the current grid
addCell(TableLayoutCell) - Method in TableLayoutRow
Adds a new cell to this row
addChangeListener(PreferenceChangeListener) - Method in Preferences
addChild(Object) - Method in Node
addChildrenOf(CSTNode) - Method in CSTNode
Adds all children of the specified node to this one.
addClass(ClassNode) - Method in CompileUnit
Adds a class to the unit.
addClass(ClassNode) - Method in ModuleNode
addClasses(List) - Method in CompileUnit
Appends all of the fully qualified class names in this module into the given map
addClassNode(ClassNode) - Method in CompilationUnit
Adds a ClassNode directly to the unit (ie. without source).
addClassNodeToCompile(ClassNode, SourceUnit) - Method in CompileUnit
this emthod actually does not compile a class.
addClasspath(String) - Method in GroovyClassLoader
adds a classpath to this classloader.
addClasspath(String) - Method in GroovyClassLoader.InnerLoader
addClassPath(String) - Method in LoaderConfiguration
Adds a classpath to this configuration.
addClasspathDir(EventObject) - Method in Console
addClassPathes(GroovyClassLoader) - Method in Groovy
Adds the class pathes (if any)
addClasspathJar(EventObject) - Method in Console
addClassTest(Closure) - Method in StackTraceUtils

Adds a groovy.lang.Closure to test whether the stack trace element should be added or not.

addClosureCode(InnerClassNode) - Method in Verifier
addClosureColumn(Object, Closure, Closure, Class) - Method in DefaultTableModel
Adds a closure based column to the table
addCollectorContents(ErrorCollector) - Method in ErrorCollector
addColumn(DefaultTableColumn) - Method in DefaultTableModel
Adds a new column definition to the table
addComponent(Component) - Method in ContainerFacade
addComponent(Component) - Method in TableLayoutCell
addComponentsForRow() - Method in TableLayoutRow
addConfiguredJavac(Javac) - Method in Groovyc
Add the configured nested javac task if present to initiate joint compilation.
addConstructor(int, Parameter[], ClassNode[], Statement) - Method in ClassNode
addCovariantMethods(ClassNode) - Method in Verifier
addDefaultParameterConstructors(ClassNode) - Method in Verifier
addDefaultParameterMethods(ClassNode) - Method in Verifier
Creates a new helper method for each combination of default parameter expressions
addDefaultParameters(List, DefaultArgsAction) - Method in Verifier
Creates a new helper method for each combination of default parameter expressions
addDisposalClosure(Closure) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
ADDED - Field in ObservableList.ElementEvent
ADDED - Field in ObservableMap.PropertyEvent
addEdit(UndoableEdit) - Method in TextUndoManager.StructuredEdit
addEnumConstant(ClassNode, String, Expression) - Method in EnumHelper
addEnumConstant(GroovyFieldDoc) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
addError(String, ASTNode) - Method in AnnotationVisitor
addError(String, ASTNode) - Method in ClassCodeVisitorSupport
addError(String, CSTNode, SourceUnit) - Method in ErrorCollector
Convenience wrapper for addError().
addError(String, ASTNode) - Method in ExtendedVerifier
addError(String, ASTNode) - Method in JavaAwareResolveVisitor
addError(SyntaxException) - Method in SourceUnit
addErrorAndContinue(Message) - Method in ErrorCollector
Adds an error to the message set, but don't fail.
addEventListeners(MBeanServer, Map) - Method in JmxBuilderModelMBean
Sets up event listeners for this MBean as described in the descriptor.
addException(Exception, SourceUnit) - Method in ErrorCollector
addException(Exception) - Method in SourceUnit
addExpression(Expression) - Method in ArrayExpression
addExpression(Expression) - Method in ListExpression
addExpression(Expression) - Method in TupleExpression
addFatalError(Message) - Method in ErrorCollector
Adds a fatal exception to the message set and throws the unit as a PhaseFailedException.
addField(String, int, ClassNode, Expression) - Method in ClassNode
addFieldInitialization(List, List, FieldNode, boolean, List, Set) - Method in Verifier
addFile(String) - Method in LoaderConfiguration
Adds a file to the classpath if it exists.
addFileset(FileSet) - Method in FileScanner
Adds a set of files (nested fileset attribute).
addFileset(FileSet) - Method in Groovy
Adds a set of files (nested fileset attribute).
addGlobalTransforms(CompilationUnit) - Method in ASTTransformationVisitor
addImpl(Number, Number) - Method in BigDecimalMath
addImpl(Number, Number) - Method in BigIntegerMath
addImpl(Number, Number) - Method in FloatingPointMath
addImpl(Number, Number) - Method in IntegerMath
addImpl(Number, Number) - Method in LongMath
addImpl(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
addImport(String, ClassNode) - Method in ModuleNode
addImportPackage(String) - Method in ModuleNode
addInitialization(ClassNode, ConstructorNode) - Method in Verifier
addInterface(ClassNode) - Method in ClassNode
addInterfaceName(String) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
additiveExpression(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
additiveExpression() - Method in JavaRecognizer
addLayoutProperties(def) - Method in GridBagFactory
addLayoutProperties(def) - Method in LayoutFactory
addListeners(PropertyChangeListener, Object, Set) - Method in BindPath
Add listeners to a specific object.
addLookAndFeelAlias(String, String) - Method in LookAndFeelHelper
addLookAndFeelAttributeHandler(String, String, Closure) - Method in LookAndFeelHelper
addMapEntryExpression(Expression, Expression) - Method in MapExpression
addMember(String, Expression) - Method in AnnotationNode
addMetaBeanProperty(MetaBeanProperty) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
addMetaBeanProperty(MetaBeanProperty) - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
addMetaBeanProperty(MetaBeanProperty) - Method in HandleMetaClass
addMetaBeanProperty(MetaBeanProperty) - Method in MutableMetaClass
Adds a new MetaBeanProperty to the MetaClass
addMetaClassRegistryChangeEventListener(MetaClassRegistryChangeEventListener) - Method in MetaClassRegistry
adds a ConstantMetaClassChangeListener
addMetaClassRegistryChangeEventListener(MetaClassRegistryChangeEventListener) - Method in MetaClassRegistryImpl
Adds a listener for constant meta classes.
addMetaMethod(MetaMethod) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
addMetaMethod(MetaMethod) - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
addMetaMethod(MetaMethod) - Method in HandleMetaClass
addMetaMethod(MetaMethod) - Method in MutableMetaClass
Adds a new MetaMethod to the MetaClass
addMethod(String, Closure) - Method in ClassExtender
addMethod(String, int, ClassNode, Parameter[], ClassNode[], Statement) - Method in ClassNode
If a method with the given name and parameters is already defined then it is returned otherwise the given method is added to this node.
addMethod(MethodNode) - Method in ModuleNode
addMethodToList(Object, MetaMethod) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
addMixin(MixinNode) - Method in ClassNode
addMixinClass(MixinInMetaClass) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
addModel(String, Object) - Method in FormModel
addModule(ModuleNode) - Method in CompileUnit
addMouseListenerToHeaderInTable(JTable) - Method in TableSorter
addNested(GroovyClassDoc) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
addNewClassName(String) - Method in ASTHelper
addNewInstanceMethod(Method) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
addNewInstanceMethod(Method) - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
addNewInstanceMethod(Method) - Method in HandleMetaClass
addNewInstanceMethod(Method) - Method in MutableMetaClass
adds a new instance method to this MetaClass.
addNewMopMethods(List) - Method in CachedClass
addNewStaticMethod(Method) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
addNewStaticMethod(Method) - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
addNewStaticMethod(Method) - Method in HandleMetaClass
addNewStaticMethod(Method) - Method in MutableMetaClass
adds a new static method to this MetaClass.
addNotify() - Method in TextEditor
addObjectInitializerStatements(Statement) - Method in ClassNode
addOperationCallListeners(Map) - Method in JmxBuilderModelMBean
Registers listeners for operation calls (i.e. method, getter, and setter calls) when invoked on this bean from the MBeanServer.
addPhaseOperation(GroovyClassOperation) - Method in CompilationUnit
addPhaseOperations(CompilationUnit) - Method in ASTTransformationVisitor
addPostInstantiateDelegate(Closure) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Add a postInstantiate delegate so it can intercept nodes after they are created.
addPostNodeCompletionDelegate(Closure) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Add a nodeCompletion delegate so it can intercept nodes after they done with building.
addPreInstantiateDelegate(Closure) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Add a preInstantiate delegate so it can intercept nodes before they are created.
addProperty(String, int, ClassNode, Expression, Statement, Statement) - Method in ClassNode
addProperty(GroovyFieldDoc) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
addPropertyChangeListener(String, PropertyChangeListener) - Method in ObservableList
addPropertyChangeListener(String, PropertyChangeListener) - Method in ObservableMap
addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in TextUndoManager
addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in ValueHolder
Add a PropertyChangeListener to the listener list.
addPropertyChangeSupport(ClassNode) - Method in BindableASTTransformation
Adds the necessary field and methods to support property change support.
addPropertyColumn(Object, String, Class, boolean) - Method in DefaultTableModel
Adds a property model column to the table
addPropertyMethod(MethodNode) - Method in Verifier
addReturnIfNeeded(MethodNode) - Method in Verifier
addSorter(def) - Method in ObjectBrowser
addSource(SourceUnit) - Method in CompilationUnit
Adds a SourceUnit to the unit.
addSourceFile(File) - Method in JavaStubCompilationUnit
addSources(File[]) - Method in CompilationUnit
Adds a set of source files to the unit.
addSources(File[]) - Method in JavaAwareCompilationUnit
addStatement(Statement) - Method in BlockStatement
addStatement(Statement) - Method in ModuleNode
addStatements(List) - Method in BlockStatement
addStaticImportClass(String, ClassNode) - Method in ModuleNode
addStaticInitializerStatements(List, boolean) - Method in ClassNode
addStaticMethodOrField(ClassNode, String, String) - Method in ModuleNode
addString(ConstantExpression) - Method in GStringExpression
addStylesToDocument(JTextPane) - Method in ConsoleSupport
addSyntheticMethod(String, int, ClassNode, Parameter[], ClassNode[], Statement) - Method in ClassNode
Adds a synthetic method as part of the compilation process
addText(String) - Method in Groovy
Set an inline command to execute.
addTextListener(TextListener) - Method in FindReplaceUtility
addTextToNode() - Method in XmlParser
addTimeStamp(ClassNode) - Method in Verifier
addToCompileList(File[]) - Method in Groovyc
addToHistory(def) - Method in Console
addTransform(Class, ASTNode) - Method in ClassNode
addURL(URL) - Method in GroovyClassLoader
adds a URL to the classloader.
addURL(URL) - Method in GroovyClassLoader.InnerLoader
addURL(URL) - Method in RootLoader
adds an url to the classpath of this classloader
addValue(Expression) - Method in GStringExpression
addVetoableChangeSupport(ClassNode) - Method in VetoableASTTransformation
Adds the necessary field and methods to support vetoable change support.
addWarning(int, String, Object, CSTNode, SourceUnit) - Method in ErrorCollector
Convenience wrapper for addWarning() that won't create an object unless it is relevant.
addWarning(String, String) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
aelig - Property in Entity
afterExecution - Property in Console
afterInvoke(Object, String, Object[], Object) - Method in BenchmarkInterceptor
afterInvoke(Object, String, Object[], Object) - Method in Interceptor
This code is executed after the method is optionally called.
afterInvoke(Object, String, Object[], Object) - Method in MockInterceptor
afterInvoke(Object, String, Object[], Object) - Method in TracingInterceptor
afterReferenceCreation(Reference) - Method in ReferenceManager
AggregateBinding - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
An aggregation of multiple bindings
AggregateBinding() - Constructor in AggregateBinding
agrave - Property in Entity
alias(String, String) - Method in CommandSupport
AliasCommand - Class in
The 'alias' command.
AliasCommand(Shell) - Constructor in AliasCommand
aliases - Property in CommandSupport
Standard aliases for the command.
aliasSetupClosure - Property in AbstractStreamingBuilder
AliasTargetProxyCommand - Class in
AliasTargetProxyCommand(Shell, String, List) - Constructor in AliasTargetProxyCommand
ALIGN_CENTER - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
ALIGN_JUSTIFIED - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
ALIGN_LEFT - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
ALIGN_RIGHT - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
ALIGNMENT - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
ALL - Field in Phases
allClasses(boolean) - Method in GroovyPackageDoc
All classes and interfaces in this package optionally limited to just the included ones.
allClasses(boolean) - Method in SimpleGroovyPackageDoc
allowShortGrab - Field in GrabAnnotationTransformation
allowShortGrapes - Field in GrabAnnotationTransformation
AllTestSuite - Class in groovy.util
AllTestSuite can be used in extension of GroovyTestSuite to execute TestCases written in Groovy from inside a Java IDE.
AllTestSuite() - Constructor in AllTestSuite
allText - Property in HistoryRecord
amp - Property in Entity
and(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
and(long, long) - Method in NumberMathModificationInfo
andExpression(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
andExpression() - Method in JavaRecognizer
andImpl(Number, Number) - Method in BigIntegerMath
andImpl(Number, Number) - Method in IntegerMath
andImpl(Number, Number) - Method in LongMath
andImpl(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
AnnotatedNode - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Base class for any AST node which is capable of being annotated
AnnotatedNode() - Constructor in AnnotatedNode
annotation(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
ANNOTATION_ARRAY_INIT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ANNOTATION_ARRAY_INIT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ANNOTATION_DEF - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ANNOTATION_DEF - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ANNOTATION_FIELD_DEF - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ANNOTATION_FIELD_DEF - Field in JavaTokenTypes
annotation() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
ANNOTATION - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
annotation() - Method in JavaRecognizer
ANNOTATION - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ANNOTATION_TARGET - Field in AnnotationNode
Annotation_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
annotationArguments() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationArguments() - Method in JavaRecognizer
annotationBlock() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationBlock() - Method in JavaRecognizer
AnnotationConstantExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents an annotation "constant" that may appear in annotation attributes (mainly used as a marker).
AnnotationConstantExpression(AnnotationNode) - Constructor in AnnotationConstantExpression
annotationDef(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
annotationDefinition(AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationDefinition(AST) - Method in JavaRecognizer
annotationField() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationField() - Method in JavaRecognizer
annotationIdent() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationMemberArrayInitializer() - Method in JavaRecognizer
annotationMemberArrayValueInitializer() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationMemberArrayValueInitializer() - Method in JavaRecognizer
annotationMemberValueInitializer() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationMemberValueInitializer() - Method in JavaRecognizer
annotationMemberValuePair() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
annotationMemberValuePair() - Method in JavaRecognizer
annotationMemberValuePairs() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
AnnotationNode - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Represents an annotation which can be attached to interfaces, classes, methods and fields.
AnnotationNode(ClassNode) - Constructor in AnnotationNode
annotations() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
annotations() - Method in GroovyParameter
annotations() - Method in GroovyProgramElementDoc
ANNOTATIONS - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
annotations() - Method in JavaRecognizer
ANNOTATIONS - Field in JavaTokenTypes
annotations() - Method in SimpleGroovyParameter
annotations() - Method in SimpleGroovyProgramElementDoc
annotationsOpt() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
AnnotationVisitor - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
An Annotation visitor responsible with: - reading annotation metadata (@Retention, @Target, attribute types) - verify that an AnnotationNode conforms to annotation meta - enhancing an AnnotationNode AST to reflect real annotation meta
AnnotationVisitor(SourceUnit, ErrorCollector) - Constructor in AnnotationVisitor
anntotationMemberValuePairs() - Method in JavaRecognizer
ANSI - Class in
Provides support for using ANSI color escape codes.
ANSI.Buffer - Class in
ANSI.Buffer() - Constructor in ANSI.Buffer
ANSI.Code - Class in
ANSI.Code() - Constructor in ANSI.Code
ANSI.Renderer - Class in
ANSI.Renderer.RenderException - Class in
ANSI.Renderer.RenderException(String) - Constructor in ANSI.Renderer.RenderException
ANSI.Renderer() - Constructor in ANSI.Renderer
ANSI.RenderMessageSource - Class in
ANSI.RenderMessageSource(Class) - Constructor in ANSI.RenderMessageSource
ANSI.RenderWriter - Class in
ANSI.RenderWriter(Writer, boolean) - Constructor in ANSI.RenderWriter
ANSI() - Constructor in ANSI
AntBuilder - Class in groovy.util
Allows Ant tasks to be used with GroovyMarkup.
AntBuilder(Task) - Constructor in AntBuilder
AntBuilderLocator - Class in groovy.util
Would be nice to retrieve location information (from AST?).
AntBuilderLocator() - Constructor in AntBuilderLocator
AntlrASTProcessor - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr
An interface for processing antlr AST objects
AntlrASTProcessSnippets - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr
Process to decorate antlr AST with ending line/col info, and if possible the snipppet of source from the start/end line/col for each node.
AntlrASTProcessSnippets() - Constructor in AntlrASTProcessSnippets
AntlrParserPlugin - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr
A parser plugin which adapts the JSR Antlr Parser to the Groovy runtime
AntlrParserPlugin() - Constructor in AntlrParserPlugin
AntlrParserPluginFactory - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr
AntlrParserPluginFactory() - Constructor in AntlrParserPluginFactory
AntProjectPropertiesDelegate - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ant
AntProjectPropertiesDelegate(Map) - Constructor in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
ANY - Field in Types
apos - Property in Entity
appearsLikeStoredProc(String) - Method in Sql.CreatePreparedStatementCommand
append(Object) - Method in ANSI.Buffer
append(Node) - Method in Node
appendedBlock(AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
An appended block follows any expression.
appendNamespaceAttributes(Element, Map) - Method in DOMBuilder
appendNode(Object) - Method in Attribute
appendNode(Element, Object, Map, String) - Method in DOMCategory
appendNode(Object) - Method in GPathResult
appendNode(Object) - Method in NoChildren
appendNode(Object, GPathResult) - Method in Node
appendNode(Object) - Method in NodeChild
appendNode(Object) - Method in NodeChildren
appendOutput(Icon, AttributeSet) - Method in Console
appendOutputNl(def, def) - Method in Console
appendStacktrace(def) - Method in Console
apply(String, int, int, Object, Vector, Vector) - Method in GroovyEngine
Allow an anonymous function to be declared and invoked
applyClassTemplates(GroovyClassDoc) - Method in GroovyDocTemplateEngine
applyFinallyBlocks() - Method in CompileStack
applyPackageTemplate(String, GroovyPackageDoc) - Method in GroovyDocTemplateEngine
applyRootDocTemplate(String, GroovyRootDoc) - Method in GroovyDocTemplateEngine
applyToGeneratedGroovyClasses(GroovyClassOperation) - Method in CompilationUnit
applyToPrimaryClassNodes(PrimaryClassNodeOperation) - Method in CompilationUnit
A loop driver for applying operations to all primary ClassNodes in our AST.
applyToSourceUnits(SourceUnitOperation) - Method in CompilationUnit
A loop driver for applying operations to all SourceUnits.
argList() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
argList() - Method in JavaRecognizer
args - Property in AliasTargetProxyCommand
argument() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
A single argument in (...) or [...].
argumentLabel() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
A label for an argument is of the form a:b, 'a':b, "a":b, (a):b, etc..
argumentLabelStart() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
For lookahead only.
ArgumentListExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents one or more arguments being passed into a method
ArgumentListExpression(Expression, Expression, Expression) - Constructor in ArgumentListExpression
arguments(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
arguments - Field in ClosureSourceBinding
arguments() - Method in OptionAccessor
aring - Property in Entity
array - Field in AbstractCallSite
array - Field in CallSiteArray
ARRAY_DECLARATOR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ARRAY_DECLARATOR - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ARRAY_INIT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ARRAY - Field in Sql
ARRAY_WITH_NULL - Field in MetaClassHelper
arrayAsCollection(T[]) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
ArrayCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
ArrayCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo) - Constructor in ArrayCachedClass
arrayContentsEq(Object[], Object[]) - Method in ReflectionCache
ArrayExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents an array object construction either using a fixed size or an initializer expression
ArrayExpression(ClassNode, List) - Constructor in ArrayExpression
Creates an array using an initializer expression
ArrayGetAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
ArrayGetAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in ArrayGetAtMetaMethod
arrayInitializer() - Method in JavaRecognizer
ArrayMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
ArrayMetaMethod() - Constructor in ArrayMetaMethod
ArrayPutAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
ArrayPutAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in ArrayPutAtMetaMethod
arraySizeExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
ArrayUtil - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
ArrayUtil() - Constructor in ArrayUtil
asArray(Object, Class) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
asArray(Object) - Method in InvokerHelper
Converts the given object into an array; if its an array then just cast otherwise wrap it in an array
ascending - Field in TableSorter
asCollection(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
asConstantString() - Method in GStringExpression
asExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
asExpression(ClassNode, Expression) - Method in CastExpression
asIterator(Object) - Method in InvokerHelper
askToSaveFile() - Method in Console
asList(Object) - Method in InvokerHelper
asList() - Method in IteratorClosureAdapter
asList(String, ResultSet) - Method in Sql
Hook to allow derived classes to override list of result collection behavior.
ASM_DEBUG - Field in AsmClassGenerator
AsmClassGenerator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
Generates Java class versions of Groovy classes using ASM.
AsmClassGenerator(GeneratorContext, ClassVisitor, ClassLoader, String) - Constructor in AsmClassGenerator
asmJDKVersion - Field in ClassGenerator
A constant that is the ASM representation of the JDK version number for use in the ClassWriter.visitor method calls.
asPrimitiveArray(List, Class) - Method in MetaClassHelper
asReduction() - Method in CSTNode
Creates a Reduction from this node.
asReduction() - Method in Reduction
Creates a Reduction from this node.
asReduction(CSTNode, CSTNode, CSTNode) - Method in Token
Creates a Reduction from this token, adding the supplied nodes as the second, third, and fourth element, respectively.
assertArrayEquals(Object[], Object[]) - Method in GroovyTestCase
Asserts that the arrays are equivalent and contain the same values
assertContains(int, int[]) - Method in GroovyTestCase
Asserts that the array of ints contains a given int
assertEquals(String, String) - Method in GroovyTestCase
assertFailed(Object, Object) - Method in InvokerHelper
assertFailed(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
assertFailedMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
assertInspect(Object, String) - Method in GroovyTestCase
Asserts that the value of inspect() on the given object matches the given text string
assertLength(int, Object[]) - Method in GroovyTestCase
Asserts that the array of objects has a given length
assertNoArguments(List) - Method in CommandSupport
assertNodeType(int, AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
assertNoLabelsMissed() - Method in LabelVerifier
assertScript(String) - Method in GroovyTestCase
Asserts that the script runs without any exceptions
AssertStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents an assert statement such as assert i !
assertStatement(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
AssertStatement(BooleanExpression, Expression) - Constructor in AssertStatement
assertToString(Object, String) - Method in GroovyTestCase
Asserts that the value of toString() on the given object matches the given text string
assertTypeNotNull(ClassNode, AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
assertValidIdentifier(String, String, ASTNode) - Method in VerifierCodeVisitor
ASSIGN - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ASSIGN - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ASSIGN - Field in Types
assignmentExpression(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
assignmentExpression() - Method in JavaRecognizer
assignmentLessExpression() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
asSql(GString, List) - Method in Sql
Hook to allow derived classes to override sql generation from GStrings.
ast - Field in AntlrParserPlugin
ast - Field in CompilationUnit
ast - Field in SourceUnit
The root of the Abstract Syntax Tree for the source
ASTHelper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.syntax
A common base class of AST helper methods which can be shared across the classic and new parsers
ASTHelper() - Constructor in ASTHelper
ASTNode - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Base class for any AST node
ASTNode() - Constructor in ASTNode
ASTParserException - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr
Thrown when trying to parse the AST
ASTParserException(String, ASTRuntimeException) - Constructor in ASTParserException
ASTRuntimeException - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr
ASTRuntimeException(AST, String, Throwable) - Constructor in ASTRuntimeException
ASTTransformation - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.transform
This is the delegate class for {
ASTTransformationCollectorCodeVisitor - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.transform
This visitor walks the AST tree and collects references to Annotations that are annotated themselves by {
ASTTransformationCollectorCodeVisitor(SourceUnit, GroovyClassLoader) - Constructor in ASTTransformationCollectorCodeVisitor
ASTTransformationVisitor - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.transform
This class handles the invocation of the ASTAnnotationTransformation when it is encountered by a tree walk.
asType(Class) - Method in NullObject
Type conversion method for null.
asType(Object, Class) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
Provides a hook for type coercion of the given object to the required type
asTypeMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
asUnwrappedArray(Object) - Method in InvokerHelper
asWrapperArray(Object, Class) - Method in MetaClassHelper
asWritable() - Method in Closure
asWritable() - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
at - Field in EmptyRange
The value at which the range originates (may be null).
AT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
AT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
atilde - Property in Entity
attrib(String, String) - Method in ANSI.Buffer
ATTRIB_KEY_DEFAULT - Property in JmxBuilderTools
ATTRIB_KEY_DESC - Property in JmxBuilderTools
ATTRIB_KEY_DESCRIPTION - Property in JmxBuilderTools
ATTRIB_KEY_TYPE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
Attribute - Class in groovy.util.slurpersupport
Attribute(String, String, GPathResult, String, Map) - Constructor in Attribute
attribute(Object) - Method in Node
attributeDelegates - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
AttributeExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents an attribute access (accessing the field of a class) such as the expression "foo.
AttributeExpression(Expression, Expression, boolean) - Constructor in AttributeExpression
attributeName - Field in Attributes
Attributes - Class in groovy.util.slurpersupport
Attributes(GPathResult, String, Map) - Constructor in Attributes
attributes(Element) - Method in DOMCategory
attributes() - Method in Node
attributes() - Method in NodeChild
auml - Property in Entity
AUTO_INDENT - Field in TextEditor
auto - Field in Newify
autoboxType(Class) - Method in ReflectionCache
autoClear - Field in ANSI.Buffer
AutoIndentAction - Class in groovy.ui.text
AutoIndentAction() - Constructor in AutoIndentAction
autoRegisterNodes() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Ask the nodes to be registered
autoRegistrationComplete - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
autoRegistrationRunning - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport


BACKGROUND - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
backToFrontVisitors - Field in CompositeVisitor
badTagClosure - Property in AbstractStreamingBuilder
balancedBrackets() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Fast lookahead across balanced brackets of all sorts.
balancedTokens() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
BAND_ASSIGN - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BAND_ASSIGN - Field in JavaTokenTypes
BAND - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BAND - Field in JavaTokenTypes
barrierLock - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Lock used only for its memory effects.
barrierLock - Field in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap
Lock used only for its memory effects.
BaseDuration - Class in groovy.time
BaseDuration.From - Class in groovy.time
BaseDuration.From() - Constructor in BaseDuration.From
BaseDuration(int, int, int, int, int) - Constructor in BaseDuration
BaseMarkupBuilder - Class in groovy.xml.streamingmarkupsupport
BaseMarkupBuilder.Document - Class in groovy.xml.streamingmarkupsupport
BaseMarkupBuilder.Document.OutputSink - Class in groovy.xml.streamingmarkupsupport
BaseMarkupBuilder.Document.OutputSink(String) - Constructor in BaseMarkupBuilder.Document.OutputSink
BaseMarkupBuilder.Document() - Constructor in BaseMarkupBuilder.Document
BaseMarkupBuilder(Map) - Constructor in BaseMarkupBuilder
BasicContentPane - Class in groovy.ui.view
BasicContentPane() - Constructor in BasicContentPane
BasicMenuBar - Class in groovy.ui.view
BasicMenuBar() - Constructor in BasicMenuBar
BasicStatusBar - Class in groovy.ui.view
BasicStatusBar() - Constructor in BasicStatusBar
BasicToolBar - Class in groovy.ui.view
BasicToolBar() - Constructor in BasicToolBar
bdquo - Property in Entity
bean - Field in PropertyBinding
beanClass - Property in BeanFactory
BeanFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
BeanFactory(Class, boolean) - Constructor in BeanFactory
beep() - Method in Console
beforeExecution - Property in Console
beforeGet(Object, String) - Method in MockInterceptor
beforeGet(Object, String) - Method in PropertyAccessInterceptor
Intercepts a getXXX call and returns a result.
beforeInvoke(Object, String, Object[]) - Method in BenchmarkInterceptor
beforeInvoke(Object, String, Object[]) - Method in Interceptor
This code is executed before the method is optionally called.
beforeInvoke(Object, String, Object[]) - Method in MockInterceptor
beforeInvoke(Object, String, Object[]) - Method in TracingInterceptor
beforeSet(Object, String, Object) - Method in MockInterceptor
beforeSet(Object, String, Object) - Method in PropertyAccessInterceptor
Intercepts a setXXX call
BEGIN_TOKEN - Field in ANSI.Renderer
behavior - Property in CallSpec
belongsToClass - Field in SimpleGroovyMemberDoc
BenchmarkInterceptor - Class in groovy.lang
Interceptor that registers the timestamp of each method call before and after invocation.
BenchmarkInterceptor() - Constructor in BenchmarkInterceptor
BevelBorderFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
accepts no value accepts attributes:
highlight: java.awt.Color, shadow: java.awt.Color
highlightOuter: java.awt.Color, highlightInner: java.awt.Color, shadowOuter: java.awt.Color, shadowInner: java.awt.Color
BevelBorderFactory(int) - Constructor in BevelBorderFactory
BG_BLACK - Field in ANSI.Code
BG_BLUE - Field in ANSI.Code
BG_CYAN - Field in ANSI.Code
BG_GREEN - Field in ANSI.Code
BG_MAGENTA - Field in ANSI.Code
BG_RED - Field in ANSI.Code
BG_WHITE - Field in ANSI.Code
BG_YELLOW - Field in ANSI.Code
BIDI_LEVEL - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
BIG_SUFFIX - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BigDecimal_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
BigDecimalCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
BigDecimalCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo) - Constructor in BigDecimalCachedClass
BigDecimalMath - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling
BigDecimal NumberMath operations
BIGINT - Field in Sql
BigInteger_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
BigIntegerCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
BigIntegerCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo) - Constructor in BigIntegerCachedClass
BigIntegerMath - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling
BigInteger NumberMath operations
BINARY - Field in Sql
BinaryExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents two expressions and an operation
binaryExpression(int, AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
BinaryExpression(Expression, Token, Expression) - Constructor in BinaryExpression
bind() - Method in AbstractSyntheticBinding
bind() - Method in AggregateBinding
bind(Closure) - Method in BaseMarkupBuilder
bind() - Method in BindingProxy
bind() - Method in BindingUpdatable
Causes automatic updating of bound values to be turned on.
bind(Closure) - Method in Builder
bind() - Method in EventTriggerBinding.EventTriggerFullBinding
bind() - Method in MutualPropertyBinding
bind() - Method in PropertyBinding.PropertyFullBinding
bind() - Method in PropertyPathFullBinding
bind(def) - Method in StreamingDOMBuilder
bind(def) - Method in StreamingMarkupBuilder
bind(def) - Method in StreamingSAXBuilder
bind() - Method in SwingTimerFullBinding
Bindable - Annotation Type in groovy.beans
Annotates a groovy property or a class.
BindableASTTransformation - Class in groovy.beans
Handles generation of code for the { is not present.
BindableASTTransformation() - Constructor in BindableASTTransformation
BindFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
BindFactory() - Constructor in BindFactory
BindGroupFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
BindGroupFactory() - Constructor in BindGroupFactory
Binding - Class in groovy.lang
Represents the variable bindings of a script which can be altered from outside the script object or created outside of a script and passed into it.
Binding(String[]) - Constructor in Binding
A helper constructor used in main(String[]) method calls
bindingAttributeDelegate(FactoryBuilderSupport, def, def) - Method in BindFactory
BindingProxy - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
This class returns half bound { object for every property reference (and I do mean every, valid or not, queried before or not).
BindingProxy.ModelBindingPropertyBinding - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
BindingProxy.ModelBindingPropertyBinding(Object, String) - Constructor in BindingProxy.ModelBindingPropertyBinding
BindingProxy(Object) - Constructor in BindingProxy
bindings - Field in AggregateBinding
BindingUpdatable - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
BindPath - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
The bind path object.
BindPath() - Constructor in BindPath
bindPaths - Field in PropertyPathFullBinding
The root set of bind paths we are initested in
BindPathSnooper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
BindPathSnooper() - Constructor in BindPathSnooper
BindProxyFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
BindProxyFactory() - Constructor in BindProxyFactory
bindResults() - Method in Console
BIT - Field in Sql
bitAndImpl(Number, Number) - Method in LongMath
BITWISE_AND_EQUAL - Field in Types
BITWISE_AND - Field in Types
BITWISE_OR_EQUAL - Field in Types
BITWISE_OR - Field in Types
BITWISE_XOR_EQUAL - Field in Types
BITWISE_XOR - Field in Types
bitwiseNegate - Field in AsmClassGenerator
bitwiseNegate(Object) - Method in InvokerHelper
bitwiseNegate(Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
bitwiseNegateImpl(Number) - Method in BigIntegerMath
bitwiseNegateImpl(Number) - Method in IntegerMath
bitwiseNegateImpl(Number) - Method in LongMath
BitwiseNegationExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
BitwiseNegationExpression(Expression) - Constructor in BitwiseNegationExpression
BLACK - Field in ANSI.Code
BLINK - Field in ANSI.Code
BLOB - Field in Sql
BLOCK - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BLOCK - Field in JavaTokenTypes
blockBody(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
A block body is a parade of zero or more statements or expressions.
blockExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
BlockStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
A list of statements
BlockStatement(Statement[], VariableScope) - Constructor in BlockStatement
BLUE - Field in ANSI.Code
BNOT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BNOT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
BOLD - Field in ANSI.Code
BOLD - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
BOOLEAN - Field in Sql
boolean_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod
BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod
BooleanCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
BooleanCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo, boolean) - Constructor in BooleanCachedClass
BooleanExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a boolean expression
booleanExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
BooleanExpression(Expression) - Constructor in BooleanExpression
booleanUnbox(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
BooleanWrapper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.wrappers
BooleanWrapper(boolean) - Constructor in BooleanWrapper
BOR_ASSIGN - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BOR_ASSIGN - Field in JavaTokenTypes
BOR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BOR - Field in JavaTokenTypes
border1 - Field in LexerFrame
border2 - Field in LexerFrame
bound - Field in AbstractSyntheticBinding
bound - Field in AggregateBinding
bound - Field in BindingProxy
bound - Field in MutualPropertyBinding
bound - Field in PropertyBinding.PropertyFullBinding
bound - Field in PropertyPathFullBinding
If we think we are currently bound
bound - Field in SwingTimerFullBinding
boundBean - Field in PropertyBinding.PropertyFullBinding
boundButton - Field in AbstractButtonSelectedBinding
boundClassNode - Field in BindableASTTransformation
boundComboBox - Field in JComboBoxElementsBinding
boundComboBox - Field in JComboBoxSelectedElementBinding
boundComboBox - Field in JComboBoxSelectedIndexBinding
boundComponent - Field in AbstractJComponentBinding
boundProperty - Field in PropertyBinding.PropertyFullBinding
boundScrollBar - Field in JScrollBarValueBinding
boundSlider - Field in JSliderValueBinding
boundSlider - Field in JSpinnerValueBinding
boundTable - Field in JTableElementsBinding
boundTable - Field in JTableSelectedElementBinding
boundTextComponent - Field in JTextComponentTextBinding
boundToProperty - Field in PropertyBinding.PropertyFullBinding
box(ClassNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
box(BytecodeHelper) - Method in CachedClass
box(double) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
boxBoolean() - Method in BytecodeHelper
convert boolean to Boolean
BoxFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
BoxFactory() - Constructor in BoxFactory
BoxLayoutFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
BoxLayoutFactory() - Constructor in BoxLayoutFactory
boxOnPrimitive(ClassNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
branchStatement() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
In Groovy, return, break, continue, throw, and assert can be used in a parenthesized expression context.
breadthFirst(Element) - Method in DOMCategory
breadthFirst() - Method in GPathResult
An iterator useful for traversing XML documents/fragments in breadth-first order.
breadthFirst() - Method in Node
Provide a collection of all the nodes in the tree using a breadth-first traversal.
breakLabel - Field in CompileStack.StateStackElement
breakOnNull - Property in ShellRunner
BreakStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents a break statement in a switch or loop statement
breakStatement(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
BreakStatement(String) - Constructor in BreakStatement
brvbar - Property in Entity
BSR_ASSIGN - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BSR_ASSIGN - Field in JavaTokenTypes
BSR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BSR - Field in JavaTokenTypes
BufferManager - Class in
Manages the shells buffers.
BufferManager() - Constructor in BufferManager
buffers - Property in BufferManager
buffers - Property in Groovysh
build(GroovyObject) - Method in Attribute
build(GroovyObject) - Method in Attributes
build(GroovyObject) - Method in Buildable
build(GroovyObject) - Method in Entity
build(String, GroovyClassLoader) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
build(GroovyObject) - Method in GString
build(GroovyObject) - Method in NoChildren
build(GroovyObject, Map, Map) - Method in Node
build(GroovyObject) - Method in NodeChild
build(GroovyObject) - Method in NodeChildren
build(GroovyObject) - Method in ReplacementNode
build(Closure) - Method in SwingBuilder
Compatibility API.
Buildable - Interface in groovy.lang
buildAST(SourceUnit, ClassLoader, Reduction) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
buildAST(SourceUnit, ClassLoader, Reduction) - Method in ParserPlugin
buildAttributeMapFrom(def, def) - Method in JmxMetaMapBuilder
Sanitizes and builds an attribute meta map from a descriptor collection.
buildAttributes(Map) - Method in AntBuilder
Builds an {
buildClassLoaderFor() - Method in Groovyc
buildConstructorMapFrom(def, def) - Method in JmxMetaMapBuilder
Builds a fully normalized constructor meta map.
buildDefaultObjectName(String, String, def) - Method in JmxBeanInfoManager
Builds a default JMX ObjectName instance using meta data from object.
Builder - Class in groovy.xml.streamingmarkupsupport
Builder.Built - Class in groovy.xml.streamingmarkupsupport
Builder.Built(Closure, Map) - Constructor in Builder.Built
builder - Property in AbstractStreamingBuilder
Builder(Map) - Constructor in Builder
builder - Property in StreamingDOMBuilder
builder - Property in StreamingMarkupBuilder
builder - Property in StreamingSAXBuilder
BuilderSupport - Class in groovy.util
An abstract base class for creating arbitrary nested trees of objects or events
BuilderSupport(Closure, BuilderSupport) - Constructor in BuilderSupport
buildListenerMapFrom(def) - Method in JmxMetaMapBuilder
Creates a fully-normalized meta map for agiven collection of listeners.
buildName(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
Performs a name resolution to see if the given name is a type from imports, aliases or newly created classes
buildObjectMapFrom(def) - Method in JmxMetaMapBuilder
Builds a complete meta map graph for the specified object using default values.
buildOperationMapFrom(def, def) - Method in JmxMetaMapBuilder
buildParameterMapFrom(def, def) - Method in JmxMetaMapBuilder
Builds a fully normalized parameter meta map for the method and the given meta map.
buildParamInfosFromMaps(Map) - Method in JmxOperationInfoManager
Build an array of MBeanParameterInfo from the operation's meta map.
buildTokenTypeASTClassMap() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
buildTokenTypeASTClassMap() - Method in JavaRecognizer
buildTree(List) - Method in GroovyRootDocBuilder
builtInType() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
builtInType() - Method in JavaRecognizer
builtInTypeArraySpec(boolean) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
builtInTypeArraySpec(boolean) - Method in JavaRecognizer
builtInTypeSpec(boolean) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
builtInTypeSpec(boolean) - Method in JavaRecognizer
bundle - Field in ManagedConcurrentMap
bundle - Field in ManagedConcurrentMap.Segment
buttonGroupAttributeDelegate(def, def, def) - Method in ButtonGroupFactory
ButtonGroupFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
ButtonGroupFactory() - Constructor in ButtonGroupFactory
BXOR_ASSIGN - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BXOR_ASSIGN - Field in JavaTokenTypes
BXOR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
BXOR - Field in JavaTokenTypes
byte_and - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_div - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_intdiv - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_leftShift - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_minus - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_mod - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_multiply - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_or - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_plus - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_rightShift - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_rightShiftUnsigned - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
byte_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
byte_xor - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod
ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod
ByteCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
ByteCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo, boolean) - Constructor in ByteCachedClass
BytecodeExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
Represents some custom bytecode generation by the compiler
BytecodeExpression() - Constructor in BytecodeExpression
BytecodeHelper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
A helper class for bytecode generation with AsmClassGenerator.
BytecodeHelper(MethodVisitor) - Constructor in BytecodeHelper
BytecodeInstruction - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
Helper class used by the class generator.
BytecodeInstruction() - Constructor in BytecodeInstruction
bytecodeParameterTypes - Field in NewMetaMethod
BytecodeSequence - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
This class repersents a sequence of BytecodeInstructions or ASTNodes.
BytecodeSequence(BytecodeInstruction) - Constructor in BytecodeSequence
byteUnbox(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
ByteWrapper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.wrappers
ByteWrapper(byte) - Constructor in ByteWrapper


cacheConnection(Closure) - Method in DataSet
cacheConnection(Closure) - Method in Sql
Caches the connection used while the closure is active.
CachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorByName - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorByName() - Constructor in CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorByName
CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorWithString - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorWithString() - Constructor in CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorWithString
CachedClass(Class, ClassInfo) - Constructor in CachedClass
cachedClass - Field in CachedMethod
CachedClosureClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
CachedClosureClass(Class, ClassInfo) - Constructor in CachedClosureClass
CachedConstructor - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
cachedConstructor - Field in CachedConstructor
CachedField - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
CachedField(Field) - Constructor in CachedField
CachedMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
CachedMethod.MyComparator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
CachedMethod.MyComparator() - Constructor in CachedMethod.MyComparator
CachedMethod(Method) - Constructor in CachedMethod
cachedMethod - Field in MetaMethodIndex.Entry
cachedMethodForSuper - Field in MetaMethodIndex.Entry
cachedStaticMethod - Field in MetaMethodIndex.Entry
cacheStatements(Closure) - Method in Sql
Caches every created preparedStatement in Closure closure
Every cached preparedStatement is closed after closure has been called.
CachingGroovyEngine - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.bsf
A Caching implementation of the GroovyEngine
CachingGroovyEngine() - Constructor in CachingGroovyEngine
calculateFirstSentence(String) - Method in SimpleGroovyDoc
calculateParameterDistance(Class[], ParameterTypes) - Method in MetaClassHelper
note: when shifting with 32 bit, you should only shift on a long.
call(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
call(Object, Object) - Method in BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object) - Method in ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call - Field in CallResultSet
call(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in CallSite
call(Object, Object) - Method in CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(String, Object) - Method in ClassExtender
call(Object) - Method in Closure
Invokes the closure, returning any value if applicable.
call(Object[]) - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
call(ClassVisitor, ClassNode) - Method in CompilationUnit.ClassgenCallback
call(GroovyClass) - Method in CompilationUnit.GroovyClassOperation
call(SourceUnit, GeneratorContext, ClassNode) - Method in CompilationUnit.PrimaryClassNodeOperation
call(ProcessingUnit, int) - Method in CompilationUnit.ProgressCallback
call(SourceUnit) - Method in CompilationUnit.SourceUnitOperation
call(Object, Object) - Method in DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass.Callable
call(Object, Object) - Method in FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(ClassVisitor, ClassNode) - Method in GroovyClassLoader.ClassCollector
call(Object, String, Object[]) - Method in GroovyEngine
Call the named method of the given object.
call(Object, Object) - Method in IntegerArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in IntegerArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(SourceUnit, GeneratorContext, ClassNode) - Method in JavaStubCompilationUnit.JavaResolverOperation
call(SourceUnit, GeneratorContext, ClassNode) - Method in JavaStubCompilationUnit.StubGeneratorOperation
call(Object, Object) - Method in LongArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in LongArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(MethodVisitor) - Method in MethodCaller
call(MethodVisitor, int, boolean, boolean) - Method in MethodCallerMultiAdapter
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in NullCallSite
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.DoubleDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.DoubleFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.DoubleInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.DoubleLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.FloatDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.FloatFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.FloatInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.FloatLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.IntegerDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.IntegerFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.LongDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberDiv.LongFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.DoubleDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.DoubleFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.DoubleInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.DoubleLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.FloatDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.FloatFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.FloatInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.FloatLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.IntegerDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.IntegerFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.IntegerInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.IntegerLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.LongDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.LongFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.LongInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMinus.LongLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.DoubleDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.DoubleFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.DoubleInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.DoubleLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.FloatDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.FloatFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.FloatInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.FloatLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.IntegerDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.IntegerFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.IntegerInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.IntegerLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.LongDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.LongFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.LongInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply.LongLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.DoubleDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.DoubleFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.DoubleInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.DoubleLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.FloatDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.FloatFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.FloatInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.FloatLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.IntegerDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.IntegerFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.IntegerInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.IntegerLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.LongDouble
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.LongFloat
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.LongInteger
call(Object, Object) - Method in NumberNumberPlus.LongLong
call(Object, Object) - Method in ObjectArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in ObjectArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in PerInstancePojoMetaClassSite
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in PogoInterceptableSite
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in PogoMetaClassSite
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in PogoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in PojoMetaClassSite
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in PojoMetaMethodSite
call() - Method in ProxyMetaClass.Callable
call(Object, Object) - Method in ShortArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(Object, Object, Object) - Method in ShortArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
call(GString, Closure) - Method in Sql
Performs a stored procedure call with the given parameters, calling the closure once with all result objects.
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in StaticMetaClassSite
call(Object, Object[]) - Method in StaticMetaMethodSite
call(ArgumentListExpression, Parameter[], MethodNode) - Method in Verifier.DefaultArgsAction
callable - Property in ConfigBinding
callConstructor(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callConstructor(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in CallSite
callConstructor(Object, Object[]) - Method in ConstructorMetaClassSite
callConstructor(Object, Object[]) - Method in ConstructorMetaMethodSite
callConstructor(Object, Object[]) - Method in ConstructorSite
callConstructor(Object, Object[]) - Method in ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrap
callConstructor(Object, Object[]) - Method in ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrapNoCoerce
callConstructor(Object, Object[]) - Method in ConstructorSite.NoParamSite
callConstructor(Object, Object[]) - Method in MetaClassConstructorSite
callCurrent(GroovyObject, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callCurrent(GroovyObject, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in CallSite
callCurrent(GroovyObject, Object[]) - Method in PogoInterceptableSite
callCurrent(GroovyObject, Object[]) - Method in PogoMetaClassSite
callCurrent(GroovyObject, Object[]) - Method in PogoMetaMethodSite
callGetProperty(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callGetProperty(Object) - Method in CallSite
callGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoFieldSite
callGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoPropertySite
callGetProperty(Object) - Method in PojoMetaClassGetPropertySite
callGetPropertySafe(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callGetPropertySafe(Object) - Method in CallSite
callGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in CallSite
callGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoFieldSite
callGroovyObjectGetProperty(Object) - Method in GetEffectivePogoPropertySite
callGroovyObjectGetPropertySafe(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callGroovyObjectGetPropertySafe(Object) - Method in CallSite
CallResultSet - Class in groovy.sql
Represents a ResultSet retrieved as a callable statement out parameter.
CallResultSet(CallableStatement, int) - Constructor in CallResultSet
calls - Field in BenchmarkInterceptor
callSafe(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callSafe(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in CallSite
CallSite - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
CallSiteArray - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
CallSiteArray(Class, String[]) - Constructor in CallSiteArray
CallSiteAwareMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
CallSiteAwareMetaMethod() - Constructor in CallSiteAwareMetaMethod
CallSiteClassLoader - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
CallSiteClassLoader(Class) - Constructor in CallSiteClassLoader
CallSiteGenerator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
CallSpec - Class in groovy.mock.interceptor
CallSpec() - Constructor in CallSpec
callStatic(Class, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
callStatic(Class, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in CallSite
callStatic(Class, Object[]) - Method in StaticMetaClassSite
callStatic(Class, Object[]) - Method in StaticMetaMethodSite
canMean(int) - Method in CSTNode
Returns true if the node can be coerced to the specified type.
canMean(int, int) - Method in Types
Given two types, returns true if the first can be viewed as the second.
CANONICALIZATION - Enum Constant in CompilePhase
canReopenSource() - Method in AbstractReaderSource
Returns true if the source can be restarted (ie. if getReader() will return non-null on subsequent calls.
canReopenSource() - Method in InputStreamReaderSource
Returns true if the source can be restarted (ie. if getReader() will return non-null on subsequent calls.
canReopenSource() - Method in ReaderSource
Returns true if the source can be restarted (ie. if getReader() will return non-null on subsequent calls.
canUndo() - Method in TextUndoManager.StructuredEdit
capacity() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Return the number of slots in this table
capitalize(String) - Method in ActionFactory
capitalize(String) - Method in JmxBuilderTools
Capitalize the string passed.
capitalize(String) - Method in MetaClassHelper
In general we want to match the signature that allows us to use as less arguments for the vargs part as possible.
capitalize(String) - Method in Verifier
Capitalizes the start of the given bean property name
captureStdOut - Property in Console
caretUpdate(CaretEvent) - Method in Console
CASE_GROUP - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
CASE_GROUP - Field in JavaTokenTypes
casesGroup() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
casesGroup() - Method in JavaRecognizer
caseSList() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
caseSList() - Method in JavaRecognizer
CaseStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents a case statement in a switch statement
CaseStatement(Expression, Statement) - Constructor in CaseStatement
caseStatements(AST, List) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
castArgumentsToClassArray(Object[]) - Method in MetaClassHelper
CastExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a type cast expression
castExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
CastExpression(ClassNode, Expression, boolean) - Constructor in CastExpression
castToBoolean(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
castToChar(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
castToMixedType(Object, Class) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
castToNumber(Object, Class) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
castToType(Object, Class) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
castToType(Object, Class) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
Provides a hook for type casting of the given object to the required type
castToTypeMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
CatchStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents a catch (Exception var) { } statement
catchStatement(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
CatchStatement(Parameter, Statement) - Constructor in CatchStatement
Category - Annotation Type in groovy.lang
Transforms an instance-style Groovy class or interface to become a static-style conventional Groovy category.
CategoryASTTransformation - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.transform
Handles generation of code for the @Category annotation - all non-static methods converted to static ones with additional parameter 'self'
CategoryASTTransformation() - Constructor in CategoryASTTransformation
cause - Field in ConfigurationException
cause - Property in ParseStatus
cause - Field in SyntaxErrorMessage
ccedil - Property in Entity
cedil - Property in Entity
cent - Property in Entity
certs - Field in GroovyCodeSource
The certificates used to sign the items from the codesource
changedUpdate(DocumentEvent) - Method in ConsoleTextEditor.UpdateCaretListener
changedUpdate(DocumentEvent) - Method in JTextComponentTextBinding
changing - Property in IvyGrabRecord
CHAR_LITERAL - Field in JavaTokenTypes
CHAR - Field in Sql
char_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
Character_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod
CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod
CharacterCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
CharacterCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo, boolean) - Constructor in CharacterCachedClass
characters(char[], int, int) - Method in StructuredSyntaxHandler
characters(char[], int, int) - Method in XmlParser
characters(char[], int, int) - Method in XmlSlurper
charAt(int) - Method in GString
CharsetToolkit - Class in groovy.util

Utility class to guess the encoding of a given text file.

CharsetToolkit(File) - Constructor in CharsetToolkit
Constructor of the CharsetToolkit utility class.
charUnbox(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
CharWrapper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.wrappers
CharWrapper(char) - Constructor in CharWrapper
checkCall(Object, Object[]) - Method in ConstructorSite
checkCall(Object) - Method in PogoMetaClassSite
checkCall(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in PogoMetaMethodSite
checkCall(Object) - Method in PojoMetaClassSite
checkCall(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in PojoMetaMethodSite
checkCall(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in StaticMetaMethodSite
checkcircularReference(ClassNode, ClassNode, Expression) - Method in AnnotationVisitor
checkCollectionType(Collection) - Method in Sequence
Checks that each member of the given collection are of the correct type
checkEquals(def, Object, Object) - Method in DoubleKeyHashMap
checkEquals(def, Object) - Method in Index
checkEquals(Entry, Object, Object, Object) - Method in TripleKeyHashMap
checkExit(int) - Method in NoExitSecurityManager
Always throws {
checkExplicitMethod(String, Object, Reference) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
checkFiles(String[]) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
checkIfStdMethod(MetaMethod) - Method in NumberMathModificationInfo
checkMethod(Method) - Method in ConversionHandler
checkMethod(Method) - Method in ConvertedMap
checkModel() - Method in TableSorter
checkParameters() - Method in Groovyc
checkParameters(Class[]) - Method in MetaMethod
Checks that the given parameters are valid to call this method
checkPermission(Permission) - Method in NoExitSecurityManager
checkPojoMetaClass() - Method in PojoMetaMethodSite
checkReturnType(ClassNode, ASTNode) - Method in AnnotationVisitor
checkSuspiciousExpressionStatement(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
If two statements are separated by newline (not SEMI), the second had better not look like the latter half of an expression.
checkType(Object) - Method in Sequence
Checks that the given object instance is of the correct type otherwise a runtime exception is thrown
checkValueIsNull(Object, Object) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Throws an exception if value is null.
checkValueIsType(Object, Object, Class) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Checks type of value against buidler type is null.
checkValueIsTypeNotString(Object, Object, Class) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Checks values against factory's type null or a String.
CHILD_BUILDER - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
childAt(int) - Method in GroovySourceAST
childNodes() - Method in Attribute
childNodes() - Method in Attributes
childNodes() - Method in GPathResult
childNodes() - Method in NoChildren
childNodes() - Method in Node
childNodes() - Method in NodeChild
childNodes() - Method in NodeChildren
childOfType(int) - Method in GroovySourceAST
children - Field in BindPath
The steps further down the path from us
children - Field in ClosureRenderer
children() - Method in CSTNode
Returns the number of non-root elements in the node.
children(Element) - Method in DOMCategory
children() - Method in GPathResult
children() - Method in Node
childrenOfType(int) - Method in GroovySourceAST
chooseClassLoader(Map) - Method in GrapeIvy
chooseEmptyMethodParams(FastArray) - Method in MetaClassHelper
object (e.g.
chooseMethod(Class[], boolean) - Method in ClosureMetaClass.MethodChooser
chooseMethod(Class[], boolean) - Method in ClosureMetaClass.NormalMethodChooser
chooseMethod(Class[], boolean) - Method in ClosureMetaClass.StandardClosureChooser
chooseMostGeneralMethodWith1NullParam(FastArray) - Method in MetaClassHelper
object (e.g.
circ - Property in Entity
CLASS_CLASS_IDX - Field in Inspector
CLASS_DEF - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
CLASS_DEF - Field in JavaTokenTypes
CLASS_GENERATION - Enum Constant in CompilePhase
CLASS_GENERATION - Field in Phases
CLASS_INTERFACE_IDX - Field in Inspector
CLASS_OTHER_IDX - Field in Inspector
CLASS_PACKAGE_IDX - Field in Inspector
CLASS_SUPERCLASS_IDX - Field in Inspector
CLASS_Type - Field in ClassHelper
classBlock() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
classBlock() - Method in JavaRecognizer
classCache - Field in GroovyClassLoader
this cache contains the loaded classes or PARSING, if the class is currently parsed
ClassCodeExpressionTransformer - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Visitor to transform expressions in a whole class.
ClassCodeExpressionTransformer() - Constructor in ClassCodeExpressionTransformer
ClassCodeVisitorSupport - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
ClassCodeVisitorSupport() - Constructor in ClassCodeVisitorSupport
ClassCompletionVerifier - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
**************************************************************************** Copyright (c) 2004 IBM Corporation and others.
ClassCompletionVerifier(SourceUnit) - Constructor in ClassCompletionVerifier
classDef(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
classDefinition(AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
classDefinition(AST) - Method in JavaRecognizer
ClassDistance - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling
ClassDistance.Entry - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling
ClassDistance.Entry() - Constructor in ClassDistance.Entry
ClassDistance.LinearEntry - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling
ClassDistance.LinearEntry() - Constructor in ClassDistance.LinearEntry
ClassDistance() - Constructor in ClassDistance
classDocs - Field in SimpleGroovyPackageDoc
classes() - Method in GroovyRootDoc
classes - Field in ModuleNode
classes() - Method in SimpleGroovyRootDoc
ClassExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents access to a Java/Groovy class in an expression, such as when invoking a static method or accessing a static type
ClassExpression(ClassNode) - Constructor in ClassExpression
ClassExtender - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
A helper class used by the runtime to allow Groovy classes to be extended at runtime
ClassExtender() - Constructor in ClassExtender
classField() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
classField() - Method in JavaRecognizer
classgenCallback - Field in CompilationUnit
ClassGenerator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
Abstract base class for generator of Java class versions of Groovy AST classes
ClassGenerator(ClassLoader) - Constructor in ClassGenerator
ClassGeneratorException - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
An exception thrown by the class generator
ClassGeneratorException(String, Throwable) - Constructor in ClassGeneratorException
ClassHelper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
This class is a Helper for ClassNode and classes handling ClassNodes.
ClassHelper() - Constructor in ClassHelper
classifier - Field in Grab
classifier - Property in IvyGrabRecord
ClassInfo - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
Handle for all information we want to keep about the class
ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet.Segment - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet.Segment(ReferenceBundle, int) - Constructor in ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet.Segment
ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet(ReferenceBundle) - Constructor in ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet
ClassInfo.DebugRef - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassInfo.DebugRef(Class) - Constructor in ClassInfo.DebugRef
ClassInfo.LazyCachedClassRef - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassInfo.LazyCachedClassRef(ReferenceBundle, ClassInfo) - Constructor in ClassInfo.LazyCachedClassRef
ClassInfo.LazyClassLoaderRef - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassInfo.LazyClassLoaderRef(ReferenceBundle, ClassInfo) - Constructor in ClassInfo.LazyClassLoaderRef
ClassInfo.LocalMap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassInfo.ThreadLocalMapHandler - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassInfo.ThreadLocalMapHandler() - Constructor in ClassInfo.ThreadLocalMapHandler
classInfo - Field in CachedClass
ClassInfo(def, Class, int) - Constructor in ClassInfo
classLoader - Field in ClassGenerator
classLoader - Field in ClasspathResourceManager
classLoader - Property in ConfigSlurper
classLoader - Field in DoSetContext
classLoader - Field in ProcessingUnit
The ClassLoader to use during processing
ClassLoaderForClassArtifacts - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
ClassLoaderForClassArtifacts(Class) - Constructor in ClassLoaderForClassArtifacts
ClassMetaClassGetPropertySite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
ClassMetaClassGetPropertySite(CallSite, Class) - Constructor in ClassMetaClassGetPropertySite
CLASSNAME_RESOLVER_KEY - Field in ObjectGraphBuilder
className - Field in ResolveVisitor.ConstructedClassWithPackage
className - Field in ResolveVisitor.LowerCaseClass
ClassNameCompletor - Class in
Provides completion for class names.
ClassNameCompletor(GroovyClassLoader) - Constructor in ClassNameCompletor
classNamed(String) - Method in GroovyRootDoc
classNamed(String) - Method in SimpleGroovyRootDoc
ClassNode - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Represents a class in the AST.
ClassNode.MapOfLists - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
ClassNode.MapOfLists() - Constructor in ClassNode.MapOfLists
ClassNode() - Constructor in ClassNode
classOrInterfaceType(boolean) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
classOrInterfaceType(boolean) - Method in JavaRecognizer
classpath - Field in CompileTaskSupport
ClasspathResourceManager - Class in
ClasspathResourceManager(ClassLoader) - Constructor in ClasspathResourceManager
classSourcesByPublicClassName - Field in CompilationUnit
classTemplatesIterator() - Method in GroovyDocTemplateEngine
classTypeSpec(boolean) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
classTypeSpec(boolean) - Method in JavaRecognizer
clazz - Field in CachedConstructor
clazz - Field in ClassNode
clazz - Property in MockFor
clazz - Property in StubFor
clazz - Field in VariableScopeVisitor.StateStackElement
clean() - Method in JavaStubGenerator
clean() - Method in ManagedDoubleKeyMap.Entry
clean() - Method in ManagedDoubleKeyMap.EntryWithValue
cleanup() - Method in AbstractReaderSource
Cleans up any cached resources used by getLine().
cleanup() - Method in HasCleanup
cleanup() - Method in Janitor
cleanup() - Method in ReaderSource
Cleans up any cached resources used by getLine().
clear() - Method in ANSI.Buffer
clear() - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
clear() - Method in CompileStack
Clears the state of the class.
clear() - Method in ComplexKeyHashMap
clear() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Removes all mappings from this map.
clear() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.EntrySet
clear() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeySet
clear() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Values
clear() - Method in FastArray
clear() - Method in FileScanner
Clears any file sets that have been added to this scanner
clear() - Method in GroovyRowResult
clear() - Method in HardRef
clear() - Method in LazyReference
clear() - Method in ManagedReference
clear() - Method in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap
Removes all mappings from this map.
clear() - Method in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap.SoftRef
clear() - Method in MetaMethodIndex
clear() - Method in ObservableList
clear() - Method in ObservableMap
clear() - Method in Preferences
CLEAR_PROPERTY - Field in ObservableMap.PropertyClearedEvent
clear() - Method in Reference
clear() - Method in Sequence
clear(JTabbedPane) - Method in SwingGroovyMethods
Removes all elements from the JTabbedPane.
clearCache() - Method in GroovyClassLoader
removes all classes from the class cache.
clearCache() - Method in GroovyClassLoader.InnerLoader
clearCaches(String) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
ClearCommand - Class in
The 'clear' command.
ClearCommand(Shell) - Constructor in ClearCommand
clearContext(EventObject) - Method in Console
CLEARED - Field in ObservableList.ElementEvent
CLEARED - Field in ObservableMap.PropertyEvent
clearModifiedExpandos() - Method in ClassInfo
clearOutput(EventObject) - Method in Console
clearSelected() - Method in BufferManager
CliBuilder - Class in groovy.util
Supported Option Properties: argName: String longOpt: String args: int optionalArg: boolean required: boolean type: Object valueSeparator: char
CliBuilder() - Constructor in CliBuilder
clientPropertyAttributeDelegate(def, def, def) - Method in SwingBuilder
clipBoardAvailable() - Method in ConsoleTextEditor
CLOB - Field in Sql
clone() - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
clone() - Method in Closure
clone() - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
clone() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Returns a shallow copy of this ConcurrentReaderHashMap instance: the keys and values themselves are not cloned.
clone() - Method in CurriedClosure
clone() - Method in MetaMethod
clone() - Method in MethodIndex
clone() - Method in NullObject
Since this is implemented as a singleton, we should avoid the use of the clone method
cloneSimilarCollection(Collection, int) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
cloneSimilarMap(Map) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
cloneToken(Token) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Clones the token
CLOSABLE_BLOCK - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
CLOSABLE_BLOCK_OP - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
closableBlock() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
A block which is known to be a closure, even if it has no apparent arguments.
closableBlockConstructorExpression() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
closableBlockParam() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Simple names, as in {x|...}, are completely equivalent to {(def x)|...}.
closableBlockParamsOpt(boolean) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Closure parameters are exactly like method parameters, except that they are not enclosed in parentheses, but rather are prepended to the front of a block, just after the brace.
closableBlockParamsStart() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Lookahead to check whether a block begins with explicit closure arguments.
CLOSE_ACTION_COMMAND - Field in FindReplaceUtility
close() - Method in IO
Close all streams.
close() - Method in NullWriter
close() - Method in PlatformLineWriter
close() - Method in Sql
If this SQL object was created with a Connection then this method closes the connection.
close() - Method in StreamingMarkupWriter
close() - Method in StringBufferWriter
Closing a StringWriter has no effect.
close() - Method in UnicodeEscapingReader
Closes this reader by calling close on the underlying reader.
closeQuietly(Closeable) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
Close the Closeable.
closeResources(Connection, def) - Method in DataSet
closeResources(Connection, Statement) - Method in Sql
An extension point allowing the behavior of resource closing to be overridden in derived classes.
closeResources(ResultSet) - Method in Sql.AbstractQueryCommand
After performing the execute operation and making use of its return, it's necessary to free the resources allocated for the statement.
closeWithWarning(Closeable) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
Close the Closeable.
CLOSING_VISIT - Field in Visitor
closingVisit(GroovySourceAST) - Method in TraversalHelper
Closure - Class in groovy.lang
Represents any closure object in Groovy.
Closure.WritableClosure - Class in groovy.lang
Implementation note: This has to be an inner class!
Closure.WritableClosure() - Constructor in Closure.WritableClosure
Closure(Object) - Constructor in Closure
closure - Field in ClosureComparator
closure - Field in ClosureSourceBinding
closure - Field in ClosureTriggerBinding
CLOSURE_LIST - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
CLOSURE_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
closure - Field in VariableScopeVisitor.StateStackElement
ClosureColumnFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
ClosureColumnFactory() - Constructor in ClosureColumnFactory
ClosureComparator - Class in groovy.util
A Comparator which uses a closure to compare 2 values being equal
ClosureComparator(Closure) - Constructor in ClosureComparator
ClosureException - Class in groovy.lang
An exception thrown by a closure invocation
ClosureException(Closure, Throwable) - Constructor in ClosureException
ClosureExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a closure creation expression such as { statement; } or { i : statement; } or { i, x, String y: statement }
closureExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
ClosureExpression(Parameter[], Statement) - Constructor in ClosureExpression
ClosureInvokingMethod - Interface in groovy.lang
An interface for MetaMethods that invoke closures to implements.
closureList() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
ClosureListExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
This class rerpresents a list of expressions used to create closures.
ClosureListExpression() - Constructor in ClosureListExpression
ClosureMetaClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
A meta class for closures generated by the Groovy compiler.
ClosureMetaClass.MethodChooser - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ClosureMetaClass.NormalMethodChooser - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ClosureMetaClass.NormalMethodChooser(Class, FastArray) - Constructor in ClosureMetaClass.NormalMethodChooser
ClosureMetaClass.StandardClosureChooser - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ClosureMetaClass.StandardClosureChooser(MetaMethod, MetaMethod) - Constructor in ClosureMetaClass.StandardClosureChooser
ClosureMetaClass() - Constructor in ClosureMetaClass
ClosureMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
A MetaMethod that accepts a closure in the constructor which is invoked when the MetaMethod is called.
ClosureMetaMethod.MethodClosureMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ClosureMetaMethod.MethodClosureMetaMethod(String, Class, Closure, CachedMethod) - Constructor in ClosureMetaMethod.MethodClosureMetaMethod
ClosureMetaMethod(String, Class, Closure, CachedMethod) - Constructor in ClosureMetaMethod
ClosureModel - Class in groovy.model
Represents a value model using a closure to extract the value from some source model and an optional write closure for updating the value.
ClosureModel(ValueModel, Closure, Closure, Class) - Constructor in ClosureModel
ClosureRenderer - Class in groovy.swing.impl
ClosureRenderer(Closure) - Constructor in ClosureRenderer
closureShare - Field in VariableExpression
ClosureSourceBinding - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
ClosureSourceBinding(Closure, Object[]) - Constructor in ClosureSourceBinding
ClosureStaticMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
This class represents a MetaMethod that is a closure that pretends to be a static method.
ClosureStaticMetaMethod(String, Class, Closure, Class[]) - Constructor in ClosureStaticMetaMethod
ClosureTriggerBinding - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
ClosureTriggerBinding(Map) - Constructor in ClosureTriggerBinding
cls - Field in MetaMethodIndex.Entry
cls - Field in MetaMethodIndex.Header
clsHashCode31 - Field in MetaMethodIndex.Header
code - Property in ExitNotification
The exit code.
code - Property in ParseCode
code - Property in ParseStatus
CodeVisitorSupport - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Abstract base class for any GroovyCodeVisitory which by default just walks the code and expression tree
CodeVisitorSupport() - Constructor in CodeVisitorSupport
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in ArrayCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in BigDecimalCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in ByteCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in CachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in DoubleCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in FloatCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in IntegerCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in LongCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in NumberCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in ShortCachedClass
coerceArgument(Object) - Method in StringCachedClass
coerceArgumentsToClasses(Object[]) - Method in ParameterTypes
col - Field in GroovySourceToken
colLast - Field in GroovySourceToken
CollectionFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
This returns a mutable java.util.Collection of some sort, to which items are added.
CollectionFactory() - Constructor in CollectionFactory
collector - Field in MultipleCompilationErrorsException
colNum - Property in Console
COLON - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
COLON - Field in JavaTokenTypes
COLON - Field in Types
column - Field in ClosureRenderer
combinations(Collection) - Method in GroovyCollections
Finds all combinations of items from the given collections.
ComboBoxFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
ComboBoxFactory() - Constructor in ComboBoxFactory
COMMA - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
COMMA - Field in JavaTokenTypes
COMMA - Field in Types
Command - Interface in
Provides the interface required for command extentions.
command - Property in CommandException
CommandAlias - Class in
Provides simple command aliasing.
CommandAlias(Shell, String, String, String) - Constructor in CommandAlias
commandArgument() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
commandArguments(AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
A member name (x.y) or element name (x[y]) can serve as a command name, which may be followed by a list of arguments.
CommandException - Class in
Thrown to indicate a problem with command execution.
CommandException(Command, String, Throwable) - Constructor in CommandException
commandLineCompile(String[]) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
Same as main(args) except that exceptions are thrown out instead of causing the VM to exit.
CommandRegistry - Class in
A registry of shell {
CommandRegistry() - Constructor in CommandRegistry
commands - Property in CommandRegistry
A list of all of the registered commands.
CommandsMultiCompletor - Class in
Completor for interactive shells.
CommandsMultiCompletor() - Constructor in CommandsMultiCompletor
commandStyle - Property in Console
commandStyle - Field in ConsoleSupport
CommandSupport - Class in
Support for {
CommandSupport(Shell, String, String) - Constructor in CommandSupport
COMMENT - Field in GroovyFilter
commentClosure - Property in StreamingDOMBuilder
commentClosure - Property in StreamingMarkupBuilder
commentClosure - Property in StreamingSAXBuilder
commentText() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
commentText() - Method in GroovyDoc
commentText() - Method in SimpleGroovyDoc
commit() - Method in DataSet
commit() - Method in Sql
If this SQL object was created with a Connection then this method commits the connection.
compare(Object, Object) - Method in CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorByName
compare(Object, Object) - Method in CachedClass.CachedMethodComparatorWithString
compare(Object, Object) - Method in CachedMethod.MyComparator
compare(T, T) - Method in ClosureComparator
COMPARE_EQUAL - Field in Types
compare(Object, Object) - Method in Inspector.MemberComparator
COMPARE_LESS_THAN - Field in Types
COMPARE_NOT_EQUAL - Field in Types
compare(T, T) - Method in OrderBy
compare(Object, Object) - Method in StructuredSyntaxDocumentFilter.MLComparator
compare(int, int) - Method in TableSorter
COMPARE_TO - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
COMPARE_TO - Field in Types
compareArrayEqual(Object, Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
compareEqual(Object, Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
compareEqual(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareEqualMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compareGreaterThan(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareGreaterThanEqual(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareGreaterThanEqualMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compareGreaterThanMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compareIdentical(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareIdenticalMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compareLessThan(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareLessThanEqual(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareLessThanEqualMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compareLessThanMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compareNotEqual(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareNotEqualMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compareRowsByColumn(int, int, int) - Method in TableSorter
compareTo(Object) - Method in CachedMethod
compareTo(Object, Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
Compares the two objects handling nulls gracefully and performing numeric type coercion if required
compareTo(Object) - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
compareTo(Object) - Method in GroovyCategorySupport.CategoryMethod
Sort by most specific to least specific.
compareTo(Object) - Method in GroovySourceAST
compareTo(Object) - Method in GString
compareTo(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
compareTo(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
compareTo(Object) - Method in SimpleGroovyDoc
compareToImpl(Number, Number) - Method in BigDecimalMath
compareToImpl(Number, Number) - Method in BigIntegerMath
compareToImpl(Number, Number) - Method in FloatingPointMath
compareToImpl(Number, Number) - Method in IntegerMath
compareToImpl(Number, Number) - Method in LongMath
compareToImpl(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
compareToMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
compatibleBodyStatement() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
In Java, "if", "while", and "for" statements can take random, non-braced statements as their bodies.
CompilationFailedException - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
Thrown when compilation fails from source errors.
CompilationFailedException(int, ProcessingUnit) - Constructor in CompilationFailedException
CompilationUnit - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
Collects all compilation data as it is generated by the compiler system.
CompilationUnit.ClassgenCallback - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
A callback interface you can use to "accompany" the classgen() code as it traverses the ClassNode tree.
CompilationUnit.ClassgenCallback() - Constructor in CompilationUnit.ClassgenCallback
CompilationUnit.GroovyClassOperation - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
CompilationUnit.GroovyClassOperation() - Constructor in CompilationUnit.GroovyClassOperation
CompilationUnit.PrimaryClassNodeOperation - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
An callback interface for use in the applyToSourceUnits loop driver.
CompilationUnit.PrimaryClassNodeOperation() - Constructor in CompilationUnit.PrimaryClassNodeOperation
CompilationUnit.ProgressCallback - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
A callback interface you can use to get a callback after every unit of the compile process.
CompilationUnit.ProgressCallback() - Constructor in CompilationUnit.ProgressCallback
CompilationUnit.SourceUnitOperation - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
An callback interface for use in the applyToSourceUnits loop driver.
CompilationUnit.SourceUnitOperation() - Constructor in CompilationUnit.SourceUnitOperation
CompilationUnit(CompilerConfiguration, CodeSource, GroovyClassLoader, GroovyClassLoader) - Constructor in CompilationUnit
Initializes the CompilationUnit with a CodeSource for controlling security stuff, a class loader for loading classes, and a class loader for loading AST transformations.
compilationUnit() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
compilationUnit() - Method in JavaRecognizer
compile(String) - Method in AllTestSuite
compile(int) - Method in CompilationUnit
Compiles the compilation unit from sources.
compile(String, String) - Method in Compiler
Compiles a string of code.
compile() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
compile(File[]) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
compile() - Method in GenerateStubsTask
compile() - Method in Groovyc
compile() - Method in GroovycTask
compile(Reader) - Method in GroovyScriptEngineImpl
compile(String) - Method in GroovyTestSuite
compile(List, CompilationUnit) - Method in JavacJavaCompiler
compile(List, CompilationUnit) - Method in JavaCompiler
compileList - Field in Groovyc
CompilePhase - Enum in org.codehaus.groovy.control
CompilePhase(int) - Method in CompilePhase
compilePogoMethod(CachedMethod) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
compilePojoMethod(CachedMethod) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
Compiler - Class in
A convenience front end for getting standard compilations done.
Compiler(CompilerConfiguration) - Constructor in Compiler
Initializes the Compiler with the specified configuration.
CompilerConfiguration - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
Compilation control flags and coordination stuff.
CompilerConfiguration(Properties) - Constructor in CompilerConfiguration
Sets the Flags to the specified configuration, with defaults for those not supplied.
CompileStack - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
This class is a helper for AsmClassGenerator.
CompileStack.StateStackElement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
CompileStack.StateStackElement() - Constructor in CompileStack.StateStackElement
CompileStack() - Constructor in CompileStack
compileStaticMethod(CachedMethod) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
CompileTaskSupport - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ant
Support for compilation related tasks.
CompileTaskSupport() - Constructor in CompileTaskSupport
CompileUnit - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Represents the entire contents of a compilation step which consists of one or more {
CompileUnit(GroovyClassLoader, CodeSource, CompilerConfiguration) - Constructor in CompileUnit
complete(String, int, List) - Method in CommandsMultiCompletor
COMPLETE - Property in ParseCode
complete(String, int, List) - Method in SimpleCompletor
completePhase() - Method in ProcessingUnit
Marks the current phase complete and processes any errors.
completor - Property in InteractiveShellRunner
ComplexCommandSupport - Class in
Support for more complex commands.
ComplexCommandSupport(Shell, String, String) - Constructor in ComplexCommandSupport
ComplexKeyHashMap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
ComplexKeyHashMap.Entry - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
ComplexKeyHashMap.Entry() - Constructor in ComplexKeyHashMap.Entry
ComplexKeyHashMap.EntryIterator - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.util
ComplexKeyHashMap() - Constructor in ComplexKeyHashMap
COMPONENT_ATTRIBUTE - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
COMPONENT_ELEMENT_NAME - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
ComponentFacade - Interface in groovy.swing.impl
A facade to an object which contains a component.
ComponentFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
ComponentFactory(Class, boolean) - Constructor in ComponentFactory
componentHidden(ComponentEvent) - Method in AbstractJComponentBinding
componentMoved(ComponentEvent) - Method in AbstractJComponentBinding
componentResized(ComponentEvent) - Method in AbstractJComponentBinding
componentShown(ComponentEvent) - Method in AbstractJComponentBinding
COMPOSED_TEXT_ATTRIBUTE - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
CompositeVisitor - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr.treewalker
A composite of many visitors.
CompositeVisitor(List) - Constructor in CompositeVisitor
A composite of the supplied list of antlr AST visitors.
CompoundBorderFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
CompoundBorderFactory() - Constructor in CompoundBorderFactory
compoundStatement() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
compoundStatement() - Method in JavaRecognizer
concat(Class, LinearEntry) - Method in ClassDistance.LinearEntry
CONCEALED - Field in ANSI.Code
ConcurrentReaderHashMap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
A version of Hashtable that supports mostly-concurrent reading, but exclusive writing.
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.BarrierLock - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
A Serializable class for barrier lock *
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.BarrierLock() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.BarrierLock
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Entry - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ConcurrentReaderHashMap collision list entry.
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Entry(int, Object, Object, Entry) - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Entry
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.EntrySet - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.EntrySet() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.EntrySet
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.HashIterator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.HashIterator() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.HashIterator
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeyIterator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeyIterator() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeyIterator
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeySet - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeySet() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeySet
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.ValueIterator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.ValueIterator() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.ValueIterator
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Values - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Values() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Values
ConcurrentReaderHashMap() - Constructor in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
conditionalExpression(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
conditionalExpression() - Method in JavaRecognizer
conf - Property in IvyGrabRecord
config - Field in CompileTaskSupport
ConfigBinding - Class in groovy.util
Since Groovy Script don't support overriding setProperty, we have to using a trick with the Binding to provide this functionality
ConfigBinding(Closure) - Constructor in ConfigBinding
configFile - Property in ConfigObject
The config file that was used when parsing this ConfigObject
ConfigObject - Class in groovy.util
A ConfigObject at a simple level is a Map that creates configuration entries (other ConfigObjects) when referencing them.
ConfigObject() - Constructor in ConfigObject
ConfigSlurper - Class in groovy.util

ConfigSlurper is a utility class for reading configuration files defined in the form of Groovy scripts.

ConfigSlurper(String) - Constructor in ConfigSlurper
Constructs a new ConfigSlurper instance using the given environment
configuration - Field in AbstractReaderSource
configuration - Field in ErrorCollector
Configuration and other settings that control processing
configuration - Field in Groovyc
configuration - Field in ProcessingUnit
Configuration and other settings that control processing
ConfigurationException - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
Thrown when configuration data is invalid.
ConfigurationException(String) - Constructor in ConfigurationException
Initializes the exception with just a message.
configure(CompilerConfiguration) - Method in CompilationUnit
Configures its debugging mode and classloader classpath from a given compiler configuration.
configure(Properties) - Method in CompilerConfiguration
Method to configure a this CompilerConfiguration by using Properties.
configure(CompilerConfiguration) - Method in JavaAwareCompilationUnit
configure(InputStream) - Method in LoaderConfiguration
configures this loader with a stream
configure(CompilerConfiguration) - Method in ProcessingUnit
Reconfigures the ProcessingUnit.
configure(Statement) - Method in Sql
Provides a hook for derived classes to be able to configure JDBC statements.
configureAnnotation(AnnotationNode) - Method in Java4
configureAnnotation(AnnotationNode) - Method in Java5
configureAnnotation(AnnotationNode) - Method in VMPlugin
configureAST(ASTNode, AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
configureClassNode(CompileUnit, ClassNode) - Method in Java4
configureClassNode(CompileUnit, ClassNode) - Method in Java5
configureClassNode(CompileUnit, ClassNode) - Method in VMPlugin
configured - Field in CompilationUnit
confirmRunInterrupt(EventObject) - Method in Console
Console - Class in groovy.ui
Groovy Swing console.
Console(ClassLoader, Binding) - Constructor in Console
console - Property in ConsoleApplet
ConsoleActions - Class in groovy.ui
ConsoleActions() - Constructor in ConsoleActions
ConsoleApplet - Class in groovy.ui
Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
ConsoleApplet() - Constructor in ConsoleApplet
consoleControllers - Property in Console
ConsoleSupport - Class in groovy.ui
Base class for console
ConsoleSupport() - Constructor in ConsoleSupport
ConsoleTextEditor - Class in groovy.ui
Component which provides a styled editor for the console.
ConsoleTextEditor.PrintAction - Class in groovy.ui
ConsoleTextEditor.PrintAction() - Constructor in ConsoleTextEditor.PrintAction
ConsoleTextEditor.RedoAction - Class in groovy.ui
ConsoleTextEditor.RedoAction() - Constructor in ConsoleTextEditor.RedoAction
ConsoleTextEditor.UndoAction - Class in groovy.ui
ConsoleTextEditor.UndoAction() - Constructor in ConsoleTextEditor.UndoAction
ConsoleTextEditor.UpdateCaretListener - Class in groovy.ui
ConsoleTextEditor.UpdateCaretListener() - Constructor in ConsoleTextEditor.UpdateCaretListener
ConsoleTextEditor() - Constructor in ConsoleTextEditor
Creates a new instance of ConsoleTextEditor
ConsoleView - Class in groovy.ui
ConsoleView() - Constructor in ConsoleView
constant() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Numeric, string, regexp, boolean, or null constant.
constant() - Method in JavaRecognizer
ConstantExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a constant expression such as null, true, false
ConstantExpression(Object) - Constructor in ConstantExpression
constantNumber() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Numeric constant.
constantValue() - Method in GroovyFieldDoc
constantValue() - Method in SimpleGroovyFieldDoc
constantValueExpression() - Method in GroovyFieldDoc
constantValueExpression() - Method in SimpleGroovyFieldDoc
constrainedClassNode - Field in VetoableASTTransformation
constrainedType - Field in Wrapper
// * // * //
constraintsAttributeDelegate(def, def, def) - Method in LayoutFactory
constructor - Field in ConstructorSite
CONSTRUCTOR - Field in ExpandoMetaClass
constructor - Field in MixinInMetaClass
CONSTRUCTOR_TARGET - Field in AnnotationNode
constructorBody() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
constructorBody() - Method in JavaRecognizer
ConstructorCallExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
A constructor call
constructorCallExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
ConstructorCallExpression(ClassNode, Expression) - Constructor in ConstructorCallExpression
constructorDef(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
constructorDefinition(AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
I've split out constructors separately; we could maybe integrate back into variableDefinitions later on if we maybe simplified 'def' to be a type declaration?
ConstructorMetaClassSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
ConstructorMetaClassSite(CallSite, MetaClass) - Constructor in ConstructorMetaClassSite
ConstructorMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
Call site for invoking static methods meta class - cached method - not cached
ConstructorMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in ConstructorMetaMethodSite
ConstructorNode - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Represents a constructor declaration
ConstructorNode(int, Parameter[], ClassNode[], Statement) - Constructor in ConstructorNode
constructors(boolean) - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
constructors(boolean) - Method in GroovyClassDoc
constructors(boolean) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
ConstructorSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
Call site where we know there is no need to unwrap arguments
ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrap(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedConstructor, Class[]) - Constructor in ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrap
ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrapNoCoerce - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
Call site where we know there is no need neither unwrap nor coerce arguments
ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrapNoCoerce(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedConstructor, Class[]) - Constructor in ConstructorSite.ConstructorSiteNoUnwrapNoCoerce
ConstructorSite.NoParamSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
ConstructorSite.NoParamSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedConstructor, Class[]) - Constructor in ConstructorSite.NoParamSite
ConstructorSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedConstructor, Class[]) - Constructor in ConstructorSite
constructorStart() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Used to look ahead for a constructor
ContainerFacade - Interface in groovy.swing.impl
A facade to an object to which components can be added.
containingClass() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
containingClass() - Method in GroovyProgramElementDoc
containingClass() - Method in SimpleGroovyProgramElementDoc
containingPackage() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
containingPackage() - Method in GroovyProgramElementDoc
containingPackage() - Method in SimpleGroovyProgramElementDoc
contains(Object) - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
contains(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Tests if some key maps into the specified value in this table.
contains(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.EntrySet
contains(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.KeySet
contains(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Values
contains(Object) - Method in IntRange
contains(Object) - Method in ObjectRange
contains(Object) - Method in ObservableList
containsAll(Collection) - Method in IntRange
containsAll(Collection) - Method in ObservableList
containsKey(Object) - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
containsKey(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Tests if the specified object is a key in this table.
containsKey(Object) - Method in GroovyRowResult
containsKey(Object) - Method in ObservableMap
containsKey(String) - Method in SingleKeyHashMap
containsMatchingMethod(List, MetaMethod) - Method in MetaClassHelper
containsValue(Object) - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
containsValue(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Returns true if this map maps one or more keys to the specified value.
containsValue(Object) - Method in GroovyRowResult
containsValue(Object) - Method in ObservableMap
containsVariable(String) - Method in CompileStack
containsWithinBounds(Object) - Method in EmptyRange
Never true for an empty range.
containsWithinBounds(Object) - Method in IntRange
containsWithinBounds(Object) - Method in ObjectRange
Checks whether a value is between the from and to values of a Range
containsWithinBounds(Object) - Method in Range
Indicates whether an object is greater than or equal to the from value for the range and less than or equal to the to value.
CONTENT_TYPE_TEXT_HTML - Field in AbstractHttpServlet
Content type of the HTTP response.
contentsChanged(ListDataEvent) - Method in JComboBoxElementsBinding
CONTEXT_DATA_KEY - Property in BindFactory
CONTEXT_DATA_KEY - Property in TabbedPaneFactory
context - Field in LocatedMessage
contextProps - Property in LayoutFactory
continueLabel - Field in CompileStack.StateStackElement
ContinueStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents a continue statement in a loop statement
continueStatement(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
ContinueStatement(String) - Constructor in ContinueStatement
controlExpressionList() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
CONVERSION - Enum Constant in CompilePhase
CONVERSION - Field in Phases
ConversionHandler - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
This class is a general adapter to map a call to a Java interface to a given delegate.
ConversionHandler(Object) - Constructor in ConversionHandler
Creates a ConversionHandler with an delegate.
convert(String, String, boolean, boolean) - Method in Java2GroovyMain
convert() - Method in SourceUnit
Generates an AST from the CST.
ConvertedClosure - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
This class is a general adapter to adapt a closure to any Java interface.
ConvertedClosure(Closure) - Constructor in ConvertedClosure
ConvertedMap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
This class is a general adapter to adapt a map of closures to any Java interface.
ConvertedMap(Map) - Constructor in ConvertedMap
to create a ConvertedMap object.
converter - Field in AbstractFullBinding
converter - Field in MutualPropertyBinding
convertGroovy(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
Converts the Antlr AST to the Groovy AST
convertToBooleanArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToByteArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToCharArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToDoubleArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToFloatArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToIntArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToLongArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToPrimitiveArray(Object, Class) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToShortArray(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
convertToTypeArray(Object[]) - Method in MetaClassHelper
param instance array to the type array
copy(ClosureMetaMethod) - Method in ClosureMetaMethod
copy(EventObject) - Method in Console
copy - Property in Entity
copy() - Method in FastArray
copy(Header, Header) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
copy() - Method in MethodIndex
copy(SingleKeyHashMap, SingleKeyHashMap, Copier) - Method in SingleKeyHashMap
copy(Object) - Method in SingleKeyHashMap.Copier
copy() - Method in VariableScope
copyAllMethodsToSuper(Header, Header) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
copyBinaryResource(String, String) - Method in GroovyDocTemplateEngine
copyMethodsToSuper() - Method in MetaMethodIndex
copyNonPrivateMethods(Header, Header) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
copyNonPrivateMethodsDown(Class, Class) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
copyNonPrivateMethodsFromSuper(Header) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
copyNonPrivateNonNewMetaMethods(Header, Header) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
correctArguments(Object[]) - Method in ParameterTypes
count - Field in AbstractConcurrentMapBase.Segment
count - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
The total number of mappings in the hash table.
count - Field in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap
The total number of mappings in the hash table.
counter - Field in ConsoleSupport
countTestCases() - Method in ScriptTestAdapter
create(boolean) - Method in BufferManager
CREATE_DEBUG_INFO - Field in AsmClassGenerator
create(int, String, AST, AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
create(int, String, Token, Token) - Method in JavaRecognizer
Create an AST node with the token type and text passed in, but with the same background information as another supplied Token (e.g. line numbers) to be used in place of antlr tree construction syntax, i.e.
CREATE_LINE_NUMBER_INFO - Field in AsmClassGenerator
create(Class, String) - Method in Logger
create(SyntaxException, SourceUnit) - Method in Message
Creates a new Message from the specified SyntaxException.
create(Class, MetaClassRegistry) - Method in MetaClassRegistry.MetaClassCreationHandle
create(String, String, int) - Method in SourceUnit
A convenience routine to create a standalone SourceUnit on a String with defaults for almost everything that is configurable.
createArg() - Method in Groovy
createArray(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) - Method in ArrayUtil
createBindableStatement(PropertyNode, Expression) - Method in BindableASTTransformation
Creates a statement body similar to: this.firePropertyChange("field", field, field = value)
createBinding(SourceBinding, TargetBinding) - Method in BindingProxy.ModelBindingPropertyBinding
createBinding(SourceBinding, TargetBinding) - Method in ClosureTriggerBinding
createBinding(SourceBinding, TargetBinding) - Method in EventTriggerBinding
createBinding(SourceBinding, TargetBinding) - Method in PropertyBinding
createBinding(SourceBinding, TargetBinding) - Method in SwingTimerTriggerBinding
createBinding(SourceBinding, TargetBinding) - Method in TriggerBinding
createBindings() - Method in GroovyScriptEngineImpl
createCachedMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedMethod, Class[], Object[]) - Method in PogoMetaMethodSite
createCachedMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedMethod, Class[], Object[]) - Method in PojoMetaMethodSite
createCallBackedManager(ReferenceQueue) - Method in ReferenceManager
createClass(byte[], ClassNode) - Method in GroovyClassLoader.ClassCollector
createClassLoader() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
createClassName(Method) - Method in ClassLoaderForClassArtifacts
createClasspath() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
createClasspath() - Method in Groovy
Returns a new path element that can be configured.
createClasspath() - Method in Groovyc
Adds a path to the classpath.
createClasspath() - Method in RootLoaderRef
Adds a path to the classpath.
createClasspath() - Method in UberCompileTask
createClassVisitor() - Method in CompilationUnit
createCollector(CompilationUnit, SourceUnit) - Method in GroovyClassLoader
creates a ClassCollector for a new compilation.
createCompilationOptions() - Method in FileSystemCompiler
createCompilationUnit(CompilerConfiguration, CodeSource) - Method in GroovyClassLoader
creates a new CompilationUnit.
createCompiler(CompilerConfiguration) - Method in JavacCompilerFactory
createCompiler(CompilerConfiguration) - Method in JavaCompilerFactory
createCompletors() - Method in CommandAlias
createCompletors() - Method in CommandSupport
Override to provide custom completion semantics for the command.
createCompletors() - Method in ComplexCommandSupport
createCompletors() - Method in HelpCommand
createCompletors() - Method in HistoryCommand
createCompletors() - Method in ImportCommand
createCompletors() - Method in InspectCommand
createCompletors() - Method in LoadCommand
createCompletors() - Method in SaveCommand
createCompletors() - Method in SetCommand
createConfiguration() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
createConnection() - Method in DataSet
createConnection() - Method in Sql
An extension point allowing derived classes to change the behavior of connection creation.
createConstrainedStatement(PropertyNode, Expression) - Method in VetoableASTTransformation
Creates a statement body silimar to: this.fireVetoableChange("field", field, field = value)
createConstraints() - Method in TableLayoutCell
createConstructorSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedConstructor, Class[], Object[]) - Method in ConstructorSite
createConstructorSite(CallSite, Object[]) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
createCopy() - Method in MethodKey
Creates an immutable copy that we can cache.
createDocument() - Method in DOMBuilder
createDocumentBuilderFactory() - Method in FactorySupport
createEntry(K1, K2, int) - Method in AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap.Segment
createEntry(K, int, V) - Method in AbstractConcurrentMap.Segment
createEntry(Class, int, ClassInfo) - Method in ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet.Segment
createEntry() - Method in DoubleKeyHashMap
createEntry(K, int, V) - Method in ManagedConcurrentMap.Segment
createEntry(K1, K2, int) - Method in ManagedDoubleKeyMap.Segment
createEntry() - Method in TripleKeyHashMap
createExceptionText(String, MetaMethod, Object, Object[], Throwable, boolean) - Method in MetaClassHelper
createFactory(PrivilegedExceptionAction) - Method in FactorySupport
createGeneratestubs() - Method in UberCompileTask
createGetPropertySite(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
createGetterBlock(PropertyNode, FieldNode) - Method in Verifier
createGetterOperationInfoFromProperty(MetaProperty) - Method in JmxOperationInfoManager
Returns a MBean operation info for getter operation specified by the MetaProperty.
createGrabRecord(Map) - Method in GrapeIvy
createGroovyc() - Method in UberCompileTask
createGroovyObjectGetPropertySite(Object) - Method in AbstractCallSite
createGroovyObjectWrapper(GroovyObject, Class) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
createGroovyObjectWrapperMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
createGroovyScriptEngine() - Method in GroovyServlet
Hook method to setup the GroovyScriptEngine to use.
createHashCode() - Method in MethodKey
createIdlingManager(ReferenceQueue) - Method in ReferenceManager
createJavac() - Method in UberCompileTask
createKeyStrokeAction(Map, JComponent) - Method in SwingBuilder
createLexerNode() - Method in StructuredSyntaxDocumentFilter
Create a new LexerNode for adding to root.
createLink() - Method in Groovydoc
Create link to Javadoc/GroovyDoc output at the given URL.
createList(Object[]) - Method in InvokerHelper
createList(Object[]) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
createListenerMap(def) - Method in JmxMetaMapBuilder
Builds normalized meta map of the provided listener descriptor.
createListMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
createLocalLabel(String) - Method in CompileStack
creates a new named label
createMap() - Method in ClassExtender
createMap() - Method in Expando
Factory method to create a new Map used to store the expando properties map
createMap(Object[]) - Method in InvokerHelper
createMap(Object[]) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
createMapMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
createMethodList(String, Class, Closure) - Method in ClosureMetaMethod
createNewShell() - Method in GroovyShellTestCase
Create new shell instance.
createNode(Object, Map) - Method in AntBuilder
createNode(Object, Map, Object) - Method in BuilderSupport
createNode(Object, Map) - Method in DOMBuilder
createNode(Object, Map, Object) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
This method is responsible for instanciating a node and configure its properties.
createNode(Object, Map) - Method in MarkupBuilder
createNode(Object, Map, Object) - Method in NamespaceBuilderSupport
createNode(Object, Map, Object) - Method in NodeBuilder
createNode(Object, Map) - Method in SAXBuilder
createNode(def, Map, def) - Method in StaxBuilder
createNode(Node, Object, Map) - Method in XmlParser
Creates a new node with the given parent, name, and attributes.
createNonAwareCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object[]) - Method in PojoMetaMethodSite
createNormalMetaClass(Class, MetaClassRegistry) - Method in ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle
createNormalMetaClass(Class, MetaClassRegistry) - Method in MetaClassRegistry.MetaClassCreationHandle
createOperationKey(String, int) - Method in GroovyMBean
Construct a simple key based on the method name and the number of parameters
createParserPlugin() - Method in AntlrParserPluginFactory
createParserPlugin() - Method in ParserPluginFactory
createPogoCallCurrentSite(CallSite, Class, Object[]) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
createPogoCallCurrentSite(CallSite, Class, String, Object[]) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
createPogoCallSite(CallSite, Object[]) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
createPogoCallSite(CallSite, Object[]) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
createPogoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, Class[]) - Method in CachedMethod
createPogoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object[]) - Method in PogoMetaMethodSite
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in CallSiteAwareMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, Object, Object[]) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, Object, Object[]) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in IntegerArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in IntegerArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in LongArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in LongArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in NumberNumberDiv
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in NumberNumberMinus
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in NumberNumberMultiply
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in NumberNumberPlus
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in ObjectArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in ObjectArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in ShortArrayGetAtMetaMethod
createPojoCallSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in ShortArrayPutAtMetaMethod
createPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, Class[]) - Method in CachedMethod
createPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object, Object[]) - Method in PojoMetaMethodSite
createPojoWrapper(Object, Class) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
createPojoWrapperMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
createPreparedQueryCommand(String, List) - Method in Sql
Factory for the PreparedQueryCommand command pattern object allows subclass to supply implementations of the command class.
createProject() - Method in AntBuilder
createQueryCommand(String) - Method in Sql
Factory for the QueryCommand command pattern object allows subclasses to supply implementations of the command class.
createRange(Object, Object, boolean) - Method in InvokerHelper
createRange(Object, Object, boolean) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
createRangeMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
createReference(T, V, ReferenceQueue) - Method in ReferenceType
createSaxParserFactory() - Method in FactorySupport
createScript(String, Binding) - Method in GroovyScriptEngine
Creates a Script with a given scriptName and binding.
createScript(Class, Binding) - Method in InvokerHelper
createSegment(Object, int) - Method in AbstractConcurrentMapBase
createSegment(Object, int) - Method in ClassInfo.ClassInfoSet
createSegment(Object, int) - Method in ManagedConcurrentMap
createSegment(Object, int) - Method in ManagedDoubleKeyMap
createSetStatement(Expression) - Method in VetoableASTTransformation
Creates a statement body similar to: field = value

Used when the field is not also @Bindable

createSetterBlock(PropertyNode, FieldNode) - Method in Verifier
createSetterMethod(ClassNode, PropertyNode, String, Statement) - Method in BindableASTTransformation
Creates a setter method with the given body.
createSetterMethod(ClassNode, PropertyNode, String, Statement) - Method in VetoableASTTransformation
Creates a setter method with the given body.
createSetterOperationInfoFromProperty(MetaProperty) - Method in JmxOperationInfoManager
Returns a MBean operation info for setter operation specified by the MetaProperty.
createSignature(MBeanOperationInfo) - Method in GroovyMBean
createSimilarCollection(Collection, int) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
createSimilarList(List, int) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
createSimilarMap(Map) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
createSimilarOrDefaultCollection(Object) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
createSimilarSet(Set) - Method in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
createSourcepath() - Method in Groovyc
Adds a path to sourcepath.
createSrc() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
createSrc() - Method in Groovyc
Adds a path for source compilation.
createSrc() - Method in UberCompileTask
createStatementsClass() - Method in ModuleNode
createStaticMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, Class[]) - Method in CachedMethod
createStaticMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[], Object[]) - Method in StaticMetaMethodSite
createStaticSite(CallSite, Object[]) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
createTempDir() - Method in FileSystemCompiler
createTemplate(Reader) - Method in GStringTemplateEngine
createTemplate(Reader) - Method in SimpleTemplateEngine
createTemplate(URL) - Method in TemplateEngine
createTemplate(Reader) - Method in XmlTemplateEngine
createThreadedManager(ReferenceQueue) - Method in ReferenceManager
createThresholdedIdlingManager(ReferenceQueue, ReferenceManager, int) - Method in ReferenceManager
createTuple(Object[]) - Method in InvokerHelper
createTuple(Object[]) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
createTupleMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
createUnsupportedException(String, Number) - Method in NumberMath
createView(Closure) - Method in DataSet
cst - Field in SourceUnit
A Concrete Syntax Tree of the source
CSTNode - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.syntax
An abstract base class for nodes in the concrete syntax tree that is the result of parsing.
CSTNode() - Constructor in CSTNode
CTOR_CALL - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
CTOR_CALL - Field in JavaTokenTypes
CTOR_IDENT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ctorHead() - Method in JavaRecognizer
curren - Property in Entity
current() - Method in BufferManager
CURRENT_BUILDER - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
CURRENT_FACTORY - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
CURRENT_NAME - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
CURRENT_NODE - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
currentBlockNamedLabels - Field in CompileStack.StateStackElement
currentClasspathDir - Property in Console
currentClasspathJarDir - Property in Console
currentFileChooserDir - Property in Console
currentJVMVersion - Field in CompilerConfiguration
currentKey - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.HashIterator
currentObject - Field in BindPath
The object we think we are bound to
currentValue - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.HashIterator
CurriedClosure - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
Represents wrapper around a Closure to support currying
CurriedClosure(Closure, int) - Constructor in CurriedClosure
curry(Object[]) - Method in Closure
Support for closure currying
curry(Object[]) - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
cursor - Field in ObservableList.ObservableIterator
cursorPos - Property in Console
cut(EventObject) - Method in Console
CYAN - Field in ANSI.Code


dagger - Property in Entity
damage(Rectangle) - Method in TextEditor.OvertypeCaret
data - Field in SimpleMessage
DATALINK - Field in Sql
DataSet - Class in groovy.sql
Represents an extent of objects
DataSet(Sql, String) - Constructor in DataSet
dataSet(Class) - Method in Sql
DATE - Field in Sql
date - Field in TemplateServlet.TemplateCacheEntry
DatumDependentDuration - Class in groovy.time
DatumDependentDuration represents durations whose length in milliseconds cannot be determined without knowing the datum point.
DatumDependentDuration(int, int, int, int, int, int, int) - Constructor in DatumDependentDuration
days - Field in BaseDuration
DEAD_END - Field in BindPathSnooper
DeadEndException - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
DeadEndException(String) - Constructor in DeadEndException
DeadEndObject - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
DeadEndObject() - Constructor in DeadEndObject
debug - Field in ClassInfo.DebugRef
debug - Field in CompilationUnit
DEBUG - Field in IO.Verbosity
debug(Object, Throwable) - Method in Logger
debug(String) - Method in LoggingHelper
DEC - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
DEC - Field in JavaTokenTypes
DECIMAL_NUMBER - Field in Types
DECIMAL - Field in Sql
decimalExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
declaration() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
A declaration is the creation of a reference or primitive-type variable, or (if arguments are present) of a method.
declaration() - Method in JavaRecognizer
declarationClosure - Property in StreamingMarkupBuilder
DeclarationExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a local variable name declaration, an expression like "def foo" or with type "String foo".
declarationExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
DeclarationExpression(Expression, Token, Expression) - Constructor in DeclarationExpression
declarationStart() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Used only as a lookahead predicate, before diving in and parsing a declaration.
declaratorBrackets(AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
After some type names, where zero or more empty bracket pairs are allowed.
declaratorBrackets(AST) - Method in JavaRecognizer
declareBean(BSFDeclaredBean) - Method in GroovyEngine
Declare a bean
declareNamespace(Map) - Method in GPathResult
declareNamespace(Map) - Method in NamespaceBuilder
declareNamespace(Map) - Method in NamespaceBuilderSupport
declaresInterface(ClassNode) - Method in ClassNode
or if one of its interfaces extends directly or indirectly the interface
declaringClass - Field in AnnotatedNode
decrement(Object) - Method in ObjectRange
Decrements by one
decrementIndent() - Method in IndentPrinter
deepSanitize(Throwable) - Method in StackTraceUtils

Sanitize the exception and ALL nested causes

This will MODIFY the stacktrace of the exception instance and all its causes irreversibly

DEFAULT_CAPACITY - Field in ComplexKeyHashMap
DEFAULT_CAPACITY - Field in MetaMethodIndex
DEFAULT - Field in Compiler
DEFAULT - Field in CompilerConfiguration
A convenience for getting a default configuration.
DEFAULT_DEPTH - Property in GrapeIvy
DEFAULT_DOMAIN - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DEFAULT_IMPORTS - Field in ResolveVisitor
DEFAULT_INDENTATION - Field in XmlTemplateEngine
DEFAULT_INITIAL_CAPACITY - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
The default initial number of table slots for this table (32).
DEFAULT_INITIAL_CAPACITY - Field in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap
The default initial number of table slots for this table (32).
DEFAULT_LOAD_FACTOR - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
The default load factor for this table (1.0).
DEFAULT_LOAD_FACTOR - Field in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap
The default load factor for this table (1.0).
DEFAULT - Field in NullWriter
DefaultAction - Class in groovy.swing.impl
A default action implementation
DefaultAction() - Constructor in DefaultAction
DefaultCachedMethodKey - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
A default implementation of MethodKey
DefaultCachedMethodKey(Class, String, CachedClass[], boolean) - Constructor in DefaultCachedMethodKey
defaultCall(CallSite, Object, Object[]) - Method in CallSiteArray
defaultCallConstructor(CallSite, Object, Object[]) - Method in CallSiteArray
defaultCallCurrent(CallSite, GroovyObject, Object[]) - Method in CallSiteArray
defaultCallStatic(CallSite, Class, Object[]) - Method in CallSiteArray
defaultErrorHook - Property in Groovysh
defaultFunction - Property in ComplexCommandSupport
DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
Support methods for DefaultGroovyMethods and PluginDefaultMethods.
DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport.RangeInfo - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport.RangeInfo(int, int, boolean) - Constructor in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport.RangeInfo
DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport() - Constructor in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport
DefaultGroovyStaticMethods - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
This class defines all the new static groovy methods which appear on normal JDK classes inside the Groovy environment.
DefaultGroovyStaticMethods() - Constructor in DefaultGroovyStaticMethods
DefaultMethodKey - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
A default implementation of MethodKey
DefaultMethodKey(Class, String, Class[], boolean) - Constructor in DefaultMethodKey
defaultNamespaceStack - Property in StreamingDOMBuilder
defaultResultHook - Property in Groovysh
Defaults - Class in groovy.ui.view
Defaults() - Constructor in Defaults
DefaultTableColumn - Class in groovy.model
Represents a column using a ValueModel to extract the value.
DefaultTableColumn(Object, Object, ValueModel) - Constructor in DefaultTableColumn
DefaultTableModel - Class in groovy.model
A default table model made up of PropertyModels on a Value model.
DefaultTableModel.MyTableColumnModel - Class in groovy.model
DefaultTableModel.MyTableColumnModel() - Constructor in DefaultTableModel.MyTableColumnModel
DefaultTableModel(ValueModel, ValueModel) - Constructor in DefaultTableModel
DefaultTypeTransformation - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling
DefaultTypeTransformation() - Constructor in DefaultTypeTransformation
defaultValue() - Method in GroovyParameter
defaultValue() - Method in SimpleGroovyParameter
define(String, byte[]) - Method in ClassLoaderForClassArtifacts
define(Closure) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
define(Class, Closure) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass.DefiningClosure
define(byte[], String) - Method in SunClassLoader
defineClass(String, byte[]) - Method in GroovyClassLoader
open up the super class define that takes raw bytes
defineClass(String, byte[], ProtectionDomain) - Method in ReflectorLoader
helper method to define Reflector classes.
defineClassAndGetConstructor(String, byte[]) - Method in ClassLoaderForClassArtifacts
defineNamespace(Map, String, String) - Method in DomToGroovy
defineNamespaces(Element, Map) - Method in DomToGroovy
definesSerializableFields() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
definesSerializableFields() - Method in GroovyClassDoc
definesSerializableFields() - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
defineTemporaryVariable(String, ClassNode, boolean) - Method in CompileStack
creates a temporary variable.
defineVariable(def, boolean) - Method in CompileStack
Defines a new Variable using an AST variable.
definition - Field in ExpandoMetaClass.DefiningClosure
deg - Property in Entity
Delegate - Annotation Type in groovy.lang
Field annotation to automatically delegate part of the functionality of a class to the annotated field.
delegate - Field in DelegatingMetaClass
DELEGATE_FIRST - Field in Closure
With this resolveStrategy set the closure will attempt to resolve property references to the delegate first
DELEGATE_ONLY - Field in Closure
With this resolveStrategy set the closure will resolve property references to the delegate only and entirely bypass the owner
delegate - Field in PojoWrapper
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_BUTTON_GROUP - Property in ButtonGroupFactory
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_DEFAULT_BUTTON - Property in RootPaneContainerFactory
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_OBJECT_ID - Property in SwingBuilder
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_TAB_ENABLED - Property in TabbedPaneFactory
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_TAB_ICON - Property in TabbedPaneFactory
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_TAB_MNEMONIC - Property in TabbedPaneFactory
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_TAB_TOOL_TIP - Property in TabbedPaneFactory
DELEGATE_PROPERTY_TITLE - Property in TabbedPaneFactory
DelegateASTTransformation - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.transform
Handles generation of code for the @Delegate annotation
DelegateASTTransformation() - Constructor in DelegateASTTransformation
DelegatingMetaClass - Class in groovy.lang
DelegatingMetaClass(Class) - Constructor in DelegatingMetaClass
delegatingMetaClass - Field in Wrapper
delete(int) - Method in BufferManager
deleteRecursive(File) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
deleteSelected() - Method in BufferManager
Demand - Class in groovy.mock.interceptor
The object that registers method calls on it for the use with Mocks and Stubs.
Demand() - Constructor in Demand
demand - Property in MockFor
demand - Property in StubFor
deprecated - Field in Delegate
DeprecationException - Class in groovy.lang
Use this exception to mark a method implementation as being deprecated.
DeprecationException(String, Throwable) - Constructor in DeprecationException
depthFirst(Element) - Method in DOMCategory
depthFirst() - Method in GPathResult
depthFirst() - Method in Node
Provide a collection of all the nodes in the tree using a depth first traversal.
dequeued() - Method in CompilationUnit
Dequeues any source units add through addSource and resets the compiler phase to initialization.
DESC_KEY_DISPLAY_NAME - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_EVENT_MESSAGE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_EVENT_NAME - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_EVENT_SOURCE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_EVENT_TYPE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_GETMETHOD - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_JMX_NAME - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_MBEAN_ATTRIBS - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_MBEAN_CTORS - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_MBEAN_NOTES - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_MBEAN_OPS - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_MBEAN_RESOURCE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_MBEAN_RESOURCE_TYPE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_NAME - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_READABLE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_ROLE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_SETMETHOD - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_SIGNATURE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_TYPE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_KEY_WRITABLE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_VAL_TYPE_ATTRIB - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_VAL_TYPE_CTOR - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_VAL_TYPE_GETTER - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_VAL_TYPE_MBEAN - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_VAL_TYPE_NOTIFICATION - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_VAL_TYPE_OP - Property in JmxBuilderTools
DESC_VAL_TYPE_SETTER - Property in JmxBuilderTools
describeAttribute(String) - Method in GroovyMBean
Description of the specified attribute name.
describeOperation(MBeanOperationInfo) - Method in GroovyMBean
Description of the operation.
description(AST) - Method in ASTRuntimeException
description() - Method in GroovyAnnotationRef
The string representation of the annotation reference.
description() - Method in GroovyPackageDoc
Description of the package.
description() - Method in SimpleGroovyAnnotationRef
description() - Method in SimpleGroovyPackageDoc
description() - Method in SimpleGroovyRootDoc
descriptions - Field in Phases
despreadList - Field in AsmClassGenerator
despreadList(Object[], Object[], int[]) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
destdir - Field in CompileTaskSupport
DgmConverter - Class in
DgmConverter() - Constructor in DgmConverter
dgmMetaMethods - Field in ClassInfo
DialogFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
DialogFactory() - Constructor in DialogFactory
die() - Method in TextUndoManager
DIGIT - Field in GroovyFilter
DIGIT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
directories() - Method in FileScanner
dirty - Property in Console
disable() - Method in ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle
disableGlobally() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
Call to disable the global use of ExpandoMetaClass
discardAllEdits() - Method in TextUndoManager
dispatch(Throwable, boolean) - Method in ErrorReporter
Runs the report once all initialization is complete.
dispathNodeCall(Object, Object) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
DisplayCommand - Class in
The 'display' command.
DisplayCommand(Shell) - Constructor in DisplayCommand
displayHelp(Options) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
displayVersion() - Method in FileSystemCompiler
dispose() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
dispose() - Method in FindReplaceUtility
distance - Field in CachedClass
DISTINCT - Field in Sql
DIV_ASSIGN - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
DIV_ASSIGN - Field in JavaTokenTypes
DIV - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
DIV - Field in JavaTokenTypes
div(double, double) - Method in NumberMathModificationInfo
div(Number, Number) - Method in NumberNumberDiv
Divide two Numbers.
divide - Property in Entity
DIVIDE_EQUAL - Field in Types
divide(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
DIVIDE - Field in Types
divideImpl(Number, Number) - Method in BigDecimalMath
divideImpl(Number, Number) - Method in BigIntegerMath
divideImpl(Number, Number) - Method in FloatingPointMath
divideImpl(Number, Number) - Method in IntegerMath
divideImpl(Number, Number) - Method in LongMath
divideImpl(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
do_all - Property in ComplexCommandSupport
do_classes - Property in PurgeCommand
do_classes - Property in ShowCommand
do_clear - Property in HistoryCommand
do_debug - Property in ShadowCommand
do_flush - Property in HistoryCommand
do_imports - Property in PurgeCommand
do_imports - Property in ShowCommand
do_info - Property in ShadowCommand
do_preferences - Property in PurgeCommand
do_preferences - Property in ShowCommand
do_recall - Property in HistoryCommand
do_show - Property in HistoryCommand
do_start - Property in RecordCommand
do_status - Property in RecordCommand
do_stop - Property in RecordCommand
do_this - Property in ShadowCommand
do_variables - Property in PurgeCommand
do_variables - Property in ShowCommand
do_verbose - Property in ShadowCommand
doCall(Object[]) - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
doCall(Object) - Method in IteratorClosureAdapter
doCall(Object) - Method in MethodClosure
doCast(ClassNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
doCast(BytecodeHelper) - Method in CachedClass
doCompilation(CompilerConfiguration, CompilationUnit, String[]) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
doConstructorInvoke(Object[]) - Method in CachedConstructor
docTemplatesIterator() - Method in GroovyDocTemplateEngine
Document(Closure, Map) - Method in BaseMarkupBuilder.Document
document - Field in DOMBuilder
documentBuilder - Field in DOMBuilder
doesKnow(String) - Method in SunClassLoader
doFile(File) - Method in Main
doInvoke() - Method in BenchmarkInterceptor
doInvoke() - Method in Interceptor
doInvoke() - Method in MockInterceptor
doInvoke() - Method in TracingInterceptor
doInvokeMethod(String, Object, Object) - Method in AntBuilder
We don't want to return the node as created in { but the one made ready by {
doInvokeMethod(String, Object, Object) - Method in BuilderSupport
doLater(Closure) - Method in SwingBuilder
Utility method to run a closure in EDT, using SwingUtilities.invokeLater.
DOLLAR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
DOMBuilder - Class in groovy.xml
A helper class for creating a W3C DOM tree
DOMBuilder(DocumentBuilder) - Constructor in DOMBuilder
DOMCategory - Class in groovy.xml.dom
DOMCategory.NodeListsHolder - Class in groovy.xml.dom
DOMCategory.NodesHolder - Class in groovy.xml.dom
DOMCategory() - Constructor in DOMCategory
doMethodInvoke(Object, Object[]) - Method in MetaMethod
DomToGroovy - Class in
A SAX handler for turning XML into Groovy scripts
DomToGroovy(IndentPrinter) - Constructor in DomToGroovy
DOMUtil - Class in groovy.xml.dom
DOMUtil() - Constructor in DOMUtil
DONE - Field in Closure
DONT_LOAD_DEFAULT - Field in MetaClassRegistryImpl
doOutside(Closure) - Method in SwingBuilder
Utility method to run a closure outside of the EDT.
doParse(UnicodeEscapingReader) - Method in RelaxedParser
doReturn(ClassNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
DoSetContext - Class in groovy.lang
DoSetContext(ClassLoader) - Constructor in DoSetContext
doStartElement(Object, Attributes) - Method in SAXBuilder
dot(String) - Method in ASTHelper
A synonym for dot( base, "" ).
DOT_DOT_DOT - Field in Types
DOT_DOT - Field in Types
DOT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
DOT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
DOT - Field in Types
dotExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
doTreeAction(String, AST, String[]) - Method in Main
double_and - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_div - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_intdiv - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_leftShift - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_minus - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_mod - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_multiply - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_or - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
DOUBLE_PIPE - Field in Types
double_plus - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_rightShift - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
double_rightShiftUnsigned - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
DOUBLE - Field in Sql
double_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
double_xor - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod
DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod
DoubleCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
DoubleCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo, boolean) - Constructor in DoubleCachedClass
DoubleKeyHashMap - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
DoubleKeyHashMap.Entry - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
DoubleKeyHashMap.Entry() - Constructor in DoubleKeyHashMap.Entry
DoubleKeyHashMap() - Constructor in DoubleKeyHashMap
doubleUnbox(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
DoubleWrapper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.wrappers
DoubleWrapper(double) - Constructor in DoubleWrapper
DoWhileStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents a do { ... } while (condition) loop in Groovy
DoWhileStatement(BooleanExpression, Statement) - Constructor in DoWhileStatement
DummyCallSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
DummyCallSite(CallSiteArray, int, String) - Constructor in DummyCallSite
DummyClassGenerator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
To generate a class that has all the fields and methods, except that fields are not initilized and methods are empty.
DummyClassGenerator(GeneratorContext, ClassVisitor, ClassLoader, String) - Constructor in DummyClassGenerator
DummyMetaMethod - Class in groovy.lang
DummyMetaMethod() - Constructor in DummyMetaMethod
dump(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
dumpTree(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
dup() - Method in BytecodeHelper
dup() - Method in Token
Returns a copy of this Token.
Duration - Class in groovy.time
Duration represents time periods which have values independant of the context.
Duration(int, int, int, int, int) - Constructor in Duration
duration - Field in SwingTimerFullBinding
DYNAMIC_MEMBER - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
DYNAMIC_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
dynamicMemberExpression(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
dynamicMemberName() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
If a dot is followed by a parenthesized or quoted expression, the member is computed dynamically, and the member selection is done only at runtime.
DynamicVariable - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
DynamicVariable(String, boolean) - Constructor in DynamicVariable


each(Closure) - Method in DataSet
eachRow(Closure) - Method in GroovyResultSet
Call the closure once for each row in the result set.
eachRow(Closure) - Method in GroovyResultSetExtension
Call the closure once for each row in the result set.
eachRow(GString, Closure) - Method in Sql
Performs the given SQL query calling the given Closure with each row of the result set.
eacute - Property in Entity
ecirc - Property in Entity
editable - Field in PropertyModel
EditCommand - Class in
The 'edit' command.
EditCommand(Shell) - Constructor in EditCommand
editedTime() - Method in TextUndoManager.StructuredEdit
EDITOR_FONT - Field in StructuredSyntaxResources
edt(Closure) - Method in SwingBuilder
Utilitiy method to run a closure in EDT, using SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait.
edtBuilder(Closure) - Method in SwingBuilder
Factory method to create a SwingBuilder, and run the the closure in it on the EDT
egrave - Property in Entity
ELEMENT_TYPE_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
elements() - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
elements() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Returns an enumeration of the values in this table.
ELIST - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ELIST - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ELVIS_OPERATOR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ElvisOperatorExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a short ternary expression x ?
ElvisOperatorExpression(Expression, Expression) - Constructor in ElvisOperatorExpression
emc - Field in MixinInMetaClass
EMPTY_ARGS - Field in GroovyShell
EMPTY_ARGS - Field in InvokerHelper
EMPTY_ARGS - Field in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
EMPTY_ARGUMENTS - Field in ArgumentListExpression
EMPTY_ARGUMENTS - Field in DefaultTypeTransformation
EMPTY_ARGUMENTS - Field in InvokerHelper
EMPTY_ARRAY - Field in ArgumentListExpression
EMPTY_ARRAY - Field in CachedClass
EMPTY_ARRAY - Field in ClassNode
EMPTY_ARRAY - Field in GroovyClass
EMPTY_ARRAY - Field in MetaClassHelper
EMPTY_ARRAY - Field in MixinNode
EMPTY_ARRAY - Field in Parameter
EMPTY - Field in CachedClass
EMPTY_CLASS_ARRAY - Field in MetaClassHelper
EMPTY - Field in GString
A GString containing a single empty String and no values.
EMPTY_LIST - Field in FastArray
EMPTY - Field in Reduction
EMPTY_STAT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
EMPTY_STAT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
EMPTY_STRING - Field in ConstantExpression
EMPTY_TYPE_ARRAY - Field in ClassHelper
EMPTY_TYPE_ARRAY - Field in MetaClassHelper
EMPTY_TYPE_ARRAY - Field in NewMetaMethod
EMPTY_TYPES - Field in InvokerHelper
EmptyBorderFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
accepts values in leiu of attributes: int - all of top, left, bottom, right [int, int, int, int] - top, left, bottom, right accepts attributes when no value present: top: int, left: int, bottom: int, right: int
EmptyBorderFactory() - Constructor in EmptyBorderFactory
EmptyExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
This class is a place holder for an empty expression.
EmptyExpression() - Constructor in EmptyExpression
EmptyRange - Class in groovy.lang
Constructing Ranges like 0..<0
EmptyRange(Comparable) - Constructor in EmptyRange
Creates a new {
EmptyStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents an empty statement
EmptyStatement() - Constructor in EmptyStatement
emsp - Property in Entity
EMTPY_EXPRESSION - Field in ConstantExpression
enable() - Method in ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle

Enables the ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle with the registry ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle.enable();

enableAssert(boolean) - Method in JavaLexer
Enable the "assert" keyword
enableEnum(boolean) - Method in JavaLexer
Enable the "enum" keyword
enableGlobally() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
Call to enable global use of global use of ExpandoMetaClass within the registry.
enableGrapes - Property in GrapeIvy
encode(String, int) - Method in ANSI.Renderer
encoder - Field in StreamingMarkupWriter
encoding - Field in AbstractHttpServlet
Encoding to use, becomes charset part of contentType.
encoding - Property in StreamingMarkupBuilder
encoding - Field in StreamingMarkupWriter
EncodingAwareBufferedWriter - Class in
A buffered writer only for OutputStreamWriter that is aware of the encoding of the OutputStreamWriter.
EncodingAwareBufferedWriter(OutputStreamWriter) - Constructor in EncodingAwareBufferedWriter
encodingKnown - Field in StreamingMarkupWriter
end() - Method in StructuredSyntaxDocumentFilter.MultiLineRun
END_TOKEN - Field in ANSI.Renderer
endDocument() - Method in StructuredSyntaxHandler
endDocument() - Method in XmlParser
endDocument() - Method in XmlSlurper
endElement(String, String, String) - Method in StructuredSyntaxHandler
endElement(String, String, String) - Method in XmlParser
endElement(String, String, String) - Method in XmlSlurper
endPrefixMapping(String) - Method in XmlParser
enhance(Object, Map) - Method in AbstractSyntheticMetaMethods
enhanceMetaClass(JComboBox) - Method in JComboBoxMetaMethods
enhanceMetaClass(def) - Method in JTableMetaMethods
ensp - Property in Entity
Entity - Class in groovy.xml
Entity(int) - Constructor in Entity
entries - Field in ClassDistance.LinearEntry
entry - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.HashIterator
entry - Field in ManagedDoubleKeyMap.Ref
entrySet() - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
entrySet - Field in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
entrySet() - Method in GroovyRowResult
entrySet() - Method in ObservableMap
ENUM_CONSTANT_DEF - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ENUM_CONSTANT_DEF - Field in JavaTokenTypes
ENUM_DEF - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ENUM_DEF - Field in JavaTokenTypes
Enum_Type - Field in ClassHelper
enumBlock() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
enumBlock() - Method in JavaRecognizer
enumConstant() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
enumConstant() - Method in JavaRecognizer
enumConstantBlock() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
enumConstantBlock() - Method in JavaRecognizer
enumConstantDef(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
enumConstantField() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
enumConstantField() - Method in JavaRecognizer
enumConstants() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
enumConstants() - Method in GroovyClassDoc
enumConstants() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Comma-separated list of one or more enum constant definitions.
enumConstants() - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
returns a sorted array of enum constants
enumConstantsStart() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Guard for enumConstants.
enumDef(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
enumDefinition(AST) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
enumDefinition(AST) - Method in JavaRecognizer
enumerateGrapes() - Method in Grape
enumerateGrapes() - Method in GrapeEngine
enumerateGrapes() - Method in GrapeIvy
EnumHelper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr
EnumHelper() - Constructor in EnumHelper
enums() - Method in GroovyPackageDoc
Included enum types in this package.
enums() - Method in SimpleGroovyPackageDoc
EnumVisitor - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
EnumVisitor(CompilationUnit, SourceUnit) - Constructor in EnumVisitor
ENV_SETTINGS - Property in ConfigSlurper
environment - Property in ConfigSlurper
EOF - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
EOF - Field in JavaTokenTypes
EOF - Field in Token
EOF - Field in Types
eol() - Method in Utilities
Returns the end-of-line marker.
eq(Object, Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Check for equality of non-null references x and y.
eq(Object, Object) - Method in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap
Check for referential equality, null allowed
EQUAL - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
EQUAL - Field in JavaTokenTypes
equal(CachedClass[], CachedClass[]) - Method in MetaMethod
EQUAL - Field in Types
equalityExpression(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
equalityExpression() - Method in JavaRecognizer
equals(Object) - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
equals(Object) - Method in CachedMethod
equals(Object) - Method in ClassNode
equals(Object) - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
equals(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Entry
equals(Object) - Method in ConversionHandler
Indicates whether some other object is "equal to" this one.
equals(Object) - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
equals(Object) - Method in Expando
This allows equals to be overridden by a closure field method attached to the expando object.
equals(Object) - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
equals(Object) - Method in GPathResult
equals(Object) - Method in GroovyRowResult
equals(GString) - Method in GString
equals(Object) - Method in HandleMetaClass
equals(IntRange) - Method in IntRange
Compares an {
equals(Object) - Method in IvyGrabRecord
equals(Object) - Method in Key
equals(Object) - Method in LineColumn
equals(MapEntry) - Method in MapEntry
equals(MethodKey) - Method in MethodKey
equals(Object) - Method in MixinInMetaClass
equals(Object) - Method in NullObject
null is only equal to null
equals(ObjectRange) - Method in ObjectRange
Compares an {
equals(Object) - Method in ObservableList
equals(Object) - Method in ObservableMap
equals(Object) - Method in OwnedMetaClass
equals(Object) - Method in QName
Tests this QName for equality with another object.
equals(Sequence) - Method in Sequence
equals(SpreadMap) - Method in SpreadMap
equals(Tuple) - Method in Tuple
EQUALS - Field in Types
err - Field in IO
Prefered error output writer.
error(Object, Throwable) - Method in Logger
error(String) - Method in LoggingHelper
ERROR - Property in ParseCode
error(SAXParseException) - Method in StructuredSyntaxHandler
ErrorCollector - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
A base class for collecting messages and errors during processing.
ErrorCollector(CompilerConfiguration) - Constructor in ErrorCollector
Initialize the ErrorReporter.
errorCollector - Field in ProcessingUnit
a helper to share errors and report them
errorHandler - Property in ShellRunner
errorHook - Property in Groovysh
ErrorReporter - Class in
Provides services for reporting compilation errors to the user.
ErrorReporter(Throwable, boolean) - Constructor in ErrorReporter
Configures a new Reporter.
errors - Field in ErrorCollector
ErrorMessages collected during processing
errors() - Method in GroovyPackageDoc
Included errors in this package.
errors() - Method in SimpleGroovyPackageDoc
errorStream - Field in IO
Raw error output stream.
ESC - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
ESC - Field in JavaTokenTypes
escaped() - Method in StreamingMarkupWriter
EtchedBorderFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
EtchedBorderFactory(int) - Constructor in EtchedBorderFactory
eth - Property in Entity
euml - Property in Entity
euro - Property in Entity
Eval - Class in groovy.util
Allow easy integration from Groovy into Java through convenience methods.
eval(String, int, int, Object) - Method in CachingGroovyEngine
Evaluate an expression.
Eval() - Constructor in Eval
eval(ScriptContext) - Method in GroovyCompiledScript
eval(String, int, int, Object) - Method in GroovyEngine
Evaluate an expression.
eval(Class, ScriptContext) - Method in GroovyScriptEngineImpl
evaluate(String) - Method in ConsoleSupport
evaluate(List) - Method in Interpreter
evaluate(File) - Method in Script
A helper method to allow the dynamic evaluation of groovy expressions using this scripts binding as the variable scope
EVENT_KEY_CALLBACK - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_CALLBACK_RESULT - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_CONTEXTS - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_ISATTRIB - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_MESSAGE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_METHOD - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_METHOD_RESULT - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_NAME - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_NODE_TYPE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_TARGETS - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_KEY_TYPE - Property in JmxBuilderTools
EVENT_VAL_NODETYPE_LISTENER - Property in JmxBuilderTools
eventName - Field in EventTriggerBinding
EventTriggerBinding - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
EventTriggerBinding.EventTriggerFullBinding - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
EventTriggerBinding.EventTriggerFullBinding(SourceBinding, TargetBinding) - Constructor in EventTriggerBinding.EventTriggerFullBinding
EventTriggerBinding(Object, String) - Constructor in EventTriggerBinding
exception - Property in HistoryRecord
ExceptionMessage - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control.messages
A class for error messages produced by the parser system.
ExceptionMessage(Exception, boolean, ProcessingUnit) - Constructor in ExceptionMessage
exceptions() - Method in GroovyPackageDoc
Included exceptions in this package.
exceptions() - Method in SimpleGroovyPackageDoc
exclusiveOrExpression(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
exclusiveOrExpression() - Method in JavaRecognizer
exec(String, int, int, Object) - Method in CachingGroovyEngine
Execute a script.
exec(String, int, int, Object) - Method in GroovyEngine
Execute a script.
execGroovy(String, PrintStream) - Method in Groovy
Exec the statement.
execute(List) - Method in AliasCommand
execute(List) - Method in AliasTargetProxyCommand
execute(List) - Method in ClearCommand
execute(List) - Method in Command
execute(List) - Method in CommandAlias
execute() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
execute(List) - Method in ComplexCommandSupport
execute(List) - Method in DisplayCommand
execute(List) - Method in EditCommand
execute(List) - Method in ExitCommand
execute() - Method in Groovy
Load the file and then execute it
execute() - Method in Groovyc
Executes the task.
execute() - Method in Groovydoc
execute(String) - Method in Groovysh
Execute a single line, where the line may be a command or Groovy code (complete or incomplete).
execute(List) - Method in HelpCommand
execute(List) - Method in HistoryCommand
execute(List) - Method in ImportCommand
execute(List) - Method in InspectCommand
execute(List) - Method in LoadCommand
execute(List) - Method in RegisterCommand
execute() - Method in RootLoaderRef
execute(List) - Method in SaveCommand
execute(List) - Method in SetCommand
execute(String) - Method in Shell
execute(GString) - Method in Sql
Executes the given SQL with embedded expressions inside.
execute() - Method in Sql.AbstractQueryCommand
Execute the command that's defined by the subclass following the Command pattern.
execute(Connection, String) - Method in Sql.AbstractStatementCommand
Execute the command that's defined by the subclass following the Command pattern.
execute(Connection, String) - Method in Sql.CreatePreparedStatementCommand
execute(Connection, String) - Method in Sql.CreateStatementCommand
execute() - Method in UberCompileTask
execute() - Method in VerifyClass
executeCommand(String) - Method in Groovysh
executeFunction(List) - Method in ComplexCommandSupport
executeInsert(GString) - Method in Sql

Executes the given SQL statement (typically an INSERT statement).

executePreparedQuery(String, List) - Method in Sql
Hook to allow derived classes to access ResultSet returned from query.
executeQuery(String) - Method in Sql
Hook to allow derived classes to access ResultSet returned from query.
executeUpdate(GString) - Method in Sql
Executes the given SQL update with embedded expressions inside.
exit(EventObject) - Method in Console
ExitCommand - Class in
The 'exit' command.
ExitCommand(Shell) - Constructor in ExitCommand
ExitNotification - Class in
Notification to signal the shell to exit.
ExitNotification(int) - Constructor in ExitNotification
expand(Object) - Method in Sql
When using GString SQL queries, allows a variable to be expanded in the Sql string rather than representing an sql parameter.
expandClassPath(List, String, String, boolean) - Method in GroovyClassLoader
expands the classpath
ExpandedVariable - Interface in groovy.sql
Identifies a variable to be expanded into the sql string rather than representing a placeholder.
Expando - Class in groovy.util
Represents a dynamically expandable bean.
Expando(Map) - Constructor in Expando
ExpandoMetaClass - Class in groovy.lang
A MetaClass that implements GroovyObject and behaves like an Expando, allowing the addition of new methods on the fly.
ExpandoMetaClass.Callable - Interface in groovy.lang
For simulating closures in Java
ExpandoMetaClass.DefiningClosure - Class in groovy.lang
ExpandoMetaClass.DefiningClosure() - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClass.DefiningClosure
ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaConstructor - Class in groovy.lang
Handles the ability to use the left shift operator to append new constructors
ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaConstructor() - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaConstructor
ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaProperty - Class in groovy.lang
Instances of this class are returned when using the << left shift operator.
ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaProperty(String, boolean) - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaProperty
ExpandoMetaClass.MixedInAccessor - Class in groovy.lang
ExpandoMetaClass.MixedInAccessor(Object, Set) - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClass.MixedInAccessor
ExpandoMetaClass.StaticDefiningClosure - Class in groovy.lang
ExpandoMetaClass.StaticDefiningClosure() - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClass.StaticDefiningClosure
ExpandoMetaClass.SubClassDefiningClosure - Class in groovy.lang
ExpandoMetaClass.SubClassDefiningClosure(Class) - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClass.SubClassDefiningClosure
ExpandoMetaClass(Class, boolean, boolean) - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClass
Constructs a new ExpandoMetaClass instance for the given class optionally placing the MetaClass in the MetaClassRegistry automatically
ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle - Class in groovy.lang

A handle for the MetaClassRegistry that changes all classes loaded into the Grails VM to use ExpandoMetaClass instances

The handle should be registered with the Groovy runtime before Groovy loads, for example in your main method.

ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle() - Constructor in ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle
expect - Property in MockFor
expect - Property in StubFor
expectation - Property in MockInterceptor
explicitConstructorInvocation() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
Catch obvious constructor calls, but not the expr.super(...) calls
explicitConstructorInvocation() - Method in JavaRecognizer
Catch obvious constructor calls, but not the expr.super(...) calls
explicitMethods - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
explicitProperties - Field in FactoryBuilderSupport
EXPONENT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
EXPONENT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
EXPR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
EXPR - Field in JavaTokenTypes
Expression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a base class for expressions which evaluate as an object
expression(AST, boolean) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
Expression() - Constructor in Expression
expression(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
expression() - Method in JavaRecognizer
EXPRESSION - Field in Types
expressionList(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
expressionList() - Method in JavaRecognizer
ExpressionStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
A simple statement such as a method call where the return value is ignored
ExpressionStatement(Expression) - Constructor in ExpressionStatement
expressionStatement(int) - Method in GroovyRecognizer
An expression statement can be any general expression.
expressionSwitch(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
ExpressionTransformer - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Provides a way to transform expressions
ExtendedVerifier - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
A specialized Groovy AST visitor meant to perform additional verifications upon the current AST.
ExtendedVerifier(SourceUnit) - Constructor in ExtendedVerifier
EXTENDS_CLAUSE - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
EXTENDS_CLAUSE - Field in JavaTokenTypes
externalClass() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
ExternalGroovyClassDoc - Class in
Represents a class not in the codebase being processed.
ExternalGroovyClassDoc(Class) - Constructor in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
extractAttribute(Map, String, Class) - Method in GridBagFactory
extractClassFromFileDescription() - Method in ModuleNode
extractRootCause(Throwable) - Method in StackTraceUtils

Extracts the root cause of the exception, no matter how nested it is


Factory - Interface in groovy.util
factory - Field in FactoryInterceptorMetaClass
FactoryBuilderSupport - Class in groovy.util
Mix of BuilderSupport and SwingBuilder's factory support.
FactoryBuilderSupport(Closure) - Constructor in FactoryBuilderSupport
FactoryInterceptorMetaClass - Class in groovy.util
FactoryInterceptorMetaClass(MetaClass, FactoryBuilderSupport) - Constructor in FactoryInterceptorMetaClass
FactorySupport - Class in groovy.xml
Support class for creating XML Factories
FactorySupport() - Constructor in FactorySupport
fail(String, Throwable) - Method in CommandSupport
failedWithUnexpectedEOF() - Method in SourceUnit
Convenience routine, primarily for use by the InteractiveShell, that returns true if parse() failed with an unexpected EOF.
failIfErrors() - Method in ErrorCollector
Causes the current phase to fail by throwing a CompilationFailedException.
failOnError - Field in CompileTaskSupport
failOnError - Field in Groovyc
FALSE - Field in ConstantExpression
FastArray - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.util
FastArray(Object[]) - Constructor in FastArray
fCalls - Property in LooseExpectation
fCalls - Property in StrictExpectation
fCallSpecIdx - Property in StrictExpectation
fDemand - Property in LooseExpectation
fDemand - Property in StrictExpectation
FG_BLACK - Field in ANSI.Code
FG_BLUE - Field in ANSI.Code
FG_CYAN - Field in ANSI.Code
FG_GREEN - Field in ANSI.Code
FG_MAGENTA - Field in ANSI.Code
FG_RED - Field in ANSI.Code
FG_WHITE - Field in ANSI.Code
FG_YELLOW - Field in ANSI.Code
field - Field in CachedField
FIELD_TARGET - Field in AnnotationNode
fieldDef(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
FieldExpression - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr
Represents a field access such as the expression "".
FieldExpression(FieldNode) - Constructor in FieldExpression
fieldInfo(PropertyValue) - Method in Inspector
FieldNode - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
Represents a field (member variable)
FieldNode(String, int, ClassNode, ClassNode, Expression) - Constructor in FieldNode
fields - Field in BindPathSnooper
fields(boolean) - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
fields(boolean) - Method in GroovyClassDoc
fields(boolean) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
fieldTable - Property in ObjectBrowser
file - Field in GroovyTestSuite
FileIterator - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ant

FileIterator is an iterator over a number of files from a collection of FileSet instances.

FileIterator(Project, Iterator, boolean) - Constructor in FileIterator
FileNameByRegexFinder - Class in groovy.util
Find files according to a base directory and an includes and excludes pattern.
FileNameByRegexFinder() - Constructor in FileNameByRegexFinder
FileNameFinder - Class in groovy.util
Find files according to a base directory and an includes and excludes pattern.
FileNameFinder() - Constructor in FileNameFinder
fileNewFile(EventObject) - Method in Console
fileNewWindow(EventObject) - Method in Console
fileOpen(EventObject) - Method in Console
FileOutputTool - Class in
FileOutputTool() - Constructor in FileOutputTool
FileReaderSource - Class in
A ReaderSource for source files.
FileReaderSource(File, CompilerConfiguration) - Constructor in FileReaderSource
Creates the ReaderSource from a File descriptor.
fileSave(EventObject) - Method in Console
fileSaveAs(EventObject) - Method in Console
FileScanner - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ant

FileScanner is a bean which allows the iteration over a number of files from a collection of FileSet instances.

FileScanner(Project) - Constructor in FileScanner
FileSystemCompiler - Class in
Command-line compiler (aka.
FileSystemCompiler(CompilerConfiguration, CompilationUnit) - Constructor in FileSystemCompiler
FileSystemResourceManager - Class in
FileSystemResourceManager(String) - Constructor in FileSystemResourceManager
fillInStackTrace() - Method in MissingMethodExceptionNoStack
fillInStackTrace() - Method in MissingPropertyExceptionNoStack
FilteredAttributes - Class in groovy.util.slurpersupport
Lazy evaluated representation of nodes filtered by attributes.
FilteredAttributes(GPathResult, Closure, Map) - Constructor in FilteredAttributes
FilteredNodeChildren - Class in groovy.util.slurpersupport
FilteredNodeChildren(GPathResult, Closure, Map) - Constructor in FilteredNodeChildren
FINAL - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
FINAL - Field in JavaTokenTypes
Finalizable - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.util
FINALIZATION - Enum Constant in CompilePhase
FINALIZATION - Field in Phases
finalizeRef() - Method in ClassInfo
finalizeRef() - Method in ClassInfo.DebugRef
finalizeRef() - Method in ManagedConcurrentMap.Entry
finalizeRef() - Method in ManagedConcurrentMap.EntryWithValue
finalizeRef() - Method in ManagedDoubleKeyMap.Ref
finalizeReference() - Method in Finalizable
finalizeReference() - Method in ManagedLinkedList.Element
finalizeReference() - Method in ManagedReference
finallyBlocks - Field in CompileStack.StateStackElement
finallyClause() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
finallyClause() - Method in JavaRecognizer
finallyLabel - Field in CompileStack.StateStackElement
FIND_ACTION_COMMAND - Field in FindReplaceUtility
FIND_ACTION - Field in FindReplaceUtility
find(Closure) - Method in Attribute
find(Constructor) - Method in CachedConstructor
find(Method) - Method in CachedMethod
find(String) - Method in CommandRegistry
find(EventObject) - Method in Console
find(Closure) - Method in GPathResult
FIND_NEXT - Field in StructuredSyntaxResources
FIND_NEXT - Field in TextEditor
find(Closure) - Method in NoChildren
find(Closure) - Method in NodeChild
find(Closure) - Method in NodeChildren
FIND_PREVIOUS - Field in TextEditor
FIND_REGEX - Field in Types
FIND - Field in StructuredSyntaxResources
FIND - Field in TextEditor
findAll(Closure) - Method in Attribute
findAll(Closure) - Method in Attributes
findAll(Closure) - Method in DataSet
findAll(Closure) - Method in GPathResult
findAll(Closure) - Method in NoChildren
findAll(Closure) - Method in NodeChild
findAll(Closure) - Method in NodeChildren
findAndRemoveEntry(def) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Helper method for entrySet.remove
findClass(String) - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
findClass(String) - Method in GroovyClassDoc
findClass(String) - Method in GroovyPackageDoc
Find a class or interface within this package.
findClass(String) - Method in GroovyScriptEngine.ScriptClassLoader
findClass(String) - Method in ReflectorLoader
Tries to find a Groovy class.
findClass(String) - Method in RootLoader
findClass(String) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
findClass(String) - Method in SimpleGroovyPackageDoc
findCommand(String) - Method in Shell
findMixinMethod(String, Class[]) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
findNext(EventObject) - Method in Console
findPrevious(EventObject) - Method in Console
findRegex(Object, Object) - Method in InvokerHelper
Find the right hand regex within the left hand string and return a matcher.
findRegex(Object, Object) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
findRegexMethod - Field in AsmClassGenerator
FindReplaceUtility - Class in groovy.ui.text
FindReplaceUtility.CloseAction - Class in groovy.ui.text
FindReplaceUtility.CloseAction() - Constructor in FindReplaceUtility.CloseAction
FindReplaceUtility.FindAction - Class in groovy.ui.text
FindReplaceUtility.FindAction() - Constructor in FindReplaceUtility.FindAction
FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAction - Class in groovy.ui.text
FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAction() - Constructor in FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAction
FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAllAction - Class in groovy.ui.text
FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAllAction() - Constructor in FindReplaceUtility.ReplaceAllAction
findResource(String) - Method in GroovyClassLoader.InnerLoader
findResources(String) - Method in GroovyClassLoader.InnerLoader
findTabLocation(int) - Method in GroovyFilter.AutoTabAction
findWhereKeyword(String) - Method in Sql
Hook to allow derived classes to override where clause sniffing.
finishException(Throwable) - Method in Console
finishNormal(Object) - Method in Console
fireConstantMetaClassUpdate(Class, MetaClass) - Method in MetaClassRegistryImpl
Causes the execution of all registered listeners.
firePropertyChangeEvent(String, boolean, boolean) - Method in TextUndoManager
FIRST_LINE_INDENT - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
firstCall - Field in CallResultSet
firstRow() - Method in DataSet
Returns the first row from a DataSet's underlying table
firstRow(String, List) - Method in Sql
Performs the given SQL query and return the first row of the result set.
firstSentenceCommentText() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
firstSentenceCommentText() - Method in GroovyDoc
firstSentenceCommentText() - Method in SimpleGroovyDoc
firstStatementIsSpecialConstructorCall() - Method in ConstructorNode
fixEOLs(String) - Method in GroovyTestCase
Returns a copy of a string in which all EOLs are \n.
FlatNodeListTraversal - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.antlr.treewalker
A simple iterator over an ordered (flat) List of the nodes of the AST.
FlatNodeListTraversal(Visitor) - Constructor in FlatNodeListTraversal
flatSignature() - Method in GroovyExecutableMemberDoc
flatSignature() - Method in SimpleGroovyExecutableMemberDoc
flatten(Map) - Method in ConfigObject
Flattens this ConfigObject populating the results into the target Map
float_and - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_div - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_intdiv - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_leftShift - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_minus - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_mod - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_multiply - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_or - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_plus - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_rightShift - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
float_rightShiftUnsigned - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
FLOAT - Field in Sql
FLOAT_SUFFIX - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
FLOAT_SUFFIX - Field in JavaTokenTypes
float_TYPE - Field in ClassHelper
float_xor - Field in NumberMathModificationInfo
FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod
FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.dgmimpl.arrays
FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaMethod, Class[]) - Constructor in FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod.MyPojoMetaMethodSite
FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod() - Constructor in FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod
FloatCachedClass - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.stdclasses
FloatCachedClass(Class, ClassInfo, boolean) - Constructor in FloatCachedClass
FloatingPointMath - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling
FloatingPoint (Double and Float) NumberMath operations
floatUnbox(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
FloatWrapper - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.wrappers
FloatWrapper(float) - Constructor in FloatWrapper
flush() - Method in IndentPrinter
flush() - Method in IO
Flush both output streams.
flush() - Method in NullWriter
flush() - Method in PlatformLineWriter
flush() - Method in StreamingMarkupWriter
flush() - Method in StringBufferWriter
Flush the stream.
FlushingStreamWriter - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
Stream writer which flushes after each write operation.
FlushingStreamWriter(OutputStream) - Constructor in FlushingStreamWriter
focused - Field in ClosureRenderer
FONT_FAMILY - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
FONT_SIZE - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
FOR_CONDITION - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
FOR_CONDITION - Field in JavaTokenTypes
FOR_EACH_CLAUSE - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
FOR_EACH_CLAUSE - Field in JavaTokenTypes
FOR_IN_ITERABLE - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
FOR_INIT - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
FOR_INIT - Field in JavaTokenTypes
FOR_ITERATOR - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
FOR_ITERATOR - Field in JavaTokenTypes
FOR_LOOP_DUMMY - Field in ForStatement
force - Field in GroovycTask
force - Property in IvyGrabRecord
forCond() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
forCond() - Method in JavaRecognizer
forEachClause() - Method in JavaRecognizer
FOREGROUND - Field in StructuredSyntaxHandler
forInClause() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
forInit() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
forInit() - Method in JavaRecognizer
forIter() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
forIter() - Method in JavaRecognizer
format(Object, boolean) - Method in InvokerHelper
format(String, Object[]) - Method in MessageSource
Format a message (based on { from the resource bundles using the given code as a pattern and the given objects as arguments.
formatNameForClassLoading(String) - Method in BytecodeHelper
returns a name that Class.forName() can take.
FormattedTextFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
FormattedTextFactory() - Constructor in FormattedTextFactory
formatter - Property in CliBuilder
FormModel - Class in groovy.model
Represents a number of field models which can be ValueModel, PropertyModel, TableModel, TreeModel or nested FormModel instances
FormModel(Map) - Constructor in FormModel
forName(String) - Method in ANSI.Code
Returns the ANSI code for the given symbolic name.
forName(String) - Method in IO.Verbosity
ForStatement - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt
Represents a standard for loop in Groovy
forStatement(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
ForStatement(Parameter, Expression, Statement) - Constructor in ForStatement
forStatement() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
forStatement() - Method in JavaRecognizer
forward(String) - Method in ServletBinding
forwardBinding - Field in MutualPropertyBinding
forwardTriggerBinding - Field in MutualPropertyBinding
frac12 - Property in Entity
frac14 - Property in Entity
frac34 - Property in Entity
frame - Property in Console
frame - Property in ObjectBrowser
frameConsoleDelegates - Property in Console
FrameFactory - Class in groovy.swing.factory
FrameFactory() - Constructor in FrameFactory
from - Field in DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport.RangeInfo
FullBinding - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.binding
fullSize() - Method in AbstractConcurrentMapBase
fullSize() - Method in ClassInfo
fullStackTraces - Property in Console
fullStackTracesAction - Property in Console
functions - Property in ComplexCommandSupport


GE - Field in GroovyTokenTypes
GE - Field in JavaTokenTypes
genArrayAccess - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
genArrayAccess() - Constructor in genArrayAccess
genArrays - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
genArrays() - Constructor in genArrays
genCallWithFixedParams(ClassWriter, String, String, CachedMethod, String) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
genCallXxxWithArray(ClassWriter, String, String, CachedMethod, String) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
genDgmMath - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
genDgmMath() - Constructor in genDgmMath
generateClass(ClassNode) - Method in JavaStubGenerator
generateCompilerConfigurationFromOptions(CommandLine) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
GENERATED_CLOSURE_Type - Field in ClassHelper
generatedBindings - Field in BindingProxy
generatedClasses - Field in CompilationUnit
GeneratedClosure - Interface in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime
Marker interface to identify closures generated by the groovy compiler.
GeneratedMetaMethod - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.reflection
GeneratedMetaMethod() - Constructor in GeneratedMetaMethod
generateFileNamesFromOptions(CommandLine) - Method in FileSystemCompiler
generateScriptName() - Method in GroovyClassLoader
GenerateStubsTask - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ant
Generates Java stubs from Groovy sources.
GenerateStubsTask() - Constructor in GenerateStubsTask
GeneratorContext - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
A context shared across generations of a class and its inner classes
GeneratorContext(CompileUnit) - Constructor in GeneratorContext
genericMethod() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
genericMethodStart() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
lookahead predicate for usage of generics in methods as parameter for the method.
GenericsType - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.ast
This class is used to describe generic type signatures for ClassNodes.
GenericsType(ClassNode) - Constructor in GenericsType
GenericsVisitor - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.control
class used to verify correct usage of generics in class header (class and superclass declaration)
GenericsVisitor(SourceUnit) - Constructor in GenericsVisitor
genInvokeXxxWithArray(ClassWriter, Method) - Method in MethodHandleFactory
genLoadParameters(int, MethodVisitor, BytecodeHelper, Method) - Method in MethodHandleFactory
genLoadParametersDirect(int, MethodVisitor, BytecodeHelper, Method) - Method in MethodHandleFactory
genLoadParametersPrimitiveDirect(int, MethodVisitor, BytecodeHelper, Method) - Method in MethodHandleFactory
genMathModification - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.classgen
genMathModification() - Constructor in genMathModification
genPogoMetaMethodSite(CachedMethod, ClassWriter, String) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
genPojoMetaMethodSite(CachedMethod, ClassWriter, String) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
genStaticMetaMethodSite(CachedMethod, ClassWriter, String) - Method in CallSiteGenerator
get(K1, K2) - Method in AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap
get(K1, K2, int) - Method in AbstractConcurrentDoubleKeyMap.Segment
get(K) - Method in AbstractConcurrentMap
get(K, int) - Method in AbstractConcurrentMap.Segment
get(Object) - Method in AntProjectPropertiesDelegate
get(String) - Method in ClassExtender
get(Class) - Method in ClassInfo.LocalMap
get() - Method in ClassInfo.ThreadLocalMapHandler
get(Object) - Method in ClassNode.MapOfLists
get(Object) - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap
Returns the value to which the specified key is mapped in this table.
get(int, boolean) - Method in CSTNode
Returns the specified element, or Token.NULL if safe is set and the specified element is null (or doesn't exist).
get(NamedNodeMap, String) - Method in DOMCategory
get(Object, Object) - Method in DoubleKeyHashMap
get(int) - Method in EmptyRange
Always throws IndexOutOfBoundsException for an empty range.
get(int) - Method in FastArray
get(Object) - Method in GroovyRowResult
get() - Method in HardRef
get(int) - Method in IntRange
get() - Method in LazyReference
get() - Method in ManagedReference
get(Object) - Method in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap
Returns the value to which the specified key is mapped in this table.
get() - Method in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap.DummyRef
get() - Method in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap.Reference
get(String) - Method in Namespace
Returns the QName for the given localName.
get(String) - Method in Node
Provides lookup of elements by non-namespaced name
get(int) - Method in ObjectRange
get(int) - Method in ObservableList
get(Object) - Method in ObservableMap
get() - Method in ParameterArray
get(String) - Method in Preferences
get(int) - Method in Reduction
Returns the specified element, or null.
get() - Method in Reference
get() - Method in ScriptReference
get(PageContext, String) - Method in ServletCategory
get(Object) - Method in SingleKeyHashMap
get(Object) - Method in SpreadMap
get(int) - Method in Token
Returns the specified element, or null.
get(Object, Object, Object) - Method in TripleKeyHashMap
get(int) - Method in Tuple
getAbstractMethods() - Method in ClassNode
Returns a list containing MethodNode objects for each abstract method in the class represented by this ClassNode
getAccessedVariable() - Method in VariableExpression
getAdaptee() - Method in AdaptingMetaClass
Returns the MetaClass that this adapter adapts
getAdaptee() - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
getAdaptee() - Method in Proxy
getAdaptee() - Method in ProxyMetaClass
getAgo() - Method in BaseDuration
getAgo() - Method in DatumDependentDuration
getAgo() - Method in Duration
getAgo() - Method in TimeDuration
getAlias() - Method in ImportNode
getAliases() - Method in Command
getAllDeclaredMethods() - Method in ClassNode
getAllInterfaces() - Method in ClassNode
getAnchor() - Method in TableLayoutCell
getAnnotations(ClassNode) - Method in AnnotatedNode
getAnnotations(ClassNode) - Method in ClassNode
getAntProject() - Method in AntBuilder
getAntXmlContext() - Method in AntBuilder
Gets the xml context of Ant used while creating tasks
getArguments() - Method in ConstructorCallExpression
getArguments() - Method in IncorrectClosureArgumentsException
getArguments() - Method in MethodCallExpression
getArguments() - Method in MissingMethodException
getArguments() - Method in StaticMethodCallExpression
getArray() - Method in AbstractCallSite
getArray() - Method in CallSite
getArray() - Method in FastArray
getArtifactClassLoader() - Method in ClassInfo
getAst() - Method in ASTParserException
getAst() - Method in ASTRuntimeException
getAST() - Method in CompilationUnit
Returns the CompileUnit that roots our AST.
getAST() - Method in SourceUnit
Returns the Abstract Syntax Tree produced during convert()ing and expanded during later phases.
getAt(NodesHolder, int) - Method in DOMCategory
getAt(Class) - Method in ExpandoMetaClass.MixedInAccessor
getAt(IntRange) - Method in GPathResult
getAt(String) - Method in GroovyResultSet
Gets the value of the designated column in the current row as an Object.
getAt(int) - Method in GroovyResultSetExtension
Supports integer based subscript operators for accessing at numbered columns starting at zero.
getAt(int) - Method in GroovyRowResult
Retrieve the value of the property by its index.
getAt(QName) - Method in Node
Provides lookup of elements by QName.
getAt(int) - Method in NodeChild
getAt(QName) - Method in NodeList
Provides lookup of elements by QName.
getAt(PageContext, String) - Method in ServletCategory
getAt(JToolBar, int) - Method in SwingGroovyMethods
Support the subscript operator for JToolBar.
getAttribute(Class, Object, String, boolean, boolean) - Method in ClosureMetaClass
getAttribute(Class, Object, String, boolean) - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
getAttribute(Object, String) - Method in InvokerHelper
getAttribute(Class, Object, String, boolean) - Method in MetaClass
Retrieves the value of an attribute (field).
getAttribute(Object, String) - Method in MetaObjectProtocol

Retrieves an attribute of an instance of the class returned by the getTheClass() method.

getAttribute(Class, Object, String, boolean) - Method in OwnedMetaClass
getAttributeDelegates() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getAttributeInfoFromMap(Map) - Method in JmxAttributeInfoManager
This method builds a single ModelMBeanAttribute info from a given meta data map object.
getAttributeInfosFromMap(Map) - Method in JmxAttributeInfoManager
Generates a list of ModelMBeanAttributeInfo from a list meta data Maps.
getAvailableCharsets() - Method in CharsetToolkit
Retrieves all the available Charsets on the platform, among which the default charset.
getBean() - Method in PropertyBinding
GetBeanMethodMetaProperty - Class in groovy.lang
GetBeanMethodMetaProperty(String, MetaMethod) - Constructor in GetBeanMethodMetaProperty
getBelongsToClass() - Method in SimpleGroovyMemberDoc
getBinding() - Method in CommandSupport
getBinding() - Method in Script
getBody() - Method in GPathResult
getBooleanExpression() - Method in AssertStatement
getBooleanExpression() - Method in DoWhileStatement
getBooleanExpression() - Method in IfStatement
getBooleanExpression() - Method in TernaryExpression
getBooleanExpression() - Method in WhileStatement
getBreakLabel() - Method in CompileStack
getBuffer() - Method in CommandSupport
getBuffers() - Method in CommandSupport
getBugText() - Method in GroovyBugError
Returns the bug text to describe this error
getBundle(ResourceBundle, String, Locale) - Method in DefaultGroovyStaticMethods
Works exactly like ResourceBundle.getBundle(String, Locale).
getBytecodeParameterTypes() - Method in NewMetaMethod
getBytes() - Method in GroovyClass
getCachedClass() - Method in CachedClass
compatibility method
getCachedClass() - Method in ClassInfo
getCachedClass(Class) - Method in ReflectionCache
getCachedMethod() - Method in CachedMethod
getCachedSuperClass() - Method in CachedClass
getCachedSuperClass() - Method in ObjectCachedClass
getCallingClass(int, Collection) - Method in ReflectionUtils
Get the called that is matchLevel stack frames before the call, ignoring MOP frames and desired exclude packages.
getCalls() - Method in BenchmarkInterceptor
getCallSiteLoader() - Method in CachedClass
getCandidates() - Method in ClassNameCompletor
getCandidates() - Method in HelpCommandCompletor
getCandidates() - Method in InspectCommandCompletor
getCaseStatement(int) - Method in SwitchStatement
getCaseStatements() - Method in SwitchStatement
getCatchStatement(int) - Method in TryCatchStatement
getCatchStatements() - Method in TryCatchStatement
getCategoryMethods(String) - Method in GroovyCategorySupport
This method is used to pull all the new methods out of the local thread context with a particular name.
getCategoryMethods(String) - Method in GroovyCategorySupport.ThreadCategoryInfo
getCategoryNameUsage(String) - Method in GroovyCategorySupport
getCause() - Method in ConfigurationException
Returns the causing exception, if available.
getCause() - Method in ExceptionMessage
Returns the underlying Exception.
getCause() - Method in GroovyBugError
getCause() - Method in MissingMethodExecutionFailed
getCause() - Method in SyntaxErrorMessage
Returns the underlying SyntaxException.
getCellpadding() - Method in TableLayout
getCharFromSizeOneString(Object) - Method in DefaultTypeTransformation
getCharset() - Method in CharsetToolkit
getChildBuilder() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getChildPropertySetter() - Method in ObjectGraphBuilder
Returns the current ChildPropertySetter.
getChildren() - Method in ClosureRenderer
getClass(String) - Method in CompileUnit
the name does not exist in the current compilation unit (ignoring the .class files on the classpath)
getClassCacheEntry(String) - Method in GroovyClassLoader
gets a class from the class cache.
getClassDocsFromSingleSource(String, String, String) - Method in GroovyRootDocBuilder
getClasses() - Method in CompilationUnit
Get the GroovyClasses generated by compile().
getClasses() - Method in CompileUnit
getClasses() - Method in ModuleNode
getClassInfo(Class) - Method in ClassInfo
getClassInternalName(String) - Method in BytecodeHelper
getClassInternalNames(ClassNode[]) - Method in BytecodeHelper
getClassLoader() - Method in ASTHelper
Returns our class loader (as supplied on construction).
getClassLoader() - Method in ClassGenerator
getClassLoader() - Method in CommandSupport
getClassLoader() - Method in CompileUnit
getClassLoader() - Method in GroovyShell
getClassLoader() - Method in Interpreter
getClassLoader() - Method in ObjectGraphBuilder
Returns the classLoader used to load a node's class.
getClassLoader() - Method in ProcessingUnit
Returns the class loader in use by this ProcessingUnit.
getClassLoadingTypeDescription(ClassNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
array types are special: eg.: String[]: classname: [Ljava.lang.String; Object: classname: java.lang.Object int[] : classname: [I unlike getTypeDescription '.' is not replaced by '/'.
getClassName() - Method in ImportNode
getClassName(Object) - Method in MetaClassHelper
getClassNameResolver() - Method in ObjectGraphBuilder
Returns the current ClassNameResolver.
getClassNode() - Method in AnnotationNode
getClassNode() - Method in ClassCompletionVerifier
getClassNode(String) - Method in CompilationUnit
Convenience routine to get the named ClassNode.
getClassNode() - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
getClassNode() - Method in MetaClass
Obtains a reference to the original AST for the MetaClass if it is available at runtime
getClassNode() - Method in OwnedMetaClass
getClassNode() - Method in Verifier
getClasspath() - Method in CompilerConfiguration
getClasspath() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
getClasspath() - Method in Groovy
Gets the classpath.
getClasspath() - Method in Groovyc
Gets the classpath to be used for this compilation.
getClassPath() - Method in GroovyClassLoader
gets the currently used classpath.
getClasspath() - Method in UberCompileTask
getClassPathUrls() - Method in LoaderConfiguration
The classpath as URL[] from this configuration.
getClassProps() - Method in Inspector
Get the Class Properties of the object under inspection.
getClassScope() - Method in VariableScope
Non-null iff this scope corresponds to a class; as opposed to a method, "if" statement, block statement, etc.
getClassSourcesByPublicClassName() - Method in CompilationUnit
getClassToUpdate() - Method in MetaClassRegistryChangeEvent
getClassUnderInspection() - Method in Inspector
getClosure() - Method in ClosureException
getClosure() - Method in ClosureInvokingMethod
Returns the original closure that this method invokes
getClosure() - Method in ClosureMetaMethod
Retrieves the closure that is invoked by this MetaMethod
getClosure() - Method in ClosureSourceBinding
getClosure() - Method in ClosureStaticMetaMethod
Retrieves the closure that is invoked by this MetaMethod
getClosure() - Method in ClosureTriggerBinding
getClosure() - Method in DefaultAction
getClosure() - Method in IncorrectClosureArgumentsException
getCode() - Method in CaseStatement
getCode() - Method in CatchStatement
getCode() - Method in ClosureExpression
getCode() - Method in MethodNode
getCode() - Method in SynchronizedStatement
getCodeSource() - Method in CompileUnit
getCodeSource() - Method in GroovyCodeSource
getCollectionExpression() - Method in ForStatement
getColspan() - Method in TableLayoutCell
getColumn() - Method in ASTRuntimeException
getColumn() - Method in ClosureRenderer
getColumn() - Method in GroovySourceAST
getColumn() - Method in GroovySourceToken
getColumn() - Method in LineColumn
getColumn() - Method in SourceInfo
get starting column
getColumnClass(int) - Method in DefaultTableModel
getColumnClass(int) - Method in TableMap
getColumnCount() - Method in DefaultTableModel
getColumnCount() - Method in TableMap
getColumnLast() - Method in GroovySourceAST
getColumnLast() - Method in GroovySourceToken
getColumnLast() - Method in SourceInfo
get ending column
getColumnList() - Method in DefaultTableModel
getColumnList() - Method in DefaultTableModel.MyTableColumnModel
getColumnModel(int) - Method in DefaultTableModel
getColumnName(int) - Method in DefaultTableModel
getColumnName(int) - Method in TableMap
getColumnNumber() - Method in AntBuilderLocator
getColumnNumber() - Method in ASTNode
getCommandStyle() - Method in ConsoleSupport
getCompilerFactory() - Method in JavaAwareCompilationUnit
getCompileUnit() - Method in ClassNode
getCompileUnit() - Method in DummyClassGenerator
getCompileUnit() - Method in GeneratorContext
getCompletor() - Method in Command
getCompletor() - Method in CommandSupport
Setup the completor for the command.
getComponent() - Method in ComponentFacade
getComponent() - Method in TableLayout
getComponent() - Method in TableLayoutCell
getComponentType() - Method in ClassNode
getConfig() - Method in CompileUnit
getConfiguration() - Method in ProcessingUnit
getConnection() - Method in Sql
If this instance was created with a single Connection then the connection is returned.
getConstantName() - Method in ConstantExpression
getConstraints() - Method in TableLayoutCell
getConstructorInfoFromMap(Map) - Method in JmxOperationInfoManager
This method extracts ModelMBeanConstructorInfo from provided meta map.
getConstructorInfosFromMap(Map) - Method in JmxOperationInfoManager
This method extracts an array of MBeanConstructorInfo from a list of meta maps.
getConstructors() - Method in CachedClass
getContext() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getContext() - Method in GroovyShell
getContext() - Method in Interpreter
getContext() - Method in ModuleNode
getContextAttribute(String) - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getContexts() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getContinuationData() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
Stores the thread local states in a Map that can be passed across threads
getContinueLabel() - Method in CompileStack
getController() - Method in ASTHelper
getConverter() - Method in AbstractFullBinding
getConverter() - Method in FullBinding
getConverter() - Method in MutualPropertyBinding
getCST() - Method in SourceUnit
Returns the Concrete Syntax Tree produced during parse()ing.
getCurrent() - Method in BuilderSupport
getCurrent() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getCurrent() - Method in NamespaceBuilderSupport
getCurrentBuilder() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getCurrentFactory() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getCurrentName() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getCurrentNode() - Method in NodeBuilder
getDataSource() - Method in Sql
getDay(Integer) - Method in TimeCategory
getDaylightSavingsOffset(BaseDuration) - Method in TimeCategory
getDays() - Method in BaseDuration
getDays(Integer) - Method in TimeCategory
getDebug() - Method in CompilerConfiguration
Returns true if debugging operation has been requested.
getDebug() - Method in ProxyGenerator
getDeclaredConstructors() - Method in ClassNode
getDeclaredField(String) - Method in ClassNode
Finds a field matching the given name in this class.
getDeclaredInterfaces() - Method in CachedClass
getDeclaredMethod(String, Parameter[]) - Method in ClassNode
Finds a method matching the given name and parameters in this class.
getDeclaredMethods(String) - Method in ClassNode
This methods returns a list of all methods of the given name defined in the current class
getDeclaredMethodsMap() - Method in ClassNode
getDeclaredVariable(String) - Method in VariableScope
getDeclaringClass() - Method in AnnotatedNode
getDeclaringClass() - Method in BooleanArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in BooleanArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ByteArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ByteArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in CachedMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in CharacterArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in CharacterArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ClosureMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ClosureStaticMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in DoubleArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in DoubleArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in DummyMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in FloatArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in FloatArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in GeneratedMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in IntegerArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in IntegerArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in LongArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in LongArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in MetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in MixinInstanceMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in NewMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in NumberNumberMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ObjectArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ObjectArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ReflectionMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ShortArrayGetAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ShortArrayPutAtMetaMethod
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ThreadManagedMetaBeanProperty.ThreadBoundGetter
getDeclaringClass() - Method in ThreadManagedMetaBeanProperty.ThreadBoundSetter
getDeclaringClass() - Method in TransformMetaMethod
getDefaultCharset() - Method in CharsetToolkit
Retrieves the default Charset
getDefaultJmxNameDomain() - Method in JmxBuilder
getDefaultJmxNameType() - Method in JmxBuilder
getDefaultObjectName(def) - Method in JmxBuilderTools
Builds a default ObjectName() instance for a given backing POJO/POGO
getDefaultScriptExtension() - Method in CompilerConfiguration
getDefaultSoftBundle() - Method in ReferenceManager
getDefaultStatement() - Method in SwitchStatement
getDefaultStyle() - Method in StructuredSyntaxDocumentFilter.LexerNode
getDefaultSystemCharset() - Method in CharsetToolkit
Retrieve the default charset of the system.
getDefaultWeakBundle() - Method in ReferenceManager
getDefaultWidth() - Method in HelpFormatter
getDefiningClassLoader() - Method in GroovyClassLoader.ClassCollector
getDelegate() - Method in Closure
typically the outer class when the closure is constructed
getDelegate() - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
getDelegate() - Method in ConversionHandler
Returns the delegate.
getDelegate() - Method in CurriedClosure
getDelegate() - Method in ObservableList.ObservableIterator
getDelegatedMetaClass() - Method in GroovyObjectWrapper
getDelegatedMetaClass() - Method in PojoWrapper
getDelegatedMetaClass() - Method in Wrapper
getDelimeterSize() - Method in StructuredSyntaxDocumentFilter.MultiLineRun
getDependencies(Map, IvyGrabRecord) - Method in GrapeIvy
getDescription() - Method in AliasTargetProxyCommand
getDescription() - Method in Command
getDescription() - Method in CommandAlias
getDescription() - Method in CommandSupport
getDescription() - Method in CSTNode
Returns a description of the node.
getDescription() - Method in ModuleNode
getDescription(int) - Method in Phases
Returns a description of the specified phase.
getDescription(int) - Method in Types
Gets the description for the specified type.
getDescriptor() - Method in CachedMethod
getDescriptor() - Method in MetaMethod
getDestdir() - Method in Groovyc
Gets the destination directory into which the java source files should be compiled.
getDirective() - Method in Closure
getDoCall() - Method in ClosureMetaMethod
getDocument() - Method in XmlSlurper
Note if one of the parse methods has been called then this returns null Note if this is called more than once all calls after the first will return null
getDocumentLocator() - Method in XmlParser
getDocUrl(String, boolean) - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
getDoubleQuotes() - Method in MarkupBuilder
Returns true if attribute values are output with double quotes; false if single quotes are used.
getDTDHandler() - Method in XmlParser
getDTDHandler() - Method in XmlSlurper
getDuration() - Method in SwingTimerFullBinding
getEditor() - Method in Preferences
GetEffectivePogoFieldSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
GetEffectivePogoFieldSite(CallSite, MetaClass, CachedField) - Constructor in GetEffectivePogoFieldSite
GetEffectivePogoPropertySite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
GetEffectivePogoPropertySite(CallSite, MetaClass, MetaProperty) - Constructor in GetEffectivePogoPropertySite
GetEffectivePojoFieldSite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
GetEffectivePojoFieldSite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, CachedField) - Constructor in GetEffectivePojoFieldSite
GetEffectivePojoPropertySite - Class in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite
GetEffectivePojoPropertySite(CallSite, MetaClassImpl, MetaProperty) - Constructor in GetEffectivePojoPropertySite
getElement(JTable, int) - Method in JTableMetaMethods
getElementName(String, String, String) - Method in XmlParser
Return a name given the namespaceURI, localName and qName.
getElementType() - Method in ArrayExpression
getElseBlock() - Method in IfStatement
getEmptyMethods() - Method in ProxyGenerator
getEnableAutoDownload() - Method in Grape
This is a static access auto download enabler.
getEnableGrapes() - Method in Grape
This is a static access kill-switch.
getEnclosingMethod() - Method in ClassNode
getEncoding() - Method in EncodingAwareBufferedWriter
The encoding as returned by the underlying OutputStreamWriter.
getEncoding() - Method in Groovyc
Returns the encoding to be used when creating files.
getEncoding() - Method in StreamingMarkupWriter
getEncodingKnown() - Method in StreamingMarkupWriter
getEndColumn() - Method in SyntaxException
getEndColumn() - Method in TokenException
getEndLabel() - Method in Variable
getEnforce8Bit() - Method in CharsetToolkit
Gets the enforce8Bit flag, in case we do not want to ever get a US-ASCII encoding.
getEngine() - Method in GroovyCompiledScript
getEngineName() - Method in GroovyScriptEngineFactory
getEngineVersion() - Method in GroovyScriptEngineFactory
Note that the engine had this backwards.
getEntityResolver() - Method in XmlParser
getEntityResolver() - Method in XmlSlurper
getEntrySetIterator() - Method in ComplexKeyHashMap
getEntrySetIterator() - Method in MetaMethodIndex
getError(int) - Method in ErrorCollector
Returns the specified error message, or null.
getErrorCollector() - Method in MultipleCompilationErrorsException
getErrorCollector() - Method in ProcessingUnit
getErrorCount() - Method in ErrorCollector
Returns the number of errors.
getErrorHandler() - Method in XmlParser
getErrorHandler() - Method in XmlSlurper
getErrors() - Method in ErrorCollector
Returns the list of errors, or null if there are none.
getEvalShell() - Method in GroovyEngine
getEvent() - Method in JmxEventEmitter
Event type getter
getEvent() - Method in JmxEventEmitterMBean
Getter - returns event thrown by emitter.
getEventName() - Method in EventTriggerBinding
getEvents() - Method in ObservableMap.MultiPropertyEvent
getException(int) - Method in ErrorCollector
Convenience routine to return the specified error's underlying Exception, or null if it isn't one.
getExceptions() - Method in MethodNode
getExceptionType() - Method in CatchStatement
getExpandoMethods() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
Returns a list of expando MetaMethod instances added to this ExpandoMetaClass
getExpandoProperties() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
Returns a list of MetaBeanProperty instances added to this ExpandoMetaClass
getExpandoSubclassMethods() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
getExpected() - Method in IncorrectClosureArgumentsException
getExpectedType() - Method in TokenMismatchException
getExplicitMethods() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getExplicitProperties() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getExpression(int) - Method in ArrayExpression
getExpression() - Method in BitwiseNegationExpression
getExpression() - Method in BooleanExpression
getExpression() - Method in CaseStatement
getExpression() - Method in CastExpression
getExpression() - Method in ExpressionStatement
getExpression(int) - Method in ListExpression
getExpression() - Method in MethodPointerExpression
getExpression() - Method in PostfixExpression
getExpression() - Method in PrefixExpression
getExpression() - Method in ReturnStatement
getExpression() - Method in SpreadExpression
getExpression() - Method in SpreadMapExpression
getExpression() - Method in SwitchStatement
getExpression() - Method in SynchronizedStatement
getExpression() - Method in ThrowStatement
getExpression(int) - Method in TupleExpression
getExpression() - Method in UnaryMinusExpression
getExpression() - Method in UnaryPlusExpression
getExpressions() - Method in ArrayExpression
getExpressions() - Method in ListExpression
getExpressions() - Method in TupleExpression
getExtensions() - Method in GroovyScriptEngineFactory
getFactories() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getFactory() - Method in GroovyScriptEngineImpl
getFailonerror() - Method in CompileTaskSupport
getFailonerror() - Method in Groovyc
Gets the failonerror flag.
getFalseExpression() - Method in TernaryExpression
getFeature(String) - Method in XmlParser
getFeature(String) - Method in XmlSlurper
getField - Field in AsmClassGenerator
getField(String) - Method in ClassNode
Finds a field matching the given name in this class or a parent class.
getField() - Method in FieldExpression
getField() - Method in MetaBeanProperty
getField() - Method in MissingFieldException
getField() - Method in PropertyNode
getField(Class, Object, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getFieldName() - Method in FieldExpression
getFieldOnSuper - Field in AsmClassGenerator
getFieldOnSuper(Class, Object, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getFieldOnSuperSafe(Class, Object, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getFieldOnSuperSpreadSafe(Class, Object, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getFields() - Method in CachedClass
getFields() - Method in ClassNode
Returns a list containing FieldNode objects for each field in the class represented by this ClassNode
getFieldSafe(Class, Object, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getFieldSpreadSafe(Class, Object, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getFile() - Method in GroovyCodeSource
getFile(String) - Method in GroovyDocTool
getFileList() - Method in Groovyc
Gets the list of files to be compiled.
getFileNames(String, String, String) - Method in FileNameByRegexFinder
getFileNames(Map) - Method in FileNameFinder
getFileNames(String, String, String) - Method in IFileNameFinder
getFileSet() - Method in UberCompileTask.GenStubsAdapter
getFileSet() - Method in UberCompileTask.GroovycAdapter
getFileSet() - Method in UberCompileTask.JavacAdapter
getFinallyStatement() - Method in TryCatchStatement
getFirstChildText(AST) - Method in AntlrParserPlugin
getFirstClassNode() - Method in CompilationUnit
Convenience routine to get the first ClassNode, for when you are sure there is only one.
getFirstStatement() - Method in MethodNode
getFrom() - Method in BaseDuration
getFrom() - Method in DatumDependentDuration
getFrom() - Method in Duration
getFrom() - Method in EmptyRange
getFrom() - Method in IntRange
getFrom() - Method in ObjectRange
getFrom() - Method in Range
The lower value in the range.
getFrom() - Method in RangeExpression
getFrom() - Method in TimeDatumDependentDuration
getFrom() - Method in TimeDuration
getFromInt() - Method in IntRange
Gets the 'from' value as an integer.
getFullPathName() - Method in ExternalGroovyClassDoc
getFullPathName() - Method in GroovyClassDoc
getFullPathName() - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDoc
getGenericsBounds(ClassNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
getGenericsMethodSignature(MethodNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
getGenericsSignature(ClassNode) - Method in BytecodeHelper
getGenericsTypes() - Method in ClassNode
getGenericsTypes() - Method in MethodNode
getGetter() - Method in MetaBeanProperty
Get the getter method.
getGetter() - Method in ThreadManagedMetaBeanProperty
getGetterBlock() - Method in PropertyNode
getGetterMethod(String) - Method in ClassNode
getGetterName(String, Class) - Method in MetaProperty
getGrapeCacheDir() - Method in GrapeIvy
getGrapeDir() - Method in GrapeIvy
getGroovyClassDocs() - Method in SimpleGroovyClassDocAssembler
getGroovyClassLoader() - Method in GroovyScriptEngine
Returns the GroovyClassLoader associated with this script engine instance.
getGroovyObjectField - Field in AsmClassGenerator
getGroovyObjectField(Class, GroovyObject, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getGroovyObjectFieldSafe(Class, GroovyObject, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getGroovyObjectFieldSpreadSafe(Class, GroovyObject, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getGroovyObjectProperty - Field in AsmClassGenerator
getGroovyObjectProperty(GroovyObject, String) - Method in InvokerHelper
getGroovyObjectProperty(Class, GroovyObject, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getGroovyObjectPropertySafe(Class, GroovyObject, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getGroovyObjectPropertySpreadSafe(Class, GroovyObject, String) - Method in ScriptBytecodeAdapter
getGroovyRoot() - Method in GrapeIvy
getHandler() - Method in HardRef
getHandler() - Method in PhantomRef
getHandler() - Method in Reference
getHandler() - Method in SoftRef
getHandler() - Method in WeakRef
getHash() - Method in AbstractConcurrentMapBase.Entry
getHash() - Method in ManagedConcurrentMap.Entry
getHash() - Method in ManagedDoubleKeyMap.Entry
getHeader(Class) - Method in MetaMethodIndex
getHelp() - Method in AliasTargetProxyCommand
getHelp() - Method in Command
getHelp() - Method in CommandAlias
getHelp() - Method in CommandSupport
getHidden() - Method in Command
getHidden() - Method in CommandAlias
getHierarchy() - Method in CachedClass
getHistory() - Method in CommandSupport
getHour(Integer) - Method in TimeCategory
getHours() - Method in BaseDuration
getHours(Integer) - Method in TimeCategory
getHref() - Method in LinkArgument
Get the href attribute.
getIdentifierFor(String) - Method in ObjectGraphBuilder.DefaultIdentifierResolver
getIdentifierFor(String) - Method in ObjectGraphBuilder.IdentifierResolver
Returns the name of the property that will identify the node.
getIfBlock() - Method in IfStatement
getImpl(CallableStatement, int) - Method in CallResultSet
getImpl() - Method in GroovyResultSetProxy
Gets a proxy instance that can be used as GroovyResultSet.
getImport(String) - Method in ModuleNode
getImportPackages() - Method in ModuleNode
getImports() - Method in CommandSupport
getImports() - Method in ModuleNode
getIncludeantruntime() - Method in Groovyc
Gets whether or not the ant classpath is to be included in the classpath.
getIncludejavaruntime() - Method in Groovyc
Gets whether or not the java runtime should be included in this task's classpath.
getIndentation() - Method in XmlTemplateEngine
getIndentLevel() - Method in IndentPrinter
getIndex() - Method in AbstractCallSite
getIndex() - Method in CallSite
getIndex() - Method in ObservableList.ElementEvent
getIndex() - Method in Variable
getInfo() - Method in GroovyCategorySupport.MyThreadLocal
getInitialExpression() - Method in DynamicVariable
getInitialExpression() - Method in FieldNode
getInitialExpression() - Method in Parameter
no default value is specified
getInitialExpression() - Method in PropertyNode
getInitialExpression() - Method in Variable
expression used to initialize the variable or null of there is no initialization.
getInitialExpression() - Method in VariableExpression
getInitialValue(Object) - Method in ThreadManagedMetaBeanProperty
getInitialValueExpression() - Method in FieldNode
getInnerClasses() - Method in ClassGenerator
getInputStream(String) - Method in ClasspathResourceManager
getInputStream() - Method in GroovyCodeSource
getInstance() - Method in Grape
getInstance() - Method in LookAndFeelHelper
getInstance(int) - Method in MetaClassRegistryImpl
Singleton of MetaClassRegistry.
getInstance(Class) - Method in ProxyMetaClass
convenience factory method for the most usual case.
getInstanceClass() - Method in MixinInMetaClass
getInstanceMethods() - Method in MetaClassRegistryImpl
getInstructions() - Method in BytecodeSequence
getInterceptor() - Method in ProxyMetaClass
getInterface(Object, Class) - Method in GroovyScriptEngineImpl
getInterfaces() - Method in CachedClass
getInterfaces() - Method in ClassNode
Returns an array of ClassNodes representing the interfaces the class implements
getInterval() - Method in SwingTimerFullBinding
getIOCause() - Method in ReadException
getIOException() - Method in StringWriterIOException
getJavaClass() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
getJointCompilationOptions() - Method in CompilerConfiguration
Gets the joint compilation options for this configuration.
getKey() - Method in ConcurrentReaderHashMap.Entry
getKey() - Method in MapEntry
getKey() - Method in MemoryAwareConcurrentReadMap.Entry
getKey() - Method in SingleKeyHashMap.Entry
getKeyExpression() - Method in MapEntryExpression
getLabel() - Method in BreakStatement
getLabel(String) - Method in CompileStack
Returns the label for the given name
getLabel() - Method in ContinueStatement
getLanguageName() - Method in GroovyScriptEngineFactory
This is also different than which used an initial lowercase.
getLanguageVersion() - Method in GroovyScriptEngineFactory
getLastAction() - Method in FindReplaceUtility
getLastColumnNumber() - Method in ASTNode
getLastError() - Method in ErrorCollector
Returns the last error reported
getLastLineNumber() - Method in ASTNode
getLastMatcher(Matcher) - Method in DefaultGroovyStaticMethods
Get the last hidden matcher that the system used to do a match.
getLastMatcher() - Method in RegexSupport
getLastResult() - Method in Console
getLayoutTarget(Container) - Method in LayoutFactory
getLeftExpression() - Method in BinaryExpression
getLength() - Method in DOMCategory.NodeListsHolder
getLength() - Method in DOMCategory.NodesHolder
getLexer() - Method in GroovyRecognizer
getLexer() - Method in JavaRecognizer
getLine(int, Janitor) - Method in AbstractReaderSource
Returns a line from the source, or null, if unavailable.
getLine() - Method in ASTRuntimeException
getLine() - Method in GroovySourceAST
getLine() - Method in GroovySourceToken
getLine() - Method in LineColumn
getLine(int, Janitor) - Method in ReaderSource
Returns a line from the source, or null, if unavailable.
getLine() - Method in SourceInfo
get start line
getLine() - Method in SyntaxException
Retrieve the line upon which the error occurred.
getLineLast() - Method in GroovySourceAST
getLineLast() - Method in GroovySourceToken
getLineLast() - Method in SourceInfo
get ending line
getLineNumber() - Method in AntBuilderLocator
getLineNumber() - Method in ASTNode
getList() - Method in ClosureRenderer
getListCellRendererComponent(JList, Object, int, boolean, boolean) - Method in ClosureRenderer
getListener() - Method in JmxBuilderModelMBean.AttributeChangedListener
Returns an instance of the AttributeChangedListener.
getListfiles() - Method in Groovyc
Get the listfiles flag.
getListIterator() - Method in ObservableList.ObservableListIterator
getListner() - Method in JmxEventListener
Factory method that returns an instance of the listener.
getLoadedClass(String) - Method in ReflectorLoader
try to load one of the defined Reflector classes by name.
getLoadedClasses() - Method in GroovyClassLoader

Returns all Groovy classes loaded by this class loader.

getLoadedClasses() - Method in GroovyClassLoader.ClassCollector
getLoadedClasses() - Method in GroovyClassLoader.InnerLoader
getLocalExplicitMethods() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getLocalExplicitProperties() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getLocalFactories() - Method in FactoryBuilderSupport
getLocalGrapeConfig() - Method in GrapeIvy
getLocalName(Node) - Method in DomToGroovy
getLocalPart() - Method in QName
Gets the Local part for this QName
getLocationText() - Method in GroovyRuntimeException
getLoopBlock() - Method in DoWhileStatement
getLoopBlock() - Method in ForStatement
getLoopBlock() - Method in WhileStatement
getLowerBound() - Method in GenericsType
getMainClass() - Method in LoaderConfiguration
Returns the name of the main class for this configuration.
getManager() - Method in ReferenceBundle
getMapEntryExpressions() - Method in MapExpression
getMath(Number, Number) - Method in NumberMath
Determine which NumberMath instance to use, given the supplied operands.
getMaximumNumberOfParameters() - Method in CachedClosureClass
getMaximumNumberOfParameters() - Method in Closure
of this closure can take
getMaximumNumberOfParameters() - Method in Closure.WritableClosure
getMBeanServer() - Method in JmxBuilder
getMBeanServer() - Method in JmxBuilderTools
Returns an MBeanServerConnection instance.
getMeaning() - Method in CSTNode
Returns the meaning of this node.
getMeaning() - Method in Token
Returns the meaning of this node.
getMeaningAs(int[]) - Method in CSTNode
Returns the first matching meaning of the specified types.
getMember(String) - Method in AnnotationNode
getMembers() - Method in AnnotationNode
getMemoryInitialSize() - Method in Groovyc
Gets the memoryInitialSize flag.
getMemoryMaximumSize() - Method in Groovyc
Gets the memoryMaximumSize flag.
getMessage(String) - Method in ANSI.RenderMessageSource
getMessage() - Method in GroovyBugError
Returns the detail message string of this error.
getMessage() - Method in GroovyRuntimeException
getMessage() - Method in InvokerInvocationException
getMessage() - Method in JmxEventEmitter
Event message getter
getMessage(String) - Method in MessageSource
Get a raw message from the resource bundles using the given code.
getMessage() - Method in MethodSelectionException
getMessage() - Method in MissingMethodException
getMessage() - Method in MultipleCompilationErrorsException
getMessage() - Method in ReadException
getMessage() - Method in SimpleMessage
getMessage() - Method in SyntaxException
getMessageExpression() - Method in AssertStatement
getMessageWithoutLocationText() - Method in GroovyRuntimeException
getMessageWithoutLocationText() - Method in MissingPropertyException
getMetaClass(Object) - Method in ClassInfo
getMetaClass() - Method in DelegatingMetaClass
getMetaClass() - Method in ExpandoMetaClass
getMetaClass() - Method in GroovyObject
Returns the metaclass for a given class.
getMetaClass() - Method in GroovyObjectSupport
getMetaClass(Class) - Method in InvokerHelper
getMetaClass() - Method in IteratorClosureAdapter
getMetaClass(Class) - Method in MetaClassRegistry
getMetaClass(Object) - Method in MetaClassRegistryImpl
getMetaClass() - Method in Sequence
getMetaClass() - Method in Wrapper
getMetaClassCreationHandler() - Method in MetaClassRegistry
Retrieves the MetaClassCreationHandle that is responsible for constructing MetaClass instances
getMetaClassCreationHandler() - Method in MetaClassRegistryImpl
Gets a handle internally used to create MetaClass implementations WARNING: experimental code, likely to change soon
getMetaClassForClass() - Method in ClassInfo
getMetaClassRegistry() - Method in GroovySystem