Groovy 1.6.5

Package org.codehaus.groovy.ast

Groovy AST nodes for the syntax of the language


Interface Summary
GroovyClassVisitor An implementation of the visitor pattern for working with ASTNodes
GroovyCodeVisitor An implementation of the visitor pattern for working with ASTNodes
Variable interface to mark a AstNode as Variable.

Class Summary
ASTNode Base class for any AST node
AnnotatedNode Base class for any AST node which is capable of being annotated
AnnotationNode Represents an annotation which can be attached to interfaces, classes, methods and fields.
ClassCodeExpressionTransformer Visitor to transform expressions in a whole class.
ClassHelper This class is a Helper for ClassNode and classes handling ClassNodes.
ClassNode Represents a class in the AST.
CodeVisitorSupport Abstract base class for any GroovyCodeVisitory which by default just walks the code and expression tree
CompileUnit Represents the entire contents of a compilation step which consists of one or more {
ConstructorNode Represents a constructor declaration
FieldNode Represents a field (member variable)
GenericsType This class is used to describe generic type signatures for ClassNodes.
ImportNode Represents an import statement of a single class author Jochen Theodorou
InnerClassNode Represents an inner class declaration
MethodNode Represents a method declaration
MixinNode Represents a mixin which can be applied to any ClassNode to implement mixins
ModuleNode Represents a module, which consists typically of a class declaration but could include some imports, some statements and multiple classes intermixed with statements like scripts in Python or Ruby
Parameter Represents a parameter on a constructor or method call.
PropertyNode Represents a property (member variable, a getter and setter)
VariableScope Represents a variable scope.

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