Groovy 1.6.5

Package org.codehaus.groovy.antlr.treewalker

Classes for walking the AST.


Interface Summary
Visitor An interface for visiting a GroovySourceAST node.

Class Summary
CompositeVisitor A composite of many visitors.
FlatNodeListTraversal A simple iterator over an ordered (flat) List of the nodes of the AST.
MindMapPrinter An antlr AST visitor that prints a format suitable for viewing in
NodeAsHTMLPrinter A visitor that prints a html tags of each node to the supplied PrintStream
NodeCollector A simple antlr AST visitor that collects all nodes into a List.
NodePrinter A simple antlr AST visitor that outputs the tokenName of each node in a pseudo xml style.
PreOrderTraversal A simple preorder traversal over the supplied antlr AST.
SourceCodeTraversal A treewalker for the antlr generated AST that attempts to visit the AST nodes in the order needed to generate valid groovy source code.
SourcePrinter An antlr AST visitor that prints groovy source code for each visited node to the supplied PrintStream.
TraversalHelper Helper Class for Antlr AST traversal and visitation.
VisitorAdapter A default implementation of all visitor methods.

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