Groovy 1.6.5

Package org.codehaus.groovy.runtime

Runtime classes for Groovy - whether the dynamic interpreter is being used, the compiler or the bytecode generator.


Interface Summary
GeneratedClosure Marker interface to identify closures generated by the groovy compiler.

Class Summary
ClassExtender A helper class used by the runtime to allow Groovy classes to be extended at runtime
ConversionHandler This class is a general adapter to map a call to a Java interface to a given delegate.
ConvertedClosure This class is a general adapter to adapt a closure to any Java interface.
ConvertedMap This class is a general adapter to adapt a map of closures to any Java interface.
CurriedClosure Represents wrapper around a Closure to support currying
DefaultCachedMethodKey A default implementation of MethodKey
DefaultGroovyMethodsSupport Support methods for DefaultGroovyMethods and PluginDefaultMethods.
DefaultGroovyStaticMethods This class defines all the new static groovy methods which appear on normal JDK classes inside the Groovy environment.
DefaultMethodKey A default implementation of MethodKey
FlushingStreamWriter Stream writer which flushes after each write operation.
GStringImpl Default implementation of a GString used by the compiler.
InvokerHelper A static helper class to make bytecode generation easier and act as a facade over the Invoker
IteratorClosureAdapter A closure which stores calls in a List so that method calls can be iterated over in a 'yield' style way
MethodClosure Represents a method on an object using a closure which can be invoked at any time
MethodKey An abstract base class for a key used for comparators and Map keys to lookup a method by name and parameter types
ReflectionMethodInvoker Utility class to call methods through reflection, and falls through using the Invoker to call the method if it fails.
Reflector Provides as alternative to reflection using bytecode generation.
RegexSupport Used to store the last regex match.
ReverseListIterator A reverse iterator over a list.
ScriptBytecodeAdapter A static helper class to interface bytecode and runtime
ScriptReference Represents a reference to a variable in a script
ScriptTestAdapter An adapter to make any Groovy Script class an instance of a JUnit Test
StackTraceUtils Originally was grails.utils.GrailsUtils, removed some grails specific stuff.
StringBufferWriter This class codes around a silly limiation of StringWriter which doesn't allow a StringBuffer to be passed in as a constructor for some bizzare reason.
SwingGroovyMethods This class defines all the new Swing-related groovy methods which enhance the normal JDK Swing classes when inside the Groovy environment.
TimeCategory This class has been moved to a public (i.e. non org.codehaus.* package).
WritableFile A Writable File.

Exception Summary
InvokerInvocationException An exception thrown if a method is called and an exception occurred

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