Groovy 1.6.5


Provides support for the Groovy Shell (aka. groovysh).


Interface Summary
Command Provides the interface required for command extentions.

Class Summary
BufferManager Manages the shells buffers.
CommandAlias Provides simple command aliasing.
CommandRegistry A registry of shell {
CommandSupport Support for {
CommandsMultiCompletor Completor for interactive shells.
ComplexCommandSupport Support for more complex commands.
Groovysh An interactive shell for evaluating Groovy code from the command-line (aka. groovysh).
IO Container for input/output handles.
InteractiveShellRunner Support for running a {
Interpreter ???
Main Main CLI entry-point for groovysh.
ParseCode Container for the parse code.
ParseStatus Container for parse status details.
Parser Provides a facade over the parser to recognize valid Groovy syntax.
RelaxedParser A relaxed parser, which tends to allow more, but won't really catch valid syntax errors.
RigidParser A more rigid parser which catches more syntax errors, but also tends to barf on stuff that is really valid from time to time.
Shell A simple shell for invoking commands from a command-line.
ShellRunner Support for running a {

Exception Summary
CommandException Thrown to indicate a problem with command execution.

Error Summary
ExitNotification Notification to signal the shell to exit.

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