Groovy 1.6.5

Package org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt

AST nodes for Groovy statements


Class Summary
AssertStatement Represents an assert statement such as assert i !
BlockStatement A list of statements
BreakStatement Represents a break statement in a switch or loop statement
CaseStatement Represents a case statement in a switch statement
CatchStatement Represents a catch (Exception var) { } statement
ContinueStatement Represents a continue statement in a loop statement
DoWhileStatement Represents a do { ... } while (condition) loop in Groovy
EmptyStatement Represents an empty statement
ExpressionStatement A simple statement such as a method call where the return value is ignored
ForStatement Represents a standard for loop in Groovy
IfStatement Represents an if (condition) { ... } else { ... } statement in Groovy
ReturnStatement A return statement
Statement Base class for any statement
SwitchStatement Represents a switch (object) { case value: ... case [1, 2, 3]: ...
SynchronizedStatement Represents a synchronized statement
ThrowStatement Represents a throw statement
TryCatchStatement Represents a try { ... } catch () finally {} statement in Groovy
WhileStatement Represents a while (condition) { ... } loop in Groovy

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